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  1. Swant

    Patch doesn't work

    Now it works
  2. Swant

    Patch doesn't work

    Ok thanks!
  3. I downloaded the CMFI 1.12 patch but I can't unzip it. I have tried different programs included 7zip. I have no problem with the other patches. I created a ticket to battlefront but they seem to think it is working as it should. Does anyone have the patch or could download it and check so I know if the fault is on my end?
  4. I have only played the two US campaign and the setup is the same every time so it is probably the case for the PeiperšŸ˜¢. I also like to try various tactics and its really unfortunate that they didnt include the same replayability as in CMBN
  5. Swant

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    Ok just to be clear, by lost I mean it is no longer on any harddrive. I have searched for it if that is what the file name was for. If you hade something different in mind I don't follow
  6. Swant

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    No there are both. But you are right about the Gliders, I learned that in another thread. I think that in the stock campaign the paratroopers get the right uniforms, but Im playing an altered version.
  7. Swant

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    Do you now how to rename them? Yes good question There is an updated version of the stock campagin: The road to Montebourg. For some reason the paratroopers are represented as regular infantry
  8. Swant

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    But as I understood it you told me to rename the files to the same as the OD mod I got from you? Unfortunately I lost that file
  9. Swant

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    Im trying to get normal infantry to use airbourne uniforms. Renaming the files as described worked. I tried to rename the helmet files also but I couldn't notice any difference The airbourne mod also contains 5 us-airborne-boots.bmp, 1 us-gear.bmp and 1 us-musette-bag-shovel.bmp. Can I rename them to so they will work?
  10. Swant

    Wrong uniforms?

    Unfortunately it seems that I have misplaced or deleted the OD mod Probably happend when I reinstalled the game
  11. Swant

    Wrong uniforms?

    So Im doing this campaign again. If you remeber, your uniformfix gave the gliders the olive airboure uniform which was great. Now I want to give the paratroopers the khaki brown uniforms. They now have the regular infantry uniform. Could you explain how to rename the files in a khaki uniformmod so that they will work? Thanks
  12. https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/sf87299d40594bc98
  13. Swant

    The patch?

    Good stuff!
  14. Swant

    Bren Guns firing single shots?

    Good news, how do you know this?