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  1. The article also has its own comment section, incase anyone is interested in hearing more thoughts on the matter. European football fans get pretty crazy on their games. Over the internet, no one is able to get harmed.
  2. Just saying, if Shock Force was put on Steam, I'll buy it again. One reason for it is so I won't have to deal with the license thingy anymore. Am serious. However I'll admit that I don't play the rest of the CM games because I'm mainly interested in modern/near-futuristic warfare settings.
  3. Not getting into politics of it just talking about the new military hardware of these Asia-Pacific countries http://asia.nikkei.com/Politics-Economy/International-Relations/Asias-military-budgets-surge-as-armies-go-high-tech December 18, 2014
  4. Well to bring a possible new idea to the table, this may be a bit sneaky. If you have just one game on Steam, others there who plays or checks out the game on Steam will find your BF website and thus find the rest of your games which aren't on Steam.
  5. Not holding breath for anything, but the M1A3 is just same model, just a stat change.
  6. Since the setting of the game is 2017, you think a module will be feasible which includes the M1A3 Abrams or the Russian T-99 (Armata) main battle tanks? They are supposed to be on the field by 2017 or before according to their respective pages. I know budget may seem like it may be cut anytime on new weapons, but according to the M1 Abrams page "With the budget compromise of December 2013, the M1A3 program is expected to receive funding needed to begin full-scale production in 2018." Not sure about the Russian one, though. I'm sure the M1A3 will look the same as the M1A1/M1A2 model-wise, so just a stat adjustment without the need for new model. M1A3: Under development, with prospective prototypes by 2014, operational by 2017.[82] Improvements are to include a lighter 120 mm gun, added road wheels with improved suspension, a more durable track, lighter armor, long-range precision armaments, and infrared camera and laser detectors. A new internal computer system is also desired, with current wiring replaced by fiber-optic lines that could decrease weight by some two tons.[
  7. Yes I understand you have a lot to risk to put on Steam. I implore you to think about this suggestion: put one older CM game on Steam (say Shock Force) and see how it sells. Not putting all eggs in one basket that way. But I thank you for taking the time to reply and interact with us.
  8. And if they have to go against Russian T-99 now, they'd be kicking themselves for that decision.
  9. On the contrary, for Shock Force, I got 2 licenses on purchase, and yes I had to unlicensed it before completely uninstalling, or the license is gone. I used to reformat my computer a lot, so the license system does always make me uncomfortable. I don't like emailing the help desk because there will be a point where they stop giving you licenses, even though I've never had to reach that point yet, I don't like the idea of finite re-installs.
  10. Agreed, please keep this civil. Steam would boost up this game company a lot.
  11. In Shock Force, my Strikers were always meat for RPG-7 in buildings, but maybe I wasn't covering them well enough?
  12. Accidently placed a vote on a post, how do I remove it?
  13. Successful, huh? I saw this in one of my order emails a while back and gave me the idea for this thread, and thought it could improve playerbase size, and possible be able reduce the cost of the games for being niche. Since the pricing was a turnoff for other people that would buy Battlefront games otherwise, NO REFUND POLICY Battlefront.com does not offer refunds for products purchased. We are a small company and simply can not afford to offer this kind of service. Larger companies can absorb such costs because they turn right around and pass the costs on the rest of their customers.
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