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  1. For me, an engine update with more performance in big maps ( and bigger than the current) with a lot of units and objects in CMx3 would be sufficient to enlarge the scale of the simulation
  2. Is it possible to download this campaign? I don't find any link
  3. Maybe it's related to the Intel microcode updates
  4. I Hope the Coriano battle will be in game, where a single Tiger battalion, the 508th Heavy Panzer Battalion, decimated until only one Tiger resisted, held off the entire British army V corps ( with Canadian troops) that lost momentum and stop the Gothic line breakthrough.
  5. I'm buying the next games with PayPal. Don't hold off from buying.. use payapal
  6. Combat Mission Fulda Gap with M1A1, M60A3, T64s and of course T80s But my preference is a faster and prettier engine, with 64bit and true multicore support
  7. My next online transactions, not only Battlefront.com ( I'm waiting for Red Thunder module to buy the bundle), will be on Paypal.. I hope it's safe
  8. I've Just been scammed and I bought CMSF2 in december. I used this card only for Amazon and Battlefront.
  9. Slowly I will buy all current Combat Mission titles ( currently I own CMSF1&2, CMBS, CMFB) because I like the gameplay and the historical accuracy, but a new game engine is badly needed. The most annoying thing is the lack of multicore support ( slow loadings), second thing is slow graphics on fast hardware.
  10. Is this the upgrade only for the modules and not for the base game? I want to upgrade the whole package
  11. We only need a revised unconventional-insurgents stock oob and skins then the game will be perfect for the years coming
  12. How to download all the campaigns available at once? I'm doing a backup before formatting..
  13. I don't place trust on Sputnik but I place trust on what I see clearly... watch the video and you can see T80's in UKR digital camo.. they are being reactivated
  14. https://sputniknews.com/europe/201705201053812234-poroshenko-t-80-tanks-donbass-war/
  15. WEGO is way better for complex planning of many units. Plus, you can watch the show many and many times.. It's like a good glass of wine vs a strong beer (RT)
  16. Definitely we want second echelon Forces for both US and Russia.. T80s T72B1 and M1A1.. and a module with US Marines and Russia VDV.. and A10 Warthogs please this would be a dream game.. sorry I'm dreaming about CM North Germain Plain 85
  17. A real upgrade, CMx3, must include realistic building destruction and fires. The rest of above has less importance IMHO in portraying of tactical situations that is the scope of CM games. Civilians can be simulated now with RoE limitations. Melee combat is the 0.1% of the combat engangements of modern war, maybe more in ww2. Chemical warfare artillery can be an easy add to the engine, but is a rarity in tactical situations too. Priorities IMHO are bigger maps ( and optimization) and realistic destruction.
  18. Hello. It's sunday and I want to buy CMFB. Do I need to buy new game plus 4.0 upgrade or the base game is already upgraded? Thank you
  19. Hello. If I buy the game, is It already patched with 4.0 or I need to buy the patch separately? Regards
  20. I'm interested but.. do you have 1.04 Engine 3.0 version?
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