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  1. Yep, but it's not exclusive to UA's.
  2. The thermal sight system for T-80Us.
  3. That still looks like an 80UK with a Plissa to me. The antenna position behind the commander's hatch is right behind like on a command variant instead of slightly centered like on regular 80Us.
  4. BTR

    Russian army under equipped?

    I haven't seen them like that in combat conditions. It's usually the PK, very seldom an AG, in rare cases a 12.7 and in recently they started deploying the RCWS from Kovrov.
  5. It certainly looks to be above the maximum entry angle, but just CM things.
  6. That's what I call taking your time to submit a turn 😅.
  7. I see. I wasn't aware you could save move orders then pass on the file. Interesting stuff.
  8. Can someone explain to me how a 3v3 would work? Just successive turns taken by different people or something more intricate?
  9. Ground deployment of radar imitators has been a thing for a while now both on their own or combined with visual/heat imitators. I'm sure the detecting side has ways of their own to work through false information, but it's never just as easy as that picture claims.
  10. From what I know that picture was taken in a Ukrainian decommissioning facility, but it could also be a storage site in Azerbaijan for example. If you find a conclusive image from A-Stan, do share, I certainly haven't been that lucky.
  11. From one of Murahovskiy's earlier works. Citation in Russian so you can google for pdf's if there are any - «Современные танки» Мураховский В.И., Павлов М.В., Сафонов Б.С., Солянкин А.Г.. Москва, «Арсенал-Пресс», 1995.
  12. That's not actually a 62D. T-62D = stock T-62 with add-on armor package from T-62M. The "D" lettering here follows the same principle as in "BMP-1D" and "BMP-2D". APS never went forwards on the T-62 and therefore that vehicle above is just a testbed. There are several husks from the development process, one in Moscow proper, one in Kubinka backyard as I remember.
  13. Well, thanks I guess :D. Veteran-info also told us about T-62Ds and their APS while that combination wasn't even an item so I'd be very careful reading into first hand accounts.
  14. 295th was a pure T-72 formation, and 9 T-55s were there as extra. That coincides with "У" makings meaning they were assigned to division training unit. However, all six produced T-55AD battalions were stationed in Transcaucasian Military District and most of them went to Ukraine for decommission post SU dissolution. Despite how often it is said that T-55ADs participated in Afghanistan, it is not true until proven otherwise and according to what I know these vehicles never left TMD.