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  1. Not really. The forum is a shadow of its former self. It still has a decent activity I suppose but a lot of the best posters have left. It used to be much more vibrant and interesting. Where is the Peng challenge thread, Jason C and all the grogs? While I don't particularly regret the threads with people arguing about the numbers of cogs on the wheels of russian tankettes there are a lot less historical or even tactical threads. I used to visit this forum daily, now it is once a week at most.
  2. There is Scipio Silhouettes but it only adds colours to AFV's and air force not weapons.
  3. US Afghani Stan That's the name of the scenario. I have to say I got wrecked in this one. It went pear-shaped real quick. I haven't seen this documentary, it looks interesting. Thanks for posting it. I was actually thinking of a different one :
  4. Yeah no worries, I was just trying to provide some context for the scenario. It requires a different mindset than the usual scenario I think. In CM you don't usually want to just walk in the open in order to draw fire. But that was just what the British forces were trying to do here. They were gagging for a proper fight and being frustrated by all the IED's and the "dickers" watching them at all times but that they couldn't shoot unless first shot at etc. In the real operation, they had some units in reserve that they planned to commit once the understrength bait element was successfully engaged by the enemy. It is loosely based on a documentary that you can watch on youtube. I think I have linked it at the beginning of the thread. It is a good watch, only the first two episodes are relevant to this scenario, so you don't even have to watch the whole thing. What you describe, a raid to capture Taliban leaders, it could work too of course. Actually I think there is one made for SF1. I could find the name of the scenario if you are interested. Combatintman thanks for the insight.
  5. Of course you're free to experiment with the scenario and tweak it to your heart's content. For instance it would be fairly easy to replace the british forces with marines or units from another ISAF contingent. But I have to admit, I am not sure how much sense it would make to have this take place at night. The reason being that this isn't supposed to be a commando raid or more generally speaking the type of engagement where you try to sneak in, avoid detection and reach the objective unseen. You're not trying to achieve surprise here. On the contrary, in this particular case, the purpose of the patrol is to draw fire from the insurgents. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough in the briefing, or maybe it is just the inclination of CM players, i.e try to use cover as much as possible and stay out of sight to avoid casualties. But here, historically, the purpose was actually to act as bait in order to keep the Taliban busy and away from the reconstruction effort taking place in the village to the north. The village is actually just a couple hundreds of meters to the north of the map. This doesn't mean that you should forego basic tactics like scouting, having a base of fire, force preservation etc but the goal is to provoke the Taliban by patrolling in the open and draw them into a shootout where you should prevail because of your superior firepower. Finally, I am not even sure the Taliban often operate at night, well besides the planting of IED's, but I mean as far as combat operations are concerned. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has been there but I am thinking that they would be at an even bigger disadvantage because of night vision and the lack of civilian crowds to blend in. Anyway just my two cents.
  6. It might just work, I haven't tested it. I think most vehicle mods work fine for SF2. However for infantry, I am not so sure. It is likely that either file names or 3D models have been changed. If it is the former it is not too hard to fix but if it is the latter, the skins will look all wrong.
  7. For the talibs, I made a fix. You can find it here, on page two of this thread, second post : Unfortunately my ANA mod uses Syrians whereas dragonwynn in his campaign used the mod that Blimey created which is based on Dutch troops. So that won't work.
  8. I don't use fps mode, so I am not entirely sure, I just move around with wasd and rotate with q and e with the occasional control + click to fast forward to a point far away or click tab on a unit to teleport there. I think moving the camera with the mouse is mostly used for youtube vids so the camera movement can be controlled smoothly to make it look cinematic. The popping in of textures is normal. There is one of the two settings, either texture or models quality, I forgot which, that will slightly increase the size of the "bubble" around the camera but the effect isn't super dramatic and on a big map if you're flying over the battlefield as opposed to be being near the ground, there will always be the game switching to low res textures and removing trees at a distance. I don't want to tell you how to play the game and some people would probably disagree with me here, but often it is useful to keep the camera fairly low in order to get a good idea of the terrain, to get a feel for the elevations and lines of sights etc, to be able to see what your pixeltruppens see. You can't play like this all the time and of course you will zoom out fairly often to get a global view of the battle field. But if you do this, then the textures popping in and some of your issues with the controls won't matter as much imo. You can disable shadows. With a PC like you have, you probably expected higher fps, but if you're getting 60 now, that's plenty for this type of game really.
  9. It shouldn't be choppy unless you're playing on a huge forested map with an old PC. You know you can control click somewhere on the screen to move the camera there. Also clicking on a unit then hitting tab will select it and focus the camera on it.
  10. Anything by Kieme really, especially the buildings he made. Either Vein's or Kieme's sky and mountains Mord US AFV chatter mod Mord Allah's army sound mod HQS for sounds MikeyD's pickups and T55's and T62's A special effect mod for explosions, tracers etc, either Vein's or the one 37mm made. Rambler's night vision mode is fun too for night battles. Vein's markers Scipio's silhouettes for SF1 the squalor mod For the brits : Camo netting by MikeyD Mord and George MC's cuss mod
  11. Okay here is the updated ANA mod for the latest version of SF2 (patch 2.02). Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hv74axe8ie1gub/zzana_2.02.rar?dl=0 Credits : Garrett124 for letting me know there was a problem with the patch. 37mm for the actual fix.
  12. Okay thanks. I saw that on the previous page but I thought there were more fixes.
  13. Right yes it should be enough. Hopefully this is only a temporary fix.
  14. If you're not familiar with the editor, it might be easier if you take the attacking side yourself and just worry about setting up a static defensive position for the computer. No need to worry about triggers and fancy movement orders this way. That's a good way to familiarize yourself with the editor without doing anything too advanced for your first try.
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