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  1. BTR

    AT-13 vs AT-14 thoughts

    I'm not exactly sure how Kornets are so easily detectable in game. The coordinate-net laser for guidance net is magnitudes weaker than target laser used on classical reference systems.
  2. I can completely understand this behavior over long distances, but at such range 😅...
  3. BTR

    Igla, RPO reloads

    You can't really carry more than two RPOs per person, so only four per squad. There should be 8 or so additional RPOs in the RPO Platoon MTLBs. That seems a bit low since the standard allocation for BMO-based platoons is 180 launchers, but I don't have the sources for MTLB to compare.
  4. My first actual combat PBEM deuce-kill in CMBS.
  5. That's not going to happen since they invested into the models.
  6. The real hypothetical is a patch that renames T-90AM in to T-90M and M1A2 SEPV3 into M1A2C 😋.
  7. I don't care much about seps, but even bringing the TOEs of regular formation up to 2017 standard for existing sides would be a sweet deal.
  8. A module for CMBS _please_.
  9. BTR

    Russian army under equipped?

    Surovikin? Yea, he's never flown a plane in his life but he participated in almost every conflict in commanding roles since 'Stan.
  10. BTR

    Russian army under equipped?

    I'm not sure where this assessment comes from. Who aside of Shoigu lacks credentials in your opinion? At the very least in the General Staff. As for meritocracy there are completely different development paths within the body of the armed forces (in many ways more similar to western schools) but Grau and Bartles handle their description and typing with a much more elegant command of written English language so I suggest you read them. The current professional system is designed and dedicated solely to creation of a specialist in equipment handling, tactical operation and low-level command. You are not going to grow beyond that without dedicated studies so your possible "merit" level is directly linked to the education ceiling you have. There are deeply rooted problems with the contract system like constant overwork, non-competitive salaries at lower positions, plus all the beauty that's associated with military life like insane pressure to deliver at all costs and the bureaucratic system executed with the "army method™". Hell, there are people on this forum who've done their contract work and they'll tell you a lot more about it than I can. These problems are however not related to the perceived conscription process inefficiencies and I don't even think these two are related.
  11. BTR

    Russian army under equipped?

    I'm absolutely against this. It keeps cost down, mobilization capability up and makes sure the ****ty positions get filled while maintaining fighting units staffed with supposed professionals.
  12. BTR

    Lackluster documentation

    Not in any particular test environment, but just though campaigns and PBEMs that involved them. I don't exactly know what test can be set up to test the exact spotting variation. It's not documented anywhere to my knowledge other than by the fact that M1A2s will out-spot any opponents with mechanically scanned thermal matrices (T-90A, T-72B3, T-90M).
  13. BTR

    Russian army under equipped?

    I'm always so bad at things like this because it's a question that has so much that needs to be established before answering. I guess the quick and dirty answer is I'd hold the expansionism of the ground element so there is no need to add more refurbished AFV types to the already diverse inventory list and concentrate on getting new families of vehicles into service.
  14. BTR

    Lackluster documentation

    I'm not one of those "experienced" guys, but I'll give it a shot based on my observations and experience. I've not been observing BMP-2 behavior, but I've spent some time looking after BMP-3's. Every position occupied in a vehicle gives more acute spotting. This can be noticed in three stages, with just two men crewing BMP-3, with three men crewing BMP-3 and with additional two MG gunners on the front. I presume this is the same for BMP-2 crewing. Less spotting power at night conditions. I'm not sure if it also affect night-time accuracy. Yes. Different thermal generations are even handled with spotting acuteness, but I'm not sure about the other two.