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  1. I agree with you, but it worked so mission completed.
  2. It did the job of multiple bombs in one go, even for an overpriced weapon I think it was a justifiable use that time.
  3. T-90 survived no penetration according to Syrian report and the aftermath image, just the gooks inside bailed because I think hatch was open. They got shooked lol! I would too.
  4. I'm assuming the tank crew was the battalion HQ usually the laser warning systems on the Abrams end up with my T-72B3s murdered. Good kills
  5. @Haiduk do you think the war will ever escalate or will it continue to be like this?
  6. Not sure, Russian procurement at this stage is very weird in what they are deciding. Upgrading BMPs to BMP-2Ms in some numbers, buying BMP-3 version when BMP-3M is out. But I'm pretty sure T-14s will be brought into production as declared, just I highly doubt it's going to reach the number goals anymore. Well propaganda of tanks are done by all sides. I'd hype my tank up too if I made the M1A3 abrams. But in this context the T-14 is not only just a propaganda tool, the Russian military does actually want to field these tanks and replace alot of tanks with them. These are all force multipliers to conventional warfare that happens. Of course Russia will use "hybrid" tactics as well as conventional tactics. War against NATO wouldn't be numerically fair at all for Russia at this current stage. T-14 is a serious modernization effort, set backs doesn't make it unrealistic. Of course no one denies Russia still has to replace the aged up T-72B fleet it has. But keep in mind even with mediocre tanks like T-72Bs, locally Russia would for some time have superiority on the ground in terms of numbers. Since it is connected to Europe. Meanwhile the US needs to ship in all the armored vehicles and its logistics which I'm not sure how long would take, but would offer Russia advantages until the Abrams hordes arrive. If we're speaking of a Russian invasion of Baltics or Ukraine of course. I agree with most of your points. Just I think you're belittling the T-14 program more than it should be. It's definitely not only going to be used as a propaganda tool. They're very serious about implementing the tanks into service in large scale. Sanctions took their toll of course.
  7. https://sputniknews.com/military/201703291052066946-russia-armed-forces-manpower/ Manpower increase in the Russian armed forces. 1.9 million servicemen
  8. T-14s will be fielded but it wont replace the fleet for a while. I don't think the T-90 upgrades will happen, as the T-14 is way better. I think the T-90As are enough for current NATO tanks speaking comparison wise for the most part, but we lack the numbers the US tank fleet has (as in we lack advanced tanks) you guys have like 1.5-2K M1A2s upgraded to latest standards, not counting the M1A1s. Meanwhile our fleet is relatively older, and less advanced (speaking about the many T-72Bs we have... which lack any thermal and the cannon is mediocre) But considering Russia's wars for the most part will be regional, the current fleet is ehhh enough. I mean seriously, Russia needs to upgrade the tank fleet. The T-72B3 upgrades are good and all but the commander still lacks a thermal imager, which is dumb as hell... Just the B3M upgrade would bring the Russian fleet's quality up. But nah they like the B3s more I;m assuming. LOL
  9. Biggest problem with the unbalance is that all US vehicles like Bradleys and Abrams have laser warning systems. If there was an option to for example to make them how they are in standard service it would be great. The American military has superior sensor equipments without the doubt, and they are very organized in what they do, however sometimes the spotting really goes too far. I recall having a T-90 diagonally across a field, behind a tree line in another tree line. And a Javelin team just spots it in a short amount of time as if he was expecting there to be a tank there. US forces are great of course, high tier military. But I still believe there needs to be some tweaking to spotting issues. At night the Russian side is at a severe disadvantage obviously, that can stay. But illumination rounds should be implemented that would help alot. Also if artillery damage could be tweaked higher like in real life, that would be great too. This game is still very playable. Developers did a good job.
