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  1. Beta team, I think. Its very hard to tell who is official who is beta team, and who is just a fan. Beta team members also seem to contribute scenarios and other stuff, so, to me, its a very gray area. Though Steve does come in and throw shade at customer demands now and then. The gaming forums I visit tend to view these boards as a place not welcoming to even the slightest criticism. I don't wholly subscribe to that, but the over-sensitivity like the above just reinforces the perception without any context.
  2. Where is the criticism? Being a little overly sensitive? I was pointing out that at least we got the info, as opposed to going months without hearing anything. This kind of "the world is against us" approach to customer engagement sure doesn't help BFC's rep around the web.
  3. Well, at least they are keeping the website current. Look on the bright side.
  4. I use Steel Panthers more as a reference than anything. Haven't actually played in years. Frankly, I struggle with the abstractions and artificial feel of turn-based tactical games.
  5. I just rebought CMBB for the third time. I had the original CD, I bought it a couple years later at a store on sale for $10, and bought it on Gog for $5. I am still amazed at the shear breadth of the timescale still. It actually plays better on modern systems than CM2 does.
  6. Know more than you about specific things is the better way to phrase it. Instead of just admitting you really don't know much about the POA2 situation, you just decided to stick you fingers in your wears and yell. Also see you aren't actually done talking about it. Again, All I ask is you show the same consideration for BFC and its record of releasing very stable and good games as you do for HPS and its proven record of releasing very buggy and unfinished games. So show me all the rants you had against HPS. It would have to be by phone recording or email. Both of which I'd be more than happy to listen to.
  7. btw, no one is denying his right to do anything. The lowest form of weak debating skills is saying that complaining about something is denying someone their rights. Scott Hamilton has every right to sell anything he wants within the bounds of a legal contract. I have every right to point out people that some how feel they need to be Scott's white knight. There are plenty of things to take a stand on in the world, but saying we can't call out Scott Hamilton and his unfinished and 16 year in development game is just north of ridiculous. You have every right to your opinion that we are somehow being unfair to Scott Hamilton, but my expectation is that you give BFC the same level of consideration. You've said some pretty harsh things about BFC's commitment to fixing things. Do you think they have the right to do it their way? These comments are going to follow you around on the BFC forum as you try to show how unfair BFC is. I sure would love to see the emails you must be send Scott Hamilton about all the broken things and C++ errors. I also think, based on your own comments, you really don't know much about POA2 and HPS's history with it. I think you have painted yourself into a corner in your staunch and uninformed debate about POA2. The biggest sign of that is the desperate, "I'm not going to talk about this any more."
  8. You could say the same thing about Norm Kroger and Jim Rose. They made some great games for their rimes. But after Distant Guns and Jutland, no one will touch them. And just like them, Scott will be remembered for POA2. btw, The Tigers on the Prowl and Panthers in the Shadows engine has as much to do with POA2 as CM1 did with CM2. It was completely rebuilt and only some of the most basic concepts carried over.
  9. Yeah, it probably should be in the General Discussion forum. But let's face it, it is probably a good advertisement for them. The only games getting significant mention are: A game that has been rehashed and relaunched a dozen time (Close Combat) A game that, at its heart is a military tank procedural trainer (Steel Beasts) A game that ended up being a rip off after 16 years of development (POA2) A game built by a Ukrainian team that could have the potential if they put their mind to it, but most likely won't. (Graviteam) and a few odds and ends. And none of them really compare directly, feature for feature.
  10. Not while HPS somehow convinces these white knights to find new boards to bring the message to the masses. To defend HPS in any way leads me to believe you are on something stronger. How'd the call go with Scott? Is that still the only way he communicates? Or has he moved on to email finally? Maybe typing in bold or different colors will help get the point across better.
  11. /Rant mode on I will support any company that produces good games, communicates to its customers, and is honest. HPS, for POA2, is none of those. I have managed multiple large and small programming projects in the industrial space. If HPS was treating a business customer like they have treated their POA2 customers, they would have been sued out of existence. I suspect you didn't even look at those links did you? Take a look. In development since 2003. Then take a look at 2018 posts on dogsofwar. Their new white knight is complaining about the same stuff from 2005. Tell me what us customers should do? Should we just let someone like you come in and start this all over again? Won't happen. I can't believe you of all people, who nitpicks BFC to death, would give HPS a pass on this. Lets look at what BFC has accomplished since 2003 with CM. Released CMAK, all CMBN modules, CMFI, CMSF (twice), CMBS, CMRT, and all the numerous upgrades and feature adds. HPS released dozens of beta updates and it still doesn't work right. So, I am going over to the HPS forums and see if you are over there nitpicking. Oh wait...they don't have forums because they don't communicate with customers. So why don't you stick around here, nitpick BFC some more and try to convince everyone here to buy a 16-year old broken game with no future. /Rant mode off One thing I will do from now on is every time you have a complaint about a CM game, I'll ask how it works in POA2. I'll ask what kind of response you got from the devs. /Rant mode really off
  12. In case anyone wants clarification on POA2 and Tigers Unleashed, here are three of the white knight cycles I am talking about. In each, there are one or two people who keep pushing that they are in touch with the devs and everything will be sorted soon. Its amazing seeing pattern repeat. http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,2907.msg30136.html#msg30136 http://www.gamesquad.com/forums/index.php?forums/point-of-attack-2.52/ http://grogheads.com/forums/index.php?topic=17642.msg508963#msg508963 I know there are a couple that go back further than 2015 on wargamer.com and a magazine site, but I can't be arsed to bother with that.
  13. One small point...CM's VCR-like function is one of the main things that draws me back almost every time. SB has the AAR function, which is their equivalent. The good is that it jumps right to an event and shows incredible detail in reports on penetration, casualties, damage, HE effects, APS, etc. Its also a replay of the entire session, not just a turn. The bad is that it only replays in 4 second increments and potentially skips over things like shots that miss if the timing is wrong. Some of us have been trying to convince esims to get it down to 1 second, but they claim the file gets too large to transfer for their military customers. A fair point on their side and an example of the military side of the business effecting the game side.
  14. My point is I am hoping we aren't starting a new cycle of a white knight riding in claiming HPS/Scott only needs more time to fix it. Please don't be that person. Do I have to go around the web and string together all the links of the supposed white knights and their journey? Its starting to sound like Indiana Jones and the Wargame's Holy Grail. I mean seriously. I don't want anyone to run out and buy POA2 or TU because someone is inadvertently promoting it. Also, not sure why you are posting in odd colors. Makes a little harder to read on some devices.
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