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  1. What's with the serious obsession with fire on these forums? multiple flamethrower threads, multiple threads on the effects of fire, complaints about fire not doing this or that. Are we sharing the forum with a bunch of arsonists in the making?
  2. Another thing to keep in mind is most use of man portable FTs is for cleaning out strong points. Most of the immediate combat has passed by a strong point so the FT user doesn't have to worry about flanks. The FT's job is to do a final clean out of a strong point. Even if you look at the usage of FTs that people have burned into the memories from Saving Private Ryan, the main strong point had already been flanked. That gave the FT the opportunity to get close and fire up. Movie depiction of combat and the game ASL are probably the two biggest reasons people declare realistically researched wargames to be broken.
  3. Actually, most of those patches usually have a new feature or two. And they put out a pretty good sized "module" every couple months. In a few years they have delivered two full games, Mius Front and Tank Warfare, and about 15 modules between the two games. A very large number of units, maps, features, campaigns, and OOBs have been released. This is while constantly patching to fix bugs, adjust features based on player feedback, and add new features. They are very good and quick in responding to customer feedback with changes. And the Steam system makes patching and updating very simple. The game is not perfect. Its maps are large, but much more limited than CM's. No map maker is available. A more limited number of unique AFVs than CM because of the limited timeframe. Its probably more comparable to CMFI and its modules in breadth of content. Even though I play Steel Beasts and Graviteam a lot more than CM now. I still come back to CMBN, CMSF2, and CMBS because of the regions and time covered. And the big one for me in CM's favor is the hotseat capability. In the end, its what keeps me coming back to CM. In fact, if anyone wants to play North Africa, I would suggest getting Tank Warfare. Its the same engine as Mius Front, but covers part of the NA campaigns.
  4. Graviteam is not a huge team. Its a few guys. Their PR person is the main dev. He can be a dick, but part of it is a language issue, with a little cultural issue thrown in. Graviteam responds daily to comments in their forum on Steam. And they do basically monthly updates to address any issues that come up. And they are very interactive with their customers on issues with the game and suggestions for change.
  5. I love playing the Graviteam games. But they are so much more limited in scope that any CM game going all the way back to CM1's early days. I find the tactical battles have a more realistic feeling. It has a kind of cool operational layer. But the battles, units, maps, etc. are very limited compared to any CM game. But they put out numerous patches, updates, and new modules quickly at a very reasonable price. And they add new features all the time through patches. With that said, anyone who likes playing CM and won't even consider the graviteam games isn't a wargamer, the are a CM gamer.
  6. Yeah, I'm a little puzzled at lack of news and lack of patch. I mean, I have spent plenty of time managing SW projects, so crap happens. But we have been told over and over that its soon, right around the corner, etc. for quite some time.
  7. Nevermind, it was on my list. I just saw the CMSF1 upgrade and thought it was a recent CMSF1 purchase. I ended up not needing it anyway. The restore didn't kill my DRM registration.
  8. I had to do a restore on my laptop. Went to download CMSF2 and noted my order is in the accounts/order list. Is there a reason for this? Is there anywhere I can get the order info and download link, besides the email?
  9. Just thought I wold capture that for posterity.
  10. "I don‘t see much sense for many small countries to invest in self-defense." Not a very good global view of things. Countries don't invest in defense because they know some bigger country or the UN will come to their aid. Its unfair and dangerous for everyone. This is how you end up with several countries being over committed to UN budgets and deployments. These small countries should commit some budget so that they can contribute to UN missions, at the least.
  11. This same conversation popped up on the Steel Beasts a few months ago. Same issue in that the AI can see through even the smallest pinhole of foliage and react something miles away on the other side. CM tends to have a much better spotting model at the unit level over SB, but this issue seems exactly the same.
  12. Because google exists for a reason. With this guys approach, I felt I would go the extra mile, using google... https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/WYSIWYG-what-you-see-is-what-you-get
  13. Not just complaining about it, but now on to how people talk about it.
  14. WYSIWYG has been around longer than mobile phones. If you have played computer simulations for more than 20 years, you know what it means.
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