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  1. Congratulations to America on the election. Looking forward to Russia and the US having better relations.
  2. There could be alot of applications depending on the scenario. And there have been a lot of times where I myself if I were in those situations would stay mounted in the commander seat while the rest of the inf do their thing. But of course, if there are coding limitations there isn't much to do about it
  3. Absolutely, IFV and infantry are always near each other. My squad is pinned down in the building? "Ivan, blast that building to shreds" it's key to operate togerther with these vehicles. It's also good that they are heavily armed with 30mm cannons. That's why BTR-82As have 30mm cannons, now instead of being a troop transport armed with a mediumish cannon, it now can function as a IFV of sort. Also it adds direct firepower support to our forces, if I'm advancing say from a treeline to open field to urban environments, I can have my BMD/BMP just shred points where I can take fire from. And
  4. Busy week finally back on the forum some interesting stuff happened lately In regards to the commander seat in the BMPs, it is more than plausible for the Squad Leader to stay in the vehicle when operating. A scenario for example; the squad leader orders the dismounts to take control of a building while in close fire support the commander stays in the vehicle. A split commander option would be nice because even when doctrine doesn't call for there to be a permanent commander, at times the Squad Leader is more than capable enough depending on the given situation to stay in the commander's
  5. True probably that happened. Which is what I was getting to if the most likely case of militias downing it is what happened. Thanks for agreeing for once geez. There are targets such as that in Syria, rebels don't actually build buildings to place their ammunition, command points, "barracks" into. They use the local housing. The rebels don't have any army of tanks, but they still have a large armor pool compared to other "insurgent" type forces. But these guys fight more of like a barbaric army, where they lack in airpower they make up with it using suicide bombs, VBIEDs are
  6. Thanks for that information, but there are many other ways on determining if it was a civilian airliner or not if it was a Russian unit. Obviously a plane headed directly towards the Russian border at high speed and altitude indicates that this was either a rookie mistake, ill-equipped. Or on purpose. something a local militia unit could do lacking, the long period of training and constant guidance from Russian command, plus this system would need permission before engaging it, indicating this is either a under-equipped militia unit, or it was deliberately shot down by Russia with permis
  7. Not only that, militia's captured BUK system from Ukrainians... considering the local militia had alot of ex military from Ukraine. Anyways bottom line is it's not fact that Russian military shot it down, but it is more likely for the Militia to shoot it down on accident. Which doesn't really justify anything... Probably IF militia shot it down they didn't admit to it because of the huge amount of pressure they were already facing from the international stage for opposing the government I think they approved of (or did they not? can't remember)
  8. There is no evidence that a Russian unit shot down this plane. If it was a militia unit, that's with them. Do we really have to go into detail for that one? Russia can identify a civilian airliner using BUKs, if you imply Russian army shot it down on purpose, then that makes no sense either. As I've said before there's three things that could have happened. 1. The Russian army knowingly shot down the airliner (no evidence of this one) 2. Militia shot it down accidentally (the tweet about hitting a military aircraft around the time of the shooting) 3. Ukraine hit it for the suppo
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. Lowers their credibility to almost zero. Sorry for that guys, I could have swore I seen that video earlier in the title for Aleppo too... Dumb internet. And I'm not a putinbot. I'm a propaganda specialist I get payed hourly potato bags to defend Russia on the CMBS forum. Anyways since that is debunked I give my apologies, but still, obviously rebels still have positions built in these urban environments which causes heavy collateral damage because of that. I agree that was reckless and hopefully it was the only such case, the other clustermunition videos I
  10. Precision weapons are still going to kill civilians, but the video duchess shared is overkill, and most likely resulted in collateral damage that could have been avoided if cluster munitions weren't used for that mission. I'm not sure if you know, but in S Aleppo there are 1070 apartment projects where it's total rebel control no civilians, where bombs like these could be used without worrying about any collateral damage but I'm not sure if that was the case in the video Duchess shared.
  11. That's definitely not a justified case, can you get me a confirmation whether or not that was Syrian or Russian? If so definitely a case to bring up. I know rebels can be spread among large areas, but this is not one I'd be proud of. A f*** up on the Syrian or Russian government's side. Is there an aftermath picture/video where we can assess what was targeted? Edit: Nvm looks like a SU-30, Russian jet.
