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  1. In my impatience (in waiting for the CMFI module), a few weeks ago I finally went ahead and bought GTMF. And wow, I'm really glad I did. It's a much different game, with its operational layer and all, but the experience is just as rewarding and entertaining, IMO. The one thing that had kept me from buying GTMF is that with CM I'm primarily a turn-based/WEGO player -- I spend as much time watching the action as I do planning it -- so GTMF, having no replay capabilities, just didn't seem all that attractive to me. What I did not realize, though, is that GTMF has what might be called a pretty robust StratAI, so once you get proficient with the (very different) orders and control system, you can pretty much just position your forces, give a few basic commands, and then just watch the action unfold. It's a real hoot. There is much, much less micro-managing than is needed in CM, and you can usually trust your forces to do the smart thing, so as it turns out there's still plenty of time to play Combat Cameraman. Any CM players who like Red Thunder the most, or really anyone who leans more towards armor vs armor battles... you, especially, are really missing out here. Don't let the lack of WEGO be what stops you from trying out GTMF -- that's what held me back for so long, yet I now realize I could've been having fun with TWO great games for the past few years. CMx2 is still my overall preference (for a dozen reasons I won't get into right now), but there's really quite a bit to like about this Graviteam game.
  2. Yes, the scenario, whether it be standalone or through a campaign, is where the player interfaces with the product. What good are new vehicles, skins, forces, etc., if there are so few scenarios in which you might encounter them? I would have never guessed that I'd have to give serious thought to the question "Should I buy the Rome to Victory module?", but... here we are.
  3. Commonwealth Forces ($35): 2 campaigns + 20 standalone scenarios Market Garden ($35): 2 campaigns + 14 standalone scenarios CMFI Gustav Line ($35): 4 campaigns + 18 standalone scenarios CMBN Battlepack ($10): 1 campaign + 12 standalone scenarios CMBS Battlepack ($10): 2 campaigns + 6 standalone scenarios This new CMFI module has 2 campaigns and 8 standalone scenarios and is priced at $35. (Obviously it has other content as well, like all the modules do.) I guess the customers will decide with their wallets whether this is an acceptable amount of value or not.
  4. Great news! Thanks. The product page for Rome to Victory says that it has 2 campaigns and 8 standalone battles. I assume that should be 18 standalone battles, to bring it in line with the other similarly priced modules? (Even the $10 battle packs have had a campaign and 10+ battles....)
  5. Exactly, and especially when the presentation of a save game is used as a sort of gatekeeping method for bug reporting. The whole forum, at times, has had a kind of "save game or it didn't happen" sort of feel to it. It's great that we, as customers, can help the developers isolate their software's bugs, but if a potential bug report isn't going to be taken 100% seriously until save-game evidence is presented, then there really should be some kind of simple, official, and centralized method for uploading those saved games.
  6. I don't think we should just throw our hands up here and say "oh well, software's complicated, so what are you gonna do?" I feel like that's what happened with the tanks humping bridges bug, primarily because of some of the more vocal forum members here, and all that's gotten us -- the community of players -- is a bug that still exists. Do we know for certain whether this "fleeing toward the enemy" bug appeared in CMx2 version 3? My understanding is that it did not. Has anyone -- beta testers, Charles, or whoever -- reverted their game to a version prior to 4.0 and then set up situations similar to the save games that have been submitted and confirmed to be broken? It seems like that would be a good thing to know for certain. Only Charles knows the relevant AI code that was touched between versions 3 and 4. I feel like sufficient evidence of a significant issue has already been presented (via save games, images, etc.) from multiple forum members. Unfortunately though, yes, it's across multiple threads on multiple forums. And even if the problem relates to something "baked into" only some of the maps, as you say, there is still a solution that exists that can be rectified by modifying the code. (Again, it worked before, right?) There are only 1 or 2 people who have access to the software and debugging tools needed to analyze, isolate and resolve this issue, and to be honest (but hopefully not too harsh), those people should have been all over this, by their own initiative, as soon as the problem was first confirmed.
  7. Also, can't resist sharing this video, since I know many people here would enjoy it as much as I did. CBS just uploaded it yesterday: CBS Reports (1964): "D-Day Plus 20 Years - Eisenhower Returns to Normandy" It's 90 minutes of Cronkite interviewing Eisenhower as they visit many of the famous Normandy landmarks. (Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, Sainte-Mere-Eglise, cemeteries, etc.) I've read a pretty good amount about D-Day and the subsequent push through France, but I still learned some interesting things... and also saw some footage I'd never seen before, despite having watched probably hundreds of WW2 documentaries.
  8. Thank you for posting this. And thank you to those men who were left behind so many years ago, taken from the world right at their prime. Tragic. Yesterday I mentioned to some people at work that today would be the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and some of the reactions were really surprising. Especially from those under age 25. A few of them looked at me as if I'd just exclaimed that my mom was abducted by aliens and that I am, in fact, an alien-human hybrid.... Turns out they just didn't know much about D-Day. They proceeded to tell me that their high school history classes spent only about ONE WEEK on World War 2!!! I was speechless.
  9. I'm talking about the issue discussed in this thread: Squads are not as "intertwined" as they used to seem in versions 3.0 and prior.
  10. The issue where parts of a squad just randomly stay put, hundreds of meters behind the rest, has also not been fixed. Pretty ridiculous, and sounds like it could be related?
  11. (All 3 links appear to be working now.) Really strange situation. Although I'd swear I've seen friendly bullet damage a few other times before.
  12. It's a completely subjective conclusion, but one I can't shake. I'm talking about loading times into the main menu, and into the replay select screen, each of which used to seem significantly slower, based on (I assume) the number of mods or replays you had in those directories... but I'm also referring to scenario load times. Plus the scenario editor seems snappier, too. Is this just my mind tricking me, based on the fact that I'm so happy to be back into the game I used to love? Maybe. But the perceived difference in load times has really taken me by surprise a few times. I have so many replays in my CMBN folders, for example, that I used to be able to click on Replays, run to the bathroom for 2 minutes, and come back and have the file select menu still not loaded in. Seems better now.
  13. Confirmed, and not mod-related (as I don't have any texture mods installed.) StuG IIIF and StuG IIIG (earliest) appear to be fine.
  14. Thanks for these QB maps! Looks like I''m about to have a very good time with Moselle Village. Nicely done.
  15. I think x.01, yes. I've only patched & played CMFI so far, and it says 2.01. (With "Game Engine ver 4" written underneath that). So I think every WW2 title should be beyond x.00 once it's properly patched.
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