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  1. The CMx2 engine is thirteen years old, and it shows. So I say let's drop the demands for new theaters and new features and instead urge and allow them to focus on an entirely new game engine, CMx3.
  2. I, personally, would be very careful about assuming the bug will be fixed anytime soon. It took the company almost 2 years to fix the HE bug from 3.0, and all that fix did was introduce this new (now too old) hedgerow bug. Or maybe both bugs are different manifestations of some singular root cause. Who knows. The point is, over the last 4-5 years BFC has been in no apparent hurry to fix what are often times game-breaking bugs. The HE bug... the hedgerow bug... the bridge bug... the team-members-staying-behind bug... the halftrack-gunner / tank commander 'issue' (which I don't think can properly be called a bug, but is still pretty immersion-wrecking)... unbelievably stupid spotting anomalies (like the one discussed in rocketman's current thread)... and there are other issues I'm forgetting, too, I'm sure. Most of them, sadly, still exist, and that's despite literal years of discussion about them on this form. I've been playing CM a little more lately, after a much needed hiatus, and all I can say is... yeah, I'm remembering why I needed to put the game down for awhile. It's very disappointing. Hopefully BFC can either get it together and fix these kinds of things, or just call it a day with CMx2 and move on to CMx3.
  3. Yeah, I have now played this scenario a few times from each side, and the force balance seems pretty lopsided in favor of the Germans. They have so many automatic weapons, plus much more deadly armor. Not to mention the fact that they can get into position more quickly. So, though technically a meeting engagement, it's really more like the Germans are defending. The extra number of pieces of armor you get as the French just isn't enough to counter it, in my opinion. Maybe if the French had some smoke they could rush up their far right and try to cause some mayhem that way, but as it stands now I think they have a pretty difficult task. I love the map, and still like the scenario, but yes, I think it is maybe a bit imbalanced.
  4. Yes, good news indeed. I may just revert to an earlier version of CMBN until everything is working as intended with version 4 and the bocage. All this talk of it makes me miss it even more. I've always enjoyed CMFI the most, but CMBN was a not--too-distant 2nd place.
  5. You know what Ultradave, I must admit that you are right on this. I did find the post by Steve that I was remembering, but I missed his post on the same topic later on in the thread where he clarified BFC's position a little bit. Here's what I was originally referring to: Steve said "The bocage issue you've brought up is certainly more than irritating to those who experience it, but it is fairly isolated when one considers the whole range of possible Combat Mission games and maps. We have to balance our limited resources. I'll see what I can do, however don't hold your breath for anything soon. Our schedule is crammed at the moment and we're already having to juggle too many things. The release of RtV helped get things back to "normal overloaded", so odds of a patch are better." Later in the thread, though, he clarified that work was ongoing, but that a patch would not be anytime soon. That's still quite disappointing, and I'll admit is a little extra grating after it taking something like two years to fix the artillery / indirect fire issue. After all, these were issues that did not always exist, i.e., they were introduced by UPGRADES, so I think it's more than fair to expect those issues to be addressed by specific, individual patches. Just my opinion.
  6. It has been game-breaking, practically speaking, at least twice for me personally. And has caused me to quit scenarios several more times than that. If your radio and binoculars get separated, for example, good luck calling in artillery. Or imagine you've only got one bazooka or panzershrek, and its carrier is stuck hugging a hedge? Are these situations really that hard to imagine? I'm sure the fanatics will come to BFC's defense and try to justify how this simulates the chaos of battle or some other such nonsense, but it is almost impossible to exaggerate how frustrating these two bugs have been. It has nothing to do with poorly plotted movement waypoints. It's a bug, plain and simple, and is apparently just not that important to them... or is about as important to them as the bridge bug that's existed for how many years now?
  7. There are at least two CMBN hedgerow bugs -- there's a suicidal-rush-towards-enemy-territory bug, and a soldiers-get-unintentionally-left-behind bug, each of which get downplayed on this forum, but in my experience are each very prevalent and extremely frustrating. Game-breaking at times. So I, too, could not feel good about recommending CMBN until BFC makes some kind of progress towards fixing those issues. (Last I saw, BFC didn't even want to admit they were real or significant issues.... which is patently ridiculous.) So I'd recommend to OP that he check out the Final Blitzkrieg demo and play through a few of those missions. That demo is Engine 3 (IIRC), plus CMFB's maps and scenarios are superb.
  8. To the contrary, the rise of Trump offers valuable insights into the rise of authoritarianism, and how certain elements of a country's population can be made to practically crave it. To me it would be more dangerous not to notice and discuss the historical parallels. I don't think anyone is saying that Trump is or will ultimately be responsible for tens of millions of deaths.
  9. Awww, man... if you wanted the original images -- they're bitmaps, 2560x1440 -- I would've happily just given them to you. The image names are the QB map names. Oh well, at least you got to work on your scripting skills!
  10. After having put the CM2 titles down for awhile, and having tried a handful of other similar games in the interim, in my opinion the single biggest change that's needed for CM3 is a more efficient way to check spotting / visibility from the various points on the battlefield. Related, but a somewhat different issue altogether, is that I'd love for there to be a way to quickly generate high resolution terrain relief maps for any scenario or QB map. Improved animations -- more of them, for more specific actions, with better resolution / granularity -- would also be on my list of high priority changes for CM3.
  11. I posted a new thread which has the CMBN pdf link it. The links to the older pdf's will also be changing, so I felt that made more sense than just adding a post to the end of an old topic.
  12. (I'm starting this as a new topic since the links to even the old pdf files will be changing.) I just finished the pdf which shows all QB maps for CMBN. It is a huge file -- nearly 400 pages and 330MB -- and is HERE. (A smaller, lower quality version for CMBN is HERE.) Since Assault, Attack and Probe versions of the various QB maps usually vary only slightly, I only included Assault in these pdfs. Those and (I believe) all Meeting Engagement maps. Also, the old dropbox links for the other 3 titles will be expiring, so I'm moving everything to this newer account. Here are the new links for pdf's for the other 3 WW2 titles: CMFB is here. Here is Red Thunder. And here is Fortress Italy.
  13. The M.2's are amazing. I just built a new system with one as the primary drive. I can be inside of a typical CMBN scenario within 1 minute of powering on my PC. Some battles used to take a full minute or more to load, but now there are few that take more than about 15 seconds.
  14. Hi. I'm the one who made those pdfs. I lost a hard drive recently and decided to just go ahead and build a new PC, and I now have all 4 WW2 titles running again. But... I lost the images that I was using to make that last QB map pdf for CMBN. I'm now getting back into these games after a bit of a hiatus, though, and this new solid state drive makes a huge difference in map load times. (Most maps and scenarios now load in about 15 seconds, and I've yet to find any that take more than 30....) So I may start over with the CMBN pdf during this upcoming holiday.
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