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  1. I looked around and must have missed it. Is there a new schedule for CMFI module release? A bigger question...I have seen several road maps from Steve on the entire CM product family in the past. None of them seem to hold up for long. Is there any word on the order of new games/modules/packs?
  2. One of the reasons these type of people are able to espouse and expose their ignorance is there are people out there that read and promote it with limited to no critical analysis. That is the gift of the internet.
  3. I think the comment was more about the semi-stealth edit of the store page at the end of every month. Its not about the quality of the product or meeting artificial deadlines. Its about knowing a couple weeks in advance you aren't going to make the date and then not saying anything until someone notices on the store page. You said a couple weeks ago that that week and the next week (this week now) didn't look good. So you heavily suspected October was a no go. Why not change the store date then? Your comment would only be seen the few people frequenting this thread. How about being a little more proactive in updating that stuff? No one is expecting you to predict the exact date or rush the product out the door. Just some basic customer communications on your official website. Not that big of a deal me, but I think I understand where the guy is coming from.
  4. Well, at least it generates a little activity on the CMFI forum.
  5. This...every game I play, Steel Beasts, CMNAO, Jutland, etc. are all very complex simulations. But they all have abstractions. If there were no abstractions, you would actually be living the event. I bet you wouldn't find much fun in that. Its much more fun to come into a forum, misconstrue and misrepresent what someone is saying and vent in righteous indignation.
  6. OK, so it looks like an October release might be in jeopardy too. Two weeks out puts in the last week of October.
  7. Steel Beasts uses copy paste move commands as a core part of being able manage large numbers of units. It works great and is a key to making the game playable with large formations. They also have detailed SOPs that go along with waypoints and such. It really simplifies playing the game.
  8. Yeah, that's how it started, but ended uo talking about all the German FTs, including the Flammpanzer 38, at least I thought. Just thinking it might have been easier to at least reference that thread.
  9. Didn't you two already take part in a relatively lengthy discussion on this? Not sure what the final conclusion was.
  10. Does it replace the T-55? IOW, is the armor and weapon specs of the T-55 vs. the M60?
  11. A thread from quite a while ago in it. Why does no one on this forum ever seem to browse Osprey's site. It has some real gems on it.
  12. We have been hearing that for several years now. After every release takes 2, 3 and 4 times as long as expected, we have people saying "just wait until XXX is released and that will open up the floodgates. I think the big slow down was right after Chris left, though most of us didn't hear about that for almost a year. Each time we go months and years between releases, the audience for CM2 stuff gets baked down to a smaller and harder core. I'll come back to my original wish from back in the CMSF1 days. Smaller and faster releases with more vehicle and scenario packs. I would actually like to see more of those and fewer big releases.
  13. Beta team, I think. Its very hard to tell who is official who is beta team, and who is just a fan. Beta team members also seem to contribute scenarios and other stuff, so, to me, its a very gray area. Though Steve does come in and throw shade at customer demands now and then. The gaming forums I visit tend to view these boards as a place not welcoming to even the slightest criticism. I don't wholly subscribe to that, but the over-sensitivity like the above just reinforces the perception without any context.
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