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  1. sttp

    Order completed!

    Hey, who's this guy?!?! Awesome to see you back here.
  2. If you want a totally different environment from what you already have, I'd say go with Fortress Italy. It offers probably the most unique look and feel of all the WW2 titles, IMO. Plus lots of varying landscapes -- flat, to huge hills and mountains. Plus it has snow, if you want, like Final Blitzkrieg. Plus... CMFI base game also has tons of content. (It seems like there's more than the other titles, but I'm not positive.) CMBN would come in 2nd on my list, but the big determinant in enjoyment of that title is going to be whether a person likes the hedgerow style of fighting. It's very different. Maybe check out a few CMBN AAR's to see if that style appeals to you? I've gotta say though... you really can't go wrong with any of the WW2 titles. They're all a blast in their own unique way.
  3. Or wait a sec... hmmmm... would that be 16 times the (theoretical) processing power that'd be needed? (4 times the number of action squares, with each testing LoS to 4 times the number of other action squares...? Or would it be something else? Any mathematicians here?!? Or I bet Charles would know!) I guess it doesn't really matter. Just calibrating my own expectations and keeping them in check....
  4. Action squares every 4 meters instead of every 8 would be incredible. 4 times the processing horsepower would be (theoretically) needed, sure, but I think modern systems could handle that. Cannot WAIT for the day we've got a new engine in our hands!
  5. A few weeks ago, the CMx2 ww2 forums went almost an entire day without a single post -- something like 20 hours with no new posts anywhere in the CMBN, CMFB, CMFI, or CMRT forums. So I'm wondering if discouraging new threads from new members just because those topics have been discussed before is really what we want here??? Yes, there've been tons of wishlist threads. However, in almost every single one there's a new feature suggested that no one had ever mentioned before. So, at least my opinion, these are pretty useful every now and then. It's possible, though, that it should be moved to the general discussion forum.
  6. sttp

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    To add something more specific and CM-related to IanL's informative post: yes, it does at first seem like one AI change to the "trunk" of the tree should propagate across all 5 main titles. And I stubbornly thought this until maybe a few days ago.... Now I think about it this way: the AI coding would have to be slightly different for, let's say, those 10-person, un-splittable, ****tily-equipped Italian squads. The code which says "this is when you stay with your crappy 10-man squad" vs. "this is when you get out of Dodge" would have to be different than is found in other CM titles... because other CM titles do not have that force structure. So it's easy to see, based upon 'only' the composition of a formation, how the little bits of code pushing and pulling the pixeltruppen behavior would have to be tweaked separately for each game.
  7. sttp

    QB map pdfs

    Looking at the "fresh" CMBN install folder I just made on a laptop, it appears that the 745 you mention is precisely the number of QB maps available through all CMBN modules and addons. (And some people say there's not enough content or replay value... ha!) All that you're most likely lacking are a bunch of community-made QB maps. There are many. And I'm sure that's where most of my extra 100+ come from. (That'd have to be the case, because I sure as heck haven't made any QB maps of my own!)
  8. sttp

    QB map pdfs

    Thanks Ian. Some naming conventions have carried through the various modules, so... no help there. Here's the real problem: since the new installer and activation system were adopted, apparently all CMBN-ready QB Maps -- whether from the original title, or from a later module / addon -- are placed into your Quick Battles folder, whether you'll be able to use them or not, as soon as you activate base CMBN. (No biggie, but it did surprise me.) So now if you try to open, say, a Market Garden QB map but haven't activated that module, you get an error that says you must purchase Market Garden. Before this, I don't think the map would've even shown up in the directory, IIRC. And I did have to use up an activation to discover all this, but I guess that's no big deal. Bottom line, there doesn't seem to be a way to get a fresh, "pure" install of CMBN like we could have a year or two ago. I'm just gonna have to do the CMBN pdf the long(er) way, so it might take a bit. Thank you for your suggestions though. You're always quick to try to help people out.
  9. sttp

    QB map pdfs

    My Quick Battle Maps folder for CMBN has almost 900 maps. Is there a way to tell which QB maps came packed in the original game, and which came from which particular module / addon? File date helps a little, but not as much as you'd think..... I'd consider installing the game on another laptop and taking note that way, but I'd hate to use up one of my limited number of installs just for that. Since there seems to be demand, what I may do is just release the CMBN version in pieces -- first with only the original game's QB maps, then uploading newer pdf versions as I add Commonwealth Forces, Market Garden, etc.... Thanks.
  10. sttp

    QB map pdfs

    Thanks for confirming boekie.
  11. sttp

    QB map pdfs

    Not gonna lie... I've lost my CMMODS login info, and in my experience it often takes a bit to get a response, and an even longer bit for the files to be made public anyway. Plus I'd really like to post all 4 game titles together. I'll get all 4 combined and posted as soon as I can.
  12. These are pdf's with large, labeled pictures for every QB map, covering CMFB, CMFI, and CMRT. I always get frustrated trying to remember which QB map is which, and having to load up the scenario editor just to find one gets really, really old. So I created these. I'll eventually put these on CMMODS. As soon as I finish the CMBN one, which is a significantly bigger task, and has had to take a back seat to a different project I'm now invested in. So I decided to just post these here, now. Can someone please let me know if these links work for plain ol' public download / access? If not, I'll repost proper links in a new thread. Dropbox recently got rid of its "Public Folder" feature, and the new way to accomplish almost the same thing is not very intuitive.... Here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jffokwaq2w017bj/CMFB - All QB Maps.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3l4xpbdhps0mgq6/CMRT - All QB Maps.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4rh9ya8wbe3tldr/CMFI - Alol QB Maps - lower quality.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9vhj33u708h0f9/CMFI - All QB Maps.pdf?dl=0 *NOTE: the "lower quality" CMFI pdf is actually the same quality as CMFB's and CMRT's -- plenty good enough. The higher quality CMFI pdf was my first, though, and features lossless images... which is great, except that the file size is almost 300MB.
  13. sttp

    New features curiosity

    --- We need an option to immediately Undo any type of "Split Team" order we've just given. This one's really affecting a little project I'm working on right now -- creating a spreadsheet of a bunch of the different unit types that shows how all the team members and important equipment (satchels, bazookas, binoculars, radios, ammo, etc.) are divided up with the various split squad commands. (If anyone else happens to have already done this, would you mind please letting me know? Thanks.)
  14. sttp

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Oh my. Some of those CMRT screenshots are just stunningly "beautiful"... especially the sense of destruction and even dread present in that first one. You guys are experts at tweaking just a few variables -- subtleties in the colors, minor architectural adjustments, for example --and yet still completely capturing the mood and general feel of a particular place and time. Well done.
  15. sttp

    A long delayed update

    This sounds fantastic! I'm sure this CMFI module will be well worth the wait.