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  1. That is why you have option switches. When you are new to the game, you would want more of that into. As you gain experience you shut it off.
  2. btw, my comments also reflect back on why it is somewhat favorable for BFC to be working with Slitherine on the MoD contract. Slitherine has already done a lot of heavy lifting upfront to create an on ramp for companies like BFC. It sounds like they have very competent project management process.
  3. I have worked on a lot of government bids and contracts. You pray for mission creep post-award. One thing the US government is good at is handing out paid change orders. In reality, its how smart contractors make a lot of money. You bid on the bare minimum requirements, plan on making almost nothing on the original bid, then make all your margin on the change orders. Been that way for a long time. All the work is up front getting into the procurement queue and winning your first contract. And there are good reasons for doing it that way. The key is having a very good project manager who can be disciplined and force discipline on your customer without pissing them off. If anyone is complaining about not making money on a government contract, they are either being short-sighted or doing it wrong. Also, if the government is asking you to do things you didn't agree to, you better look at the contract and SOW you signed. That's your fault as much as their's.
  4. I also found that if I turn on "Controlled folder Access" under Ransomware protection in Windows Defender to on, you get this warning when trying to run CM: By default that protection should be off in Windows Defender. But some high security and/or privacy settings turn it on. When turn the protection off, the issue goes away.
  5. I went to try it on my laptops and forgot I haven't installed them because I ran out of activations last year. Might have to bite the bullet and get a couple more. If I can get it running, I'll play around with settings for Win10 and Defender and see if I can break CM.
  6. Hey Erwin, Saw this on the CMO forum at Matrix... "I believe I have found the solution after doing some deep research and testing. It basically comes down to Windows Defender and a section of it called Controlled folder access. To navigate to it, simply type defender into the search bar, click windows security, scroll down to ransomware protection, click manage ransomware protection, then disable controlled folder access. I have tested this numerous times and I am now 100% sure this was the problem. You might want to add this to your help section :)" He was having issues with CMO starting. No one else was having the issue. I suspect it has something to do with Windows Defender and maybe default security or privacy settings. Its either something got changed by the user by accident, a new deafult setting for Defender, or some combination of general security or privacy setting. Maybe that helps.
  7. Is that on topic? And really...explain how I was supposed to know which statement was me to interpret?
  8. How do we know this? This is what I am getting at. The rest of it sounds like IL2 has some and DCS has some.
  9. Yeah, maybe he'll step in and straighten us right out.
  10. And of course the usual question for BFC is when? Its a rhetorical question. I know no one will say.
  11. This man should change his name to "The Truth".
  12. Can you explain some of the details here. I play both and don't see any real detail differences. In fact, I would say for WW2, the damage models in IL2 are more detailed. Not necessarily more realistic, but more detailed. Genuinely curious when I hear people compare flight sims.
  13. I'm beginning to suspect Defender issues might be related to privacy settings.
  14. OK, so you are replying to two people in your post. How was I supposed to separate that? "Ah. I have not bought a retail desktop since...1989? Been building my own since then, so their practices are something I totally forgot about. Thanks" So that was for me. But the first line wasn't. Not clear to me, but must be missing something.
  15. Graviteam has 3D maps like CM and and has 3D units like 3M. But it also has larger maps on average and has deformable terrain. This in real-time. CM has the option of wego to help the processing. Steel Beasts, similar to Graviteam games, has much larger maps and typical unit counts. Yet both games can generate a LOS map or display. Both games trace LOS from individual soldiers. Both games trace LOS from individual spotting locations on AFVs. Both games have dealt with grass and soldier posture. So we can dispense with the refrain that it can't be done because of the 3D nature of CM. Yes, its complex. And yes other games do it. It might be something else other than just the 3D environment that makes it impossible. I don't know a thing about that. But its not the 3D nature of the game unless something is wrong with how it was implemented. A couple last thoughts. Steel Beasts has been out for over 20 years and Graviteam is around 10. So people knew how to do it way back in the old days too. On similar-sized scenarios, I get 30-40 fps in CMBS, 60 in Steel Beasts, and 40-50 in a Graviteam game.
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