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  1. Fair enough but it is still a bit aggravating that a hotfix hasn't been released separately. Because there is a piece of code included in SF2 that works just fine and clearly fixes this behaviour.
  2. Just my two cents, but I think maybe the bar has been set too high as far as scenarios are concerned. You have got to admire how some scenario designers these days are pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box and creating some super polished innovative scenarios or campaigns. But perhaps it is intimidating too, you could even say over engineered in a way and we have forgotten how simple a user made scenario can be. I remember fondly the days of CM1 and its plethora of user made scenarios, probably in part with the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia. And granted not all of them were super good. But I have a feeling there is a level of complexity and polish that potential designers might feel they have to meet which is perhaps both superfluous and disheartening for them. Basically all you need is a map, AI in defensive positions and a bunch of units for the human player to toy with. Then slap together a short briefing and you're done. You don't even need AI plans most of the time really in a simple straightforward attack defense battle. There is no need for the defender to counter attack or pull back or do anything super fancy most of the time. Similarly all the eye candy brought by having a tactical map, slick looking victory objectives in the briefing using official graphics that require a basic knowledge of photoshop etc, all these things are not needed and shouldn't stop anyone in case they don't want to go the extra mile.
  3. I don't understand how TO&E has anything to do with patch 4 issues. I mean I am glad they are trying to fix issues in this area but really all people have been asking for is a fix for infantry under arty fire leaving cover. An issue that was introduced what two years ago? Two years is a long time for a fix. I really feel the TOE should have been tackled separately.
  4. Nice trick. The AI tends to use harassing fire a lot though even with a full ammo load so it is maybe not that noticeable. I was thinking more for the player.
  5. No, it was just a quick fix really and only for Taliban fighters, doesn't do anything for the dutch ANA.
  6. Would it make sense for scenario designers when simulating low intensity warfare like the type which sometimes takes place in the Donbass area to give players only a handful of rounds in order to model this type of artillery fire? You could give the player, i don't know, let's say a dozen rounds, it would depend on the caliber obviously and the number of tubes in the battery obviously. Maybe coupled with a TRP. And then another volley 20 minutes later or so when the gun has relocated. It could add an interesting tactical twist to have support fire with only limited size volleys. It wouldn't be appropriate for every type of battle of course. Not actually recent footage and don't mind the clickbait "phenomenal artillery battle" part but impressive how far the return fire comes though. 80 seconds after the first shells have been fired and as the comment on twitter says, that includes the shell flight time as well. Well of course that's assuming it is not a random stray shell that just landed nearby.
  7. Let's say I wanted to design a scenario that features US Airborne troops, they are not in SF2 right? So what should I use instead? Just regular infantry? Do they have as many javelins as regular infantry? I guess I could search online but I got a lot on my plate right now and there are lots of knowledgeable people on this forum so I thought I'd ask. In case it matters, I am thinking of the 101st airborne division in Afghanistan circa 2010.
  8. Okay I need to fix that, good catch. Yeah you can use every unit that's not marked garrison and take them for a stroll in the pleasant Afghan countryside. You'd get clobbered out there for sure with just one squad. 2IC can tag along too. I usually let him stay with the MG and the sniper team but that's up to you. (by the way i am not Andreas)
  9. Makes me wish we had the option to use autumn/winter terrain instead of only spring/summer.
  10. Okay interesting to see what rationale you used. After pondering over the different options, I think I found a solution so the mod can work for both early and late ANA and be backward compatible with old SF1 battles. It is going to be a single mod instead of two versions like I first thought so this will be simpler too. I am going to give airborne units a mix of spec4ce and woodland camo and regular Syrians just woodland. Airborne units will also get a M16 instead of their AK-74 with the weapon swap made by 37mm. This way if the scenario designer wants to represent ANA post 2008-2009, he can use airborne troops. And if you want to have early ANA, you can just pick any unit using the regular camo : mech, republican guards etc and these, since they use AKMS, won't be affected by the weapon swap.
  11. Cool idea but how do they get out of the opfor rooms? They blast a wall?
  12. Okay, I think I figured why it was changing AKM's. You need to delete ak-74.bmp. This is actually the texture for the AKM.... The only issue left now is that the M16 swap messes up the tubular stock of the other AK's but that's a minor issue, barely noticeable. There are perhaps other small fixes needed but this is going to help a lot. I wasn't even going to do any weapon swapping if I had to do this alone. But this looks much better. Maybe I'll do an early and a late ANA version. The early one with only woodland camo and AK's. And the late version with M16's and a mix of woodland and spec4ce forest.
  13. For me, I'd say : -Veins special effects or the remix made by 37mm -Kieme's HD buildings - HQS sound mod
  14. Yes good job 37mm. Don't worry about the leader and the AKS-74U for now. But I think the mod as it is now affects AKM's too. I just had a quick look, maybe I am mistaken. I need to think a bit more about it, because I don't really understand all the intricacies of the Syrian TO&E but I tend to think we should perhaps use airborne for the mod. Someone please correct me if I am wrong here. Normal Infantry uses AKM's which is the same weapon that Taliban use. So we can't swap it for a M16. Mech infantry and Republican guard could work but they use AKMS's and maybe they share some of the textures with AKM's ? So that leaves us with Airborne which use AK-74's ? Special forces also use AK-74's but they have vampires which is clearly not good even if we swap it for a rpg-7 model. It is just too powerful compared to a rpg-7. An important factor is also that rounds match. So that also points toward Airborne perhaps. At first I wanted to use mech infantry because this way the mod could be compatible with some of the old SF1 Afghanistan scenarios. I think Combatintman who designed a couple of them used mech recon to represent ANA, if I am not mistaken. But if we can't use these, that's not the end of the world. Feedback welcome here, because I am really not sure what to pick.
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