  10. Off topic heavily, but I can't help it. I don't want to hear any "whataboutism" from anyone on here relating Syria to Ukraine. The U.S. and some of America's allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia) have been training and arming groups fighting the Syrian government, and making the situation even worse in the country. If you deny that US and allies' weaponry havent fell into Islamic terrorist hands then you are full of it. The U.S. is legally not allowed in Syria no matter what. Whatabout to Ukraine all you want, use the same standards for yourselves as well. US was in Syria before Russia was in eastern Ukraine. And keep in mind the Donbas is miniscule compared to the Syrian crisis. But of course morals of protecting Syrians by funding groups that partake in terrorist operations is morally just. And I'm sure the rebels haven't used gas canisters (originating from multiple nations) in wartime either.
  11. Usually the Spetsnaz specialize in clinic targeting. And thanks for the welcome.
  12. Yes it is standard training for Russian servicemen of all branches to target apartments and hospitals.
  13. 2nd company might get caught on the open field, you need to make sure he doesn't destroy your defensive line across the bride. Those Shturms will cause some damage.
  14. While we're at it can we please get some standard Abrams without the LWS and tricked out era kit? would be fun to play as and to play against.
  15. Bro in there it says "Berezhok" has been installed, so basically it's the same as the ones in the game. Panoramic sight for commander included.
  16. http://function.mil.ru/news_page/country/more.htm?id=12107642@egNews BMP-2Ms confirmed on some upgraded Russian BMPs in service. So finally I can use BMP-2Ms!
  17. Could still be used good, but in event of a full Russian incursion most of those will be in bad shape. I doubt Russia has used it's full EW potential in Ukraine.
  18. No of course no problem Without arguing into detail; has it gotten better or worse corruption wise? Most Ukrainian buddies of mine will say it's gotten worse... Government officials are more corrupt than ever now. The people are suffering more than they use too. Anyways; you argue that the rebellion and Crimeans voting to be a part of Russia is unconstitutional where as they same could be said for the coupe... So I don't know if this is just double standard or just coloring to make Russia look like the only bad guy there. It's really getting tiring being called Kremlin bot or Russian hacker because of some truths that people can't accept. But anyways let's stop the political arguments as they lead to nowhere because it's basically double standards back and forth. Actually the Russian government didn't make this nationalistic sentiment lol... Any Ukrainian I know from the east actually says this. So no, please no more "Kremlin super plan" .... God it's really agonizing. WHAT! LOL! please man not this far... Go speak to any Crimean about this and they'll laugh at you. Yes they did give it to their selves. Now separatist terrorists from mongloid Russia use it as a joke. Hmm... no. If you really think Mr.Poroshenko is not corrupt then nothing I can say. Not very true mi amigo es falso. They had the upper hand in command and control tactically... Their brigades deployed forward into combat were trained by NATO countries, and were operating good equipment. Tactically they were equal to or depending on the unit in better command and control, until of course Russian units broke through their defenses and ran through their lines. Once command structure gets smashed they break apart either way. There's a bunch of analysis of the war, you could see that the Georgians weren't actually lacking equipment wise much. Of course in the overall picture Georgia stood absolutely no chance against an army that had a million soldiers at the time.
  19. OT but I have too. Russia performed badly in the first Chechen war, the second Chechen war was way more successful. Airforce had embarrassingly lost 7 planes 2 of them to friendly fire. The ground forces performed really good against Georgian troops, even without the 3:1 Ratio in battles, and arguably Georgian troops had better equipment. Well... When the Russian army did perform in Ukraine (counter-offensives) they had good performance, but again they weren't able to operate in their full function for obvious reasons. Offensive from Ukraine has stopped, now it's just some fire coming out both sides.
