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  1. "I don‘t see much sense for many small countries to invest in self-defense." Not a very good global view of things. Countries don't invest in defense because they know some bigger country or the UN will come to their aid. Its unfair and dangerous for everyone. This is how you end up with several countries being over committed to UN budgets and deployments. These small countries should commit some budget so that they can contribute to UN missions, at the least.
  2. This same conversation popped up on the Steel Beasts a few months ago. Same issue in that the AI can see through even the smallest pinhole of foliage and react something miles away on the other side. CM tends to have a much better spotting model at the unit level over SB, but this issue seems exactly the same.
  3. Because google exists for a reason. With this guys approach, I felt I would go the extra mile, using google... https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/WYSIWYG-what-you-see-is-what-you-get
  4. Not just complaining about it, but now on to how people talk about it.
  5. WYSIWYG has been around longer than mobile phones. If you have played computer simulations for more than 20 years, you know what it means.
  6. Funny, I used MBT and IDF to generate some Steel Beasts games. Its harder using them with CMBS, but there is some alignment with CMSF-type OOBs.
  7. I know that. That's why I was asking if anyone actually sees that. Was wondering if anyone has actually saw it. I'm not talking about generic players. I was hoping someone would comment that has actually played campaigns and scenarios with personal observations'.
  8. Are casualty rates tending to be lower in campaigns than scenarios? I would think that would limit the tendencies to push units beyond more realistic limits.
  9. Thewood1

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Surprised there aren't more comments about the progress on the patch that was mentioned...patch fatigue?
  10. Thewood1

    Whats New in update 4.10?

    I can't find it, can you point me to it? I didn't think it was out yet.
  11. Thewood1

    Interesting Read for IT Guys

    Biggest cyber threat to manufacturers and utilities are internal threats. A lot of it comes about because ops people never change passwords. Former employees can access any of it that isn't secured. People rave about "Russian" threats to the grid. Its more likely that engineer you fired a year ago screwing around in your DMS.
  12. Thewood1

    Whats New in update 4.10?

    Where is 4.1? Is that the patch everyone was waiting for.
  13. Thewood1

    FPS Really?

    But your analogy was add ons like a rear view camera. An engine is a different story. Don't read disagreement into what I am saying. I specially call out the BFC's dilemma and also empathize with them. But at the same time, new car buyers coming in and paying full price for a new car do have expectations around some basic technoloy features they see in similarly priced cars. Those tech features have zero impact on how the car will handle snow, is maintained, etc., but those tech features are becoming very large factors in car buying. My son bought a car, with all other things being equal, based on how easy the bluetooth was to connect to. The engine, suspension, etc. are commoditized for what he needs it for. Car analogies are tired and don't work. Most people don't buy cars the same way they did even five years ago. To carry this to BFC, someone comes from ARMA or a flight sim like IL-2 where DirectX is the backbone and are shocked at the graphics and performance. Is the tactical engine the best out there? Probably. Is it what people see when they first fire it? No. There is nothing BFC or it fans can do to change that except convince them the graphics are worth it because its a different kind of game.
  14. Thewood1

    FPS Really?

    Just because I like beating the crap out of car analogies... When your truck is all used up, and you go to buy a new one, wouldn't you expect the new one to offer the neat back up camera. Especially if you had seen them on other trucks 5-6 years ago. Not saying I don't understand BFC's dilemma, but we gotta stop using car analogies and metaphors.
  15. Its not as dumb as it sounds. When you buy gas or stay at a hotel, they will put a test charge through if you aren't a regualr customer. It goes in and out so fast sometimes, the bank never lists it on the statement. I have seen some weird names when they do get tracked.