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  1. Well people would be sad for the pilots and more so than people, the Kuznetsov would be in a lot of trouble more so than they already are. A whole naval operation delayed just over arresting gear? If pilots would have died it would have been bad. But it would not change Russian opinion on the Kuznetsov deployment. I just want that thing to work properly and then once the operations are over I'd like it to go through extensive overhauls and modernizations, because it really isn't cutting right now. Also other things this operation highlights are the need for a CATOBAR on the carrier, the SU-33s weren't taking off with heavy loads in the Air to Ground role possibly because of STOBAR limitations. Maybe that's why at one point the SU-33s were launched from the airbase in Syria. However after the MIG-29K crashed there were still sorties flying out the Kuznetsov, I guess the gear wore out again probably lack of spares IMO.
  2. Yep, the Kuznetsov needs intense overhauls. Not only was it a PR move but it was also to get some carrier experience. Funny how just a disfunction of an arrest gear can screw everything up even if everything else runs fine. Looks to me the Kuznetsov doesn't have any spares made for the arresting gear. Those damn 90s really did hurt the Navy and the effects are even seen today.
  3. I don't think it's the wire that's at issue but the arresting gear for it.
  4. It's not the issue with the pilots, it's the system on the arresting cables... Embarrassing indeed but glad no one died. They need to fix whatever the f*** is wrong with the arresting cable system. It's been an issue ever since the MIG-29K got lost.
  5. Okay, thanks for the clarification. I was referring to a complaint or two I've read from US army guys about the vehicle's mobility. If it doesn't affect anything at all then it's a good upgrade. When are those bad boys being thrown into service?
  6. Off topic however, Trump and Obama are not comparable even in the 1%, I'm sure things will be way better than they are now in terms of Russia and America's relations. Even the Anti-Trump "experts" are predicting so. Anyways that was quite off topic The up gunned Stryker looks promising they could go toe to toe with heavy IFVs with that upgrade, the firepower upgrade looks promising on it. But I see one possible problem, I heard the Strykers don't coupe to well on off road terrain, if this is true; will the extra weight from this turret affect the mobility of the Stryker?
  7. No problem since Mr. Trump will be improving relationships I welcome such a beast into service no provocation there.
  8. Are those things actually going to be put into service? (30mm)
  9. Not only that but Russian artillery crews show their mastery skills... You think he accidentally got the round bouncing off the Lada?
  10. Nope there are heavy jammers that can ruin any UAV's day.
  11. From my experiences during drills and operating with low level leadership, it's not as tied to "permission" as it was before the reforms. You're not wrong in the fact that the Russian army use to be like that but now more or less, doctrines have changed and new battle experiences have provided a different approach to things in many cases. Speaking from my experience, if 1st platoon attacks and the enemy isn't there; depending on the situation they are to either set up positions to be able to hold the position in any case, or if needed they can also search and destroy. During drills we always moved to contact, or to get a better view of our situation. Permission isn't as loose as in western armies of course you aren't wrong, but it isn't going to hinder the troops where they are dozens of minutes from figuring out a plan. US formations of course are more flexible in certain areas, but Russian units won't be lacking in situational awareness in the battle phase of things enough to be totally kaput. It will also depend unit to unit... If there is a less experienced and trained motor rifle unit of course the better trained US counterpart will be able to adapt to the situation and figure out a plan faster, no argument there. Or did I miss your point?
  12. We need to be more detailed with this one. Russian formations don't lack in reacting to situations... A platoon on its own has the means on carrying on in the area of operations... Say 1st platoon of 2nd company is being engaged by an enemy: they don't need permission to attack and exploit this unit... Or am I missing out on something? Would be great if you could tell me exactly where you say we are lacking in.
  13. Russia operates DPICM in great numbers and it would be indeed used in this war. I know the US doesn't use them anymore but Russia does and it would actually help out a lot if they were modeled in game. Russian and Ukrainian vehicles are destroyed by shells, but during my gameplay time I've come to find vehicles like the Bradley and Abrams don't get their subsystems wrecked or destroyed like they should. I called in like 3 precision 152mms on an Abrams in one of my QBs and found out after that he took barely any subsystem damage. Would also be great if the crew could get a penalty for being hit by 152mm HE shells directly. I'll have to elaborate later on with some evidence, but I'm sure others have come across the same issue. Edit: Just ran a test and it seems the case I mentioned was only once... Turns out Abrams do get destroyed by the 152mms. I must have had some bad luck to be honest Everything seems fine.
