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    dams-fr got a reaction from George MC in Ambush - no spoilers   
    Great scenario.
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    dams-fr got a reaction from mvp7 in Future modules ideas (unofficial topic)   
    Yes Mvp, I mean suppressors
    For mines and SF jump ability, on reflexion, it seems to be bad ideas , you're right.
    Militia would be a great add to the game, as much as brit/fr/ger troops.
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    dams-fr got a reaction from AttorneyAtWar in What do you guy's do after you lose a scenario?   
    After a lost scenario, I take a coffee ! And then, I try to understand how I can be so bad tactician and poor commandant .
    Later, I come back on this scenario and I put the bar higher , aiming for the overwhelming victory before dying again and again .
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    dams-fr got a reaction from Blyskawica in The game is out!   
    Same here, 27$ for shipping in France, If I could have preordered digital version, it has be done ;(
    But I'll wait, this game will be beautiful and addictive like his ancestors !!!
    Thank you Battlefront for your hard work
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    dams-fr got a reaction from Stugdownunder in Update on Black Sea release   
    Thank you Chris for taking care of our little hearts , giving us regular updates on the progress :D .
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