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  1. Did US field XM-25 grenade launchers in mass that the game has? No programs were delayed or cancelled? That was my point - the game has many weapon systems that did not see widespread adoption in the real time line, for example Oplot tanks for the Ukrainians, because it is hard to predict the future. As to funding and resources US sure does get a lot of money, but maybe not as much in relation to other countries as you may think:
  2. It is the problem with predicting the future, same happened to US and Ukrainian forces.
  3. Not exactly but yes. The increase in the chamber volume is there to both increase pressure and to allow longer sabots. This is incidentally the bigger challenge for T90M - it needs to fit the autoloader which is non trivial. Note both the longer sabot with extra charge and the longer powder charge that goes behind it when compared to the classics.
  4. Sadly by this point he was already removed from the insider information and as you could see by the dates (pre 2015) this information is rather outdated and he finishes it by stating that factory number 9 did complete modernisation.
  5. Consider this diagram again: On both tanks we see those conical sections, however if you look at this diagram you could see that 2A82 is significantly longer beyond that point.
  6. You are just comparing the wrong elements. What we can see on the photos of T90A and T14, for example the one that you have provided, are the tubes (труба), not the barrels (ствол) as in both cases the chamber (that is a part of the barrel but not the tube) is (fully?) obscured (if anything it is even more obscured on the T14 due to all the covers), you can recognise the chamber from the conical element on the barrel, the change between the diameters. As such the difference in the lengths of barrels that does indeed exist is not visible to us to the extend you seem to expect (1m) but rather to the extend that the difference in tube length is. Same goes to lengths as measured in calibres - the longer chamber (not visible on both tanks) takes a signifciant chunk of it.
  7. But to help you out - which source do you use for the 2A82 length? 🤔 I mean if you are basing your entire argument about T-14 using a 2A46 on the basis of the 2A82 being one meter longer, surely you would have a handy citable source? This is for example the good old leak by Gurkhan which shows a significantly smaller difference. Maybe you have a good, reputable source that refutes this information, which you would surelly produce and which would support your 1m length difference claim?
  8. Ahh, so you do claim that T-14 used/uses 2A46. Forgive me, I thought better of you, I thought it was too outlandish a statement for you to make. Because T14 did/do use 2A82, now consider the implications of that on your T90M argument.
  9. If it is unmistakable can you please show the difference in visible gun lengths on the photo that you have provided? If no, then how would you otherwise identify the two apart?
  10. So you are going to make questionable claims and provide no supporting evidence, I see. Disregarded then as insubstabtial. In the future, please, do explicitely state when your are posting conjectures.
  11. So you are nitpicking a specific claim related to delays in production and say not the others, that were realised, to discredit such statements in general, particularly by other people working in other institutions and in other subject matter areas (tank specifics)? And, again, please cite your sources ie steel production and the older gun selection.
  12. A link here would suffice. It would not overload the readers with non english discussion and could provide evidence to back your claims.
  13. Not directly relevant to the discussion. I have provided a source that refutes your statement.
  14. It would if there was a visible length difference. On my screen both barrels are 5cm long. And I wonder why. Or are you claiming that the parade T-14s used 2A46?
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