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  1. Doesn't it also matter what mode you are playing...iron, elite, etc.? I thought C2 changed in more difficult settings.
  2. This is related to troops missing radios, but check the ECM environment. That will reduce comms effectiveness, IIRC. Haven't played CM in a bit, but remember playing around with it.
  3. Here is a part of the Graviteam game manual. I think this gives you a starting point as to what's possible.
  4. Maybe take a look at how Graviteam games do it. The explicitly model cable and signal people in defensive setups. And they use colored smoke as a signaling method also, especially for offensive operations. The games have a pretty tight C2 representation, that might be a little too detailed, but they have various options you can turn off.
  5. There's nothing shocking in it. They just look at deployments over the last 40 years and role tracked and wheeled vehicles played and why.
  6. This is a pretty good Rand report that highlights tracked vs wheeled as a light/medium AFV/APC/IFV. I read it a last year when sandboxing some stuff in Steel Beasts around employment of Piranhas and LAVs. https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR1834.html
  7. An amateur's view... The entire purpose of the Stryker was strategic mobility, not tactical mobility. The Stryker was developed to give infantry something more than a truck, which has limited tactical usefulness, and marching. And to also be able to be deployed by lighter air transport. Then once on the ground, be faster and more mobile than a truck or foot. The main strategic component, beyond mobility, was to be information. The ability to integrate tactical and some strategic information for use in removing FOW for tactical commanders was supposed to be the secret sauce. And in the game and in real life, people are trying to use Strykers like faster Bradleys. In game, its the fault of players and scenario designers. And of course, at design time, budgets were a factor as well. In Steel Beasts, there are a number of Stryker-like vehicles. There are even Stryker Dragoon-like vehicles, like DF-30s and BTR-82As. In current modern armies, there is a wave of wheeled APC/IFVs that have come through. SB shows that these vehicles do well in low-intensity combat and where you need to move long distances reliably and quickly. But as soon as you hit serious enemy forces, you need to drop infantry and move back to cover. Those wheeled APCs/IFVs get chewed up very quickly. They are limited in how they can be successfully deployed for combat. One thing SB also shows is that sending unsupported Stryker-like units across open fields is not good if limiting casualties is your goal. You better make sure you recon real well. Again, just an amateur's view from playing CM and SB.
  8. Actually, it was the term enraged I keyed on. As my post about embellishment hinted at. And I have no issue with the conversation wasting time. I see you don't think so since you are still engaged.
  9. And I think the thread helps make my main point that "certain" beta testers continue exaggerate the response of a very small number of people to make their points. Never thinking that someone might actually check it. MickeyD in particular. He has a lot of memories that seem to get embellished over the years.
  10. So maybe I need to be specific...where is this mob of enraged CMBO fans in that thread. I can't believe we have to get down to defining words. So what is "some"?
  11. Can someone point me to the rage part of that thread? Most of the responses seemed to be saying the opposite.
  12. You have "distinctly" remembered a number of things wrongly over the years, so I'll not be taking your word for it.
  13. I was one of the first purchasers of CMBB when it came out and followed the forums closely. I sure don't remember any "enraged" posts about language. There was some angst about the eastern front, but even that was pretty muted. I suspect a some beta testers overblow the response to certain things.
  14. Why are these update threads always buried in one of the game threads? How about pinning it in the CM general thread and a headline at the top of the forums? It would be nice not to have to dig around.
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