  12. For low altitudes it can achieve 5-10 meter CEPs is what I read from some analysis, but for high altitudes this number is not true and it gets more bigger. And thanks for your input cool to hear it from an actual pilot. If this was the medium-low intensity warfare like insurgency the US faced in Afghanistan then I would agree with your point. But these guys fight in actual conventional formations, and have army grade equipment in alot of cases. I know what you're talking about, I seen the footage. But we need to study the case in detail, if RuAF has deliberately dropped a clus
  13. I don't care if it was in Pyonyang, it provides evidence in that link I shared.
  14. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/kurdish-ypg-storms-islamist-rebel-positions-aleppo-city/ It's not uncommon to have ammunition loads like these stored in urban environments with civilians still around in the area. This is just ammunition depot, you can do further research and see command points. Their numbers are anything but small, and in most cases they have IFVs, and tanks captured from the regime in support. Just like in the recent offensive in SW Aleppo where ATGMs took out a dozen or so armor that belonged to the rebels in their new offensive. Those guys have conventional power
  15. It's an exaggeration, but that's barely any of the reportings. I'm following Syrian news and I see alot of atrocities that I haven't come across in say CNN or Fox News.
  16. Yes a great tool because there are a few footage pieces of cluster bombs catching whole rebel positions and ripping them into shreds out in the open be it in the city center, or be it out on rough terrain. If rebels would follow the countless Syrian government requests of letting civilians out we wouldn't have half the amount of collateral damage that has happened. Okay I did that, but it still exceeds Russia's claimed civilian kill count. 2003 is a part of the war, I can't exclude that. I know you're busy and no one can tell you what to read or do but have you been following
  17. Fair enough about the serial numbers, since Saudi Arabia is in the equation it would indeed be impossible to figure out if the US gave it to them or Saudis, even though both supply rebels with these weapons of course. Really a messed up situation... Carpet bombing is a very effective weapon but of course you're right they lead to heavy collateral damage if civilians are in the equation. Can't argue against that. There's a special toolbar where you can select the casualty caused by various factions, I set it to US coalition and that's where I gave the numbers. I'm not demonizin
  18. A barrel bomb is a bomb, no more different if a MIG-23 dropped the dumb bomb on a militant position and missed it and hit a family's house. Let's start talking about those hell cannons? http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-attacks-idUSKBN0JQ17I20141212
  19. There's been more than one case a US provided TOW has killed SAA. http://armamentresearch.com/us-produced-tow-2a-atgws-in-syria/ scroll down to the picture with the US serial number on the missile. You've been in the US army, you guys have precision weaponry, GPS guided artillery shells, GPS guided PGMs, all of the gucci gear, let's take a look at what the Syrian armed forces has. If you were expecting anything miraculous since rebels don't like to let the city through safe corridors, this is what the result is. Of course the insurgents drove car bombs into markets those guys are scum,
  20. No man now that's just messed up, you can't categorize a whole people over what some barbarians do, I have many Muslim friends which I come to respect. The main reason Russia has come to Syria is to protect its ally. Secondly, there are thousands of Chechens and people from Russia which are fighting in Syria. I mean I'm not going to color coat it, obviously Russia hasn't come through with 100% good will in mind, no nation does that. But let's look at the choices, Assad or some nut job Jihadi? And trust me even if Assad were ousted out of power, do you think the dozens of radical groups will le
  21. You're going to still stick with the rhetoric that evil Russkiis are systematically bombing civilians targets and not engaging military targets? if your countrymen and their allies didn't support these terrorist organizations there wouldn't be a casualty list so high. The collateral damage in Iraq is similar to this in most studies, and reports filed out, and the US is way more capable in terms of precision in everything else than the Syrian military. You do know these guys hold whole districts as hostage right? Once the government sends out papers and leaflets and announces an operation will
  22. Um Panzer I appreciate the info on the death tolls, but I think you're ignoring the massacres brought forth by the rebels themselves, which have killed way more people than ISIS. If you read what I've wrote, I haven't denied Assad's troops doing collateral damage, but I've listed reasons on how these happen. But let me go on link overdrive to help you out real quick http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-24486627 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/syria-rebel-shelling-kills-28-civilians-in-aleppo-a7167321.html http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/07/19/
  23. Hello Steve, I knew you had more than 2 accounts in the forum! Just kidding anyways I've changed my assert on a position only once and that's about one thing, that there were Russian troops in Ukraine. Now just because I was wrong about something (and not totally off I did believe we provided weapons and advisory) doesn't make me wrong now. But if you want to play your games of "The US and its allies have never done any regime toppling of sorts, and we aren't actively arming groups which have committed horrible war crimes, and are way worse than the regime" than okay, I'll play that game
  24. Or you won't provide a viable argument against my evidence which clearly shows terrorists funded and supported by US and its allies, killing innocents, and destroying Syria as a whole. Okay let's say Russia did bad things in Ukraine, look at the destruction in Donbas and compare it to the destruction in Syria. Please sanction your own country, before sanctioning mine.
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