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  1. It resets really fast yes. Much faster than in CM1 where you could get pinned for several minutes. It felt that the various status/morale effect were more "sticky". Now a unit stops receiving incoming fire for 30 seconds and it is often back to normal it feels like. Maybe a slight exaggeration on my part but I remember it surprised me when I made the transition from CM1 to CM2 how fast they recovered from suppression.
  2. Yes I had a look at street view. I didn't realize it was available until I had already done half the map. I didn't think of checking at first because the areas I had mapped previously in the Donbas region are barely covered at all by street view. It was useful for the little shrine and picnic area and also the thickness of the vegetation on both sides of the road. I made it impassable by vehicles because it just looked too thick, except in a couple of spots because otherwise it would limit movement too much and be a death trap. It already kind of is actually, on the eastern half. I mean I have never driven a tank but I don't see how you could cross that. Maybe it is possible, I don't know. Anyway great feedback and tips thanks, especially the parking spots. Easy to implement too.
  3. Ah good, glad you managed to find why it wasn't working. I might have a quick look at the village and check all the interior walls. Shouldn't take too long. Good call.
  4. Anyone else having a problem with the map? @Kaunitz Thanks a lot! Much appreciated.
  5. Hmm I will look into it. I have heard of the tool before but never tried it. I only have RT and FB though for WWII titles. But really someone who is already experienced with the conversion tool should do it and post the results here. I'd be grateful if someone could do it because these maps are very time consuming to create.
  6. Maryanivka 4750 X 3200m 230km from Kyiv and 95 km to the Russian Border, located on the M02 road. Google Earth : View in game from the North : And from the South side : From South West corner : Notes : Included in the download are both a version with setup zones and objectives for a meeting engagement and a raw version with nothing, only landmarks. While the map is quite large, the setup zones are not that big, so either enlarge them a bit before playing or pick a relatively small force. There should be plenty of time to deploy though given the length of the map so even if it gets a bit crowded at the start it shouldn't be that big of a deal. How to Install : Extract in the following folder : documents/battlefront/combat mission/black sea/game files/scenarios Download link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zr7pmcjy79pybf/CMBS map maryanivka.rar?dl=0
  7. So I have been toying with the map editor in Combat Mission ever since I got Black Sea a couple of years ago and I have half a dozen maps that I am fairly happy with, pretty much all of them 90% complete. Most of them are maps of the Donbas region where fighting actually took place but there are also a couple that I simply picked because the topography looked interesting. I have downloaded tons of stuff over the years from other people, scenarios, campaigns, maps and loads of mods so I thought I'd post what I have here. Is not purely unselfish because I also hope it might encourage other people like me to share their work with the community. All these maps are based on real terrain and topography, using google earth, tons of photos and a bit of creative license from time to time. But I tried to stick as much as possible to the real terrain. I am going to provide a couple of satellite pictures for each one because some people might find it interesting to know where they are located. But obviously you're free to use them for whatever purpose you like and pretend it is a place in Greenland or Kentucky if you feel like it. I decided to post them all in a single thread and plan on releasing them in the next weeks as I put the finishing touches to them. I got one of Nikishyno and Logvynovo in the Debaltseve area in particular that people might like. Again feel free to use these for whatever you want. All I ask is that you link to this thread if you end up using them to create a scenario with one of them for instance. Also if you are some sort of genius or mastermind who knows how to create an AI plan for quick battles and make one for one of these maps, please post it here.
  8. One way to do it and follow this model would be for the next iteration of CM to have less core games perhaps. One for the west front, one for the east front and a modern title. It would make the paradox route more viable. As it is now, yeah it is not really a good option. Too many drawbacks. But yes even then, I am not sure I would like this approach better regarding patches and upgrades.
  9. I don't know if other people are still having crashes but I think I might have found a quick and easy fix for the CTDs so I thought I'd post in this old thread in case it is useful for other people. I got a new PC last summer with windows 10 and the game has kept crashing on me with a CTD with an uncanny regularity ever since. The game has always been rock solid and super stable before. It wasn't the end of the world because I only experienced these crashes after 2 hours, 2 hours and a half of play. But it was every session and it was bugging me a little. I tried all the suggestions in this thread, toying with nvidia settings, having the exe in admin mode, excluding it from the anti virus etc. But no luck. I was about to try different drivers for my graphic card as a last resort because I don't particularly like updating these all the time just to gain 1-2 fps when all the other games I play work fine. Then I right clicked on the game exe to access the properties and set it to launch in windows 8 compatibility mode. I have tested it for a week to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. I have had zero crashes since I did that.
  10. You need to open the scenario editor, load a battle and in the drop down menu on the left side, under mission, click on the mod tags button at the bottom of the list. Then click on import and load the text file that includes the mod tags you want, in this case snow.txt. Don't forget to save. That's all. Alternatively, you could just rename every single file in the winter mod and remove the tag at the end like so : ground brush [snow].bmp -----> ground brush].bmp And just swap it in and out or your mod folder according to your needs.
  11. They might yes. I don't have CMFI though. Perhaps I will get it but I am not sure yet. In any case, retexturing a model from scratch is far from easy. I told myself I would never do it again for infantry, it was just too painful. 😖😭 Sorry but probably not. At least not in the near future.
  12. Not really. The forum is a shadow of its former self. It still has a decent activity I suppose but a lot of the best posters have left. It used to be much more vibrant and interesting. Where is the Peng challenge thread, Jason C and all the grogs? While I don't particularly regret the threads with people arguing about the numbers of cogs on the wheels of russian tankettes there are a lot less historical or even tactical threads. I used to visit this forum daily, now it is once a week at most.
  13. There is Scipio Silhouettes but it only adds colours to AFV's and air force not weapons.
  14. US Afghani Stan That's the name of the scenario. I have to say I got wrecked in this one. It went pear-shaped real quick. I haven't seen this documentary, it looks interesting. Thanks for posting it. I was actually thinking of a different one :
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