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  1. I completely feel your pain. It seems like as CM2 has developed, scenario builders have built larger and larger scenarios. There is very little command and control of formations larger than a platoon. If you want to play the game the way scenarios are being built, you'll have to learn to break it down into phases and spend a lot of time planning routes for small scout teams all the way up to IS-2 tanks. The selection of games by size helps a little, but its dependent on the scenario builder to assess the size. People who build massive scenarios will look at a game with 100 units per side as a mid-sized scenario. So you do have to be careful. I solved this for myself by playing a lot of QBs and building my own scenarios.
  2. Wow, that bone thread was 3.5 years ago. So that means the CMFI module has been in development for over 3.5 years, and looks like it will be 4 years to deliver. That's a long time. The patriots have been in three Super Bowls since that thread.
  3. Think about this statement and then apply the knowledge of how long its taking to get a single module out. We are back to a pace of a module every couple years. I have a hard time believing we will be getting even half of what is listed here in three to four years. Frankly, I would love for BFC to switch emphasis to Vehicle Packs and Battle Packs. And to put them out more frequently. But alas, it'll be years of visiting the forum once every couple weeks to see if anything has moved. The forlorn hope.
  4. But that has nothing to do with the argument that was presented. I agree with you, but in breadth, and at the pace of development we currently see, it might be another 10 years to match CM1 for WW2's scope.
  5. "CMx2 has been far more fruitful than CMx1" I do agree that CM2 is a better game, but this is an odd argument. While CM1 had only three games, from a coverage standpoint, each game covered a heck of a lot more than CM2 game and module equivalents. It took maybe a two full games and 4 modules, and eight years to get the scope of CMBO out of CM2. And even then, CMBN and CMFB only go to early 1945. ANd CMAK covered from 1940 to 1945. CMFI right now covers about a year. Its no contest on how much broader CMBB was than CMRT, even in CMRT's final plan that is probably a couple years from now. So granted that CM2 is a better game in general and has had a couple modern warfare versions, its taking a decade to get where we are, and even then, it hasn't managed to match the scope of CM1 in WW2. I would still take CM2 over CM1, but the scope isn't really that close.
  6. And sometimes they are just wrong.
  7. Just take a look at a game like Matrix's CMNAO if as an example of a bug thread gone wrong. Yes some bugs show up there, but I bet over half are from people who've played the game for an hour declaring "bug" every time the encounter something they don't know. It has the devs chasing their tails.
  8. Here is exactly the issue, no one reads the threads, even the ones they start. UltraDave already answered that.
  9. This has been known for a long time and discussed multiple times. Someone somewhere in time did fairly detailed study on settings relationship to load times.
  10. If you are going to go through all of that, just play the Graviteam games. In hardcore mode, radios, wired telephones, and hand signal ranges are accounted for. If you don't have comms or are in range of troops, you can't issue orders or get reports. Its a frustrating and fascinating way to play. There are all kinds of factors at play, including range, random radio drops, cut wires, experience, morale, casualties, visibility, etc.
  11. https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2019/04/11/logbook-part-i-the-uaes-bmp-3-ifv-in-yemen/ I had seen this a few months ago. Mentioned that BMP-3s were involved in early battles, but after that, the vehicles vulnerability might have been the reason a large number were dedicated to rear area security and garrison duties. There is speculation that a number have been transferred to local unconventional forces. You have to read the whole thing and kind of put 2+2 together yourself, but UAE's BMP-3s seem to have been less active in front line combat than people thought.
  12. Just to put numbers on the BMP discussion, for Russia: Active BMP-1 - 500 Active BMP-2 - 3,000 Active BMP-3 - 510 Storage BMP-1 - 7,000 Storage BMP-2 - 1,500 Active BTR-80A - 100 Active BTR-82 - 1,000 Source: Military Balance 2018 Its going to take a while to work through all of those BMP-2s.
  13. I would put it on the patch page at the very top. Most games I play won't let you install from the Windows 10 Downloads area, and I think the Windows 10 standard is limit exe execution from downloads. I am very curious what CM is doing that cause that problem.
  14. Yeah, that is the problem. That is super weird that becomes an issue. Never had ANY game do that before. Is that documented anywhere. I have never noted it before.
  15. So installed as I normally do. I have all CM2 games on my E SSD. Started with CMSF2. Pointed it to the E:\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force 2 directory. It installed directories inside the data directory for a new directory for every CM game and all their data directories and brz files. It has completely messed up my installs. Any suggestions. Seems like nothing is easy. edit...its stuck in an infinite install loop and then crashed. Will try a clean directory and see what happens. It appears it was nesting an infinite number of CM data directories under each other in CMSF2's data directory.
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