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  1. Hello everybody. I can't seem to recall where the file that calls up initial screen that shows on first playing the game to set screen resolution is. I need to reset it, but can't find it. I'm on Win7, so there may be some hidden file setting on by default that is keeping me from seeing it. I also need to know what order in the screen res dialogue would be best for a monitor running 1920x1200. I've got the ATI fix files in, and now I can't see the text!
  2. Hello everyone! Below is a link to the latest version of my system showing any prospective umpires how to create and run an operation by combining Combat Mission with the game series John Tillers Panzer Campaigns. John Tillers Panzer Campaigns covers most theatres of WW2 and therefore can be used with any current WW2 version of Combat Mission.
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