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  1. Awww, man... if you wanted the original images -- they're bitmaps, 2560x1440 -- I would've happily just given them to you. The image names are the QB map names. Oh well, at least you got to work on your scripting skills!
  2. After having put the CM2 titles down for awhile, and having tried a handful of other similar games in the interim, in my opinion the single biggest change that's needed for CM3 is a more efficient way to check spotting / visibility from the various points on the battlefield. Related, but a somewhat different issue altogether, is that I'd love for there to be a way to quickly generate high resolution terrain relief maps for any scenario or QB map. Improved animations -- more of them, for more specific actions, with better resolution / granularity -- would also be on my list of high priority changes for CM3.
  3. I posted a new thread which has the CMBN pdf link it. The links to the older pdf's will also be changing, so I felt that made more sense than just adding a post to the end of an old topic.
  4. (I'm starting this as a new topic since the links to even the old pdf files will be changing.) I just finished the pdf which shows all QB maps for CMBN. It is a huge file -- nearly 400 pages and 330MB -- and is HERE. (A smaller, lower quality version for CMBN is HERE.) Since Assault, Attack and Probe versions of the various QB maps usually vary only slightly, I only included Assault in these pdfs. Those and (I believe) all Meeting Engagement maps. Also, the old dropbox links for the other 3 titles will be expiring, so I'm moving everything to this newer account. Here are the new links for pdf's for the other 3 WW2 titles: CMFB is here. Here is Red Thunder. And here is Fortress Italy.
  5. The M.2's are amazing. I just built a new system with one as the primary drive. I can be inside of a typical CMBN scenario within 1 minute of powering on my PC. Some battles used to take a full minute or more to load, but now there are few that take more than about 15 seconds.
  6. Hi. I'm the one who made those pdfs. I lost a hard drive recently and decided to just go ahead and build a new PC, and I now have all 4 WW2 titles running again. But... I lost the images that I was using to make that last QB map pdf for CMBN. I'm now getting back into these games after a bit of a hiatus, though, and this new solid state drive makes a huge difference in map load times. (Most maps and scenarios now load in about 15 seconds, and I've yet to find any that take more than 30....) So I may start over with the CMBN pdf during this upcoming holiday.
  7. Has anyone fixed all the South African wav files yet? If so, it'd be great if they could be uploaded to CMMODS or even to the forum or whatever. I'm sure Battlefront will get around to fixing those sounds eventually, but I kinda suspect it could be months before we see the first R2V patch.
  8. Problem solved. Thank you guys for the very prompt response. I'll get started with reinstalling everything tonight.
  9. I had to build a new PC, so will need to reinstall all of my Combat Mission games... meaning I need to log in to my account on Battlefront.com to re-download everything. I could not remember my Battlefront.com password, so went to reset it. I have done this 4 times now in the last 36 hours or so, and each time it says it has (or will) send an e-mail with the password reset instructions to the e-mail address I provided. But I have not received any such e-mail. I have looked in every gmail folder -- yes, including junk mail -- and the e-mail from battlefront is just not getting through for some reason. Thanks for any help.
  10. Based on BFC's release history over the last few years, I would be very careful about interpreting the statement from BFC Elvis in that way. i mean, I want you to be right, but it just feels like we've been here several times before.
  11. In my impatience (in waiting for the CMFI module), a few weeks ago I finally went ahead and bought GTMF. And wow, I'm really glad I did. It's a much different game, with its operational layer and all, but the experience is just as rewarding and entertaining, IMO. The one thing that had kept me from buying GTMF is that with CM I'm primarily a turn-based/WEGO player -- I spend as much time watching the action as I do planning it -- so GTMF, having no replay capabilities, just didn't seem all that attractive to me. What I did not realize, though, is that GTMF has what might be called a pretty robust StratAI, so once you get proficient with the (very different) orders and control system, you can pretty much just position your forces, give a few basic commands, and then just watch the action unfold. It's a real hoot. There is much, much less micro-managing than is needed in CM, and you can usually trust your forces to do the smart thing, so as it turns out there's still plenty of time to play Combat Cameraman. Any CM players who like Red Thunder the most, or really anyone who leans more towards armor vs armor battles... you, especially, are really missing out here. Don't let the lack of WEGO be what stops you from trying out GTMF -- that's what held me back for so long, yet I now realize I could've been having fun with TWO great games for the past few years. CMx2 is still my overall preference (for a dozen reasons I won't get into right now), but there's really quite a bit to like about this Graviteam game.
  12. Yes, the scenario, whether it be standalone or through a campaign, is where the player interfaces with the product. What good are new vehicles, skins, forces, etc., if there are so few scenarios in which you might encounter them? I would have never guessed that I'd have to give serious thought to the question "Should I buy the Rome to Victory module?", but... here we are.
  13. Commonwealth Forces ($35): 2 campaigns + 20 standalone scenarios Market Garden ($35): 2 campaigns + 14 standalone scenarios CMFI Gustav Line ($35): 4 campaigns + 18 standalone scenarios CMBN Battlepack ($10): 1 campaign + 12 standalone scenarios CMBS Battlepack ($10): 2 campaigns + 6 standalone scenarios This new CMFI module has 2 campaigns and 8 standalone scenarios and is priced at $35. (Obviously it has other content as well, like all the modules do.) I guess the customers will decide with their wallets whether this is an acceptable amount of value or not.
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