  14. Same thing happened to me. In real life that gun was shredded, and so were the optics on it.
  15. Good question... Why do you think that happened? Miscalculation?
  16. Yeah I understand that,, of course no one was trying to say we are on America's level in terms of carrier operations, you guys have like ten of them and you've been using them like crazy. Yeah it is probably a technical issue, if it wasn't it would have saved more face to say the pilot screwed up. They are the new MIG-29 models that can use PGMs unlike the SU-33s. The Indians have been using this carrier variant and haven't had any mess ups. I'd say this incident was either bad maintenance, bad luck, or an individual technical issue.
  17. Lol... That's going to look great. First the smoke furnace on the Kuznetsov now MIG-29s will be called rust planes Technical malfunction is all what it was Duchess, naval aviators are pretty good at their job in the Russian navy. WELL actually, could also be a pilot mistake, since I just read the pilot was most likely a rookie, but the thing that threw me off is it crashed a few kilometers away from the carrier, that doesn't look like a mistake to me. MiG isn't going to be happy, and the Russian command isn't happy.
  18. No BMP-3Ms in standard service AFAIK, the Azerbaijani army operates the BMP-3M and from my understanding they love it. Yes it does cost a lot more, and it doesn't add decisive technology like thermal sensors to the mix... Which is shame, but that's because our Soviet inheritance did not focus on Thermals what so ever. After the collapse you already know what happened... The BMP-3 has been ordered recently, 200 of them. But that's to keep the factory working I guess. Because sooner or later we're transitioning into those new armored vehicles. Correct, but even with a regular American platoon, a Russian platoon can still compete in wartime with them. Albeit, with the American platoon obviously having an advantage. I mean let's face it America and Russia operate under two different doctrines with totally different budgets and history. Same here, but it varies depending on the unit. BMDs have horrible commander seats, if I were to face against an enemy with advanced armor, I'd do so very delicately and using tactics to negate the fact that the armor on the vehicle is paper thin (IFV category wise) and that we didn't have any thermals on them. But with a BMP unit of course the commander can stay where he is needed.
  19. So finally an end to this war basically. Obama and Trump are two different characters. I know for a fact Trump wont be continuing with the "Russian aggression" rhetoric, since you know the same Democrats in office said he has ties to the Kremlin LOL!
  20. Ukraine won't be receiving anything from Trump, shall I give the links to every negative comment the Ukraine's media and politicians have made against him? Ukraine really messed up in that regard. They were convinced Hillary would become the president of the US. I'm not expecting Trump to let everything slide, but he will definitely improve relations between Russia and the US, and in doing so with Europe as well.
  21. Well the only bad experience they had were in the 90s during the first Chechen war, 2 BMP-3s were lost catastrophically, but we all know the reasons why the Russian army performed poorly during that conflict. BMP-3s are the best IFVs in service with the Russian army, the only drawback it faces is crew protection (sitting on top of HE) and sensors. Other than that, it has immense firepower, great mobility. A Russian BMP-3 platoon basically has 3 heavy direct fire-support weapons that can lob 100mm HE out to long distances, and it can engage tanks (or atleast attempt to with a good chance of damaging or destroying a tank) they're pretty good for what they are. The only thing the Russian army is missing out on is the thermal systems for these vehicles... Yes if the commander stays in the vehicle and you pointed that out anyways. But yes I of course agree that Bradley's are designed with a permanent commander, and then with a squad dismount of course. But a Russian platoon has less dismounts because the Bradley platoons have 4 IFVs.
  22. Not to nit pick into your post, you have the experience making games and balancing things but even if I were to die say in battle, I had a senior rifleman which could have still led my squad. Not much of a penalty to a Russian squad with the SL gone (other than if he died which ofc will either drop morale or send the team into a revenge mode) inside the IFV. But anyways, I almost always disembarked with troops (because I was in a BMD, try being a commander in one please) but BMP-2s and BMP-3s both have better commander optics than a BMD. Also better seating, also better positioning, also... Let's just say better everything! Actually, BMP-3s are looked upon well in the Russian military. BMP-3s have 7 INF plus 2 crew where as a M2A3 has 6 dismounts and 3 crew as standard.
  23. About Ukraine.... Let's just say Mr. Trump and Ukraine's government will not be having any good times together. Their whole media campaigned against him in country, demonized and insulted him. Trump wont forget that lol... Kind of a mistake on Ukraine's end.
  24. Not so easy... Especially with recent clips of a M1 in Iraq being shot at with a ATGM, even with the thermal systems on board, the tank wasn't able to engage back. Most of the times I'd assume the crew would be focused on something else. Of course it's not impossible but the in game spotting of the ATGM position is pretty crazy IMO. Plus there really isn't a general rule lot's of variables that could allow the position to be spotted quickly or not so quickly.
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