  20. Well documented from DPR footage, the airport battle was majority fought by DPR units and not Russian troops. Of course there probably were lads that were in the advisory role, but from when I was keeping up with it, nothing "polite" about the forces there. It was a symbolic victory at the airport, as that was a part of the territories. Well of course, on paper the Ukrainian military is better than DPR and LPR. They have more numbers in equipment and in all other aspects. But still, DPR could put up a fight victorious or not, they have been improving and there are some battles where they have been able to hold areas on their own. The improvements I've seen from the DPR till now is that they have been increasing offensive abilities, with all the drills they're doing over there now. Not more IMO. It depends on Russia's goal in such a scenario. If Ukraine goes ATO 3, and Russia would like to expand the territories then yes of course it will take more forces. But if it will be a goal to destroy the Ukrainian military and make minimal gains like last time, then the same amount of forces or even less could be used now, considering the separatists have been improving overall as well, and I believe with active reserves could muster 50,000 troops alone in those territories. I don't think you're being fair, they are obviously not mercenaries. Majority of the forces will be and are locals, volunteers are there as well but even if you think they are foreigners most Russians go there thinking they are defending their own lands and their own people. Not all Ukrainians but some are also aware that the ousting of their president was unconstitutional, maybe that's why majority decided to leave Ukraine in Crimea. Not so sure if Ukrainians are doing better than they were with Yanukovych. It's only normal to take up arms against something you had no say in. Western Ukrainians as we call them, don't really like Russians either way. If they'll dislike us for protecting a legitimate Russian uprising (The breaking of Ukraine's constitution by illegally ousting a president that was legally elected by all means) then so be it. Yes, however still DPR units were experiencing more problems than Russian units (obvious reasons) Debaltsevo was still a total victory. Anyways not to say Ukraine's military is a push over, but I'm still very much convinced from my own personal analysis and experiences in the military, that Russian forces are superior to Ukraine's by all means. And a major problem I happen to find with Western analysis of Russia's forces in Ukraine is that they assume DPR forces to be actual Russian ground forces. I wouldn't take pride in a war against our historical brothers. I'm already disappointed that they let politics destroy our relations... Supporting far right groups during Maidan revolution... EU and US leaders shaking hands with them, approving them into power while breaking Ukraine's own constitution. It's a stable country now of course, all the dust settled down, but it's not looking good for them economically at all. If it's not possible no shame on you of course I know how hard coding can be, I can't even imagine how hard it is for game development. If you can reshape the code for it, that would be excellent.
  21. Well in the beginning that was true, I remember check points with bats. But that's why Locals without any support got destroyed by Ukrainian forces. An army is definitely way better equipped than make shift local units, or volunteers from say Russia without any military standards. This battle in Svetlodarsk arc doesn't really show much, the DPR hasn't been allowed to do much even with the Ukrainians storming their checkpoints, and advancing into the town Novoluhans'ke. The Ukrainians have successfully made the outer defense in that perimeter retreat tactically, but the casualties on both sides are around equal if we want to be fair. Most due to shelling... Other battles where actual offensives be it from Ukrainians or DPR with or without Russian motor rifles have resulted in far more devestating battles. Ones where pictures of popped up tank turrets and BMPs and BTRs shredded have resulted, those are decisive battles. Anyways, Ukrainians have great soldiers they are still our Slavic brothers after all . But their effectivity let alone command is still poor for the most part(compared to Russian army), if we are to take analysis of Debaltsevo to heart. They have capable units of course, but against Russian troops especially if they came in with full combat arms support (fully fledged units) I don't think they'd be doing as good as against Locals and volunteers with limited Russian support, just like the August counter-offensive shows. Anyways enough of me rambling, I'm really bored I promised someone a battle but my computer is acting up... I really want to play 4.0 I heard you guys made it pretty good but please please please sometime in the future add the ability to sit my poor Russkii and Ukrainian troops on top of those thin soviet "junk" as panzer would call it.
  22. So 75 brigades/regiments/detachment present according to inform napalm? Did I miss the push for Kiev or? Yes Russian military was and is in Donbas, but those numbers are complete BS by any regard. The evidence presented by the video needs to be re analyzed... From those units maybe individuals have been present in form of at most battalion/company/platoon/squad... And we need to verify every single unit infonapalm has put forth in that video to verify those units exist and aren't some BS units. And my battalion remark was for the airport battle, where Ukrainians believe they were fighting hordes of Russian special forces and motor rifle troops, the best of the best lol...
  23. I'm having troubles with upgrading to 4.0 computer related I believe. I'll let you know when I can.
  24. I see why it was important than, I appreciate the info yet again. So the Ukrainian offensive is over now correct?
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