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  1. I don't use fps mode, so I am not entirely sure, I just move around with wasd and rotate with q and e with the occasional control + click to fast forward to a point far away or click tab on a unit to teleport there. I think moving the camera with the mouse is mostly used for youtube vids so the camera movement can be controlled smoothly to make it look cinematic. The popping in of textures is normal. There is one of the two settings, either texture or models quality, I forgot which, that will slightly increase the size of the "bubble" around the camera but the effect isn't super dramatic and on a big map if you're flying over the battlefield as opposed to be being near the ground, there will always be the game switching to low res textures and removing trees at a distance. I don't want to tell you how to play the game and some people would probably disagree with me here, but often it is useful to keep the camera fairly low in order to get a good idea of the terrain, to get a feel for the elevations and lines of sights etc, to be able to see what your pixeltruppens see. You can't play like this all the time and of course you will zoom out fairly often to get a global view of the battle field. But if you do this, then the textures popping in and some of your issues with the controls won't matter as much imo. You can disable shadows. With a PC like you have, you probably expected higher fps, but if you're getting 60 now, that's plenty for this type of game really.
  2. It shouldn't be choppy unless you're playing on a huge forested map with an old PC. You know you can control click somewhere on the screen to move the camera there. Also clicking on a unit then hitting tab will select it and focus the camera on it.
  3. Anything by Kieme really, especially the buildings he made. Either Vein's or Kieme's sky and mountains Mord US AFV chatter mod Mord Allah's army sound mod HQS for sounds MikeyD's pickups and T55's and T62's A special effect mod for explosions, tracers etc, either Vein's or the one 37mm made. Rambler's night vision mode is fun too for night battles. Vein's markers Scipio's silhouettes for SF1 the squalor mod For the brits : Camo netting by MikeyD Mord and George MC's cuss mod
  4. Okay here is the updated ANA mod for the latest version of SF2 (patch 2.02). Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hv74axe8ie1gub/zzana_2.02.rar?dl=0 Credits : Garrett124 for letting me know there was a problem with the patch. 37mm for the actual fix.
  5. Okay thanks. I saw that on the previous page but I thought there were more fixes.
  6. Right yes it should be enough. Hopefully this is only a temporary fix.
  7. If you're not familiar with the editor, it might be easier if you take the attacking side yourself and just worry about setting up a static defensive position for the computer. No need to worry about triggers and fancy movement orders this way. That's a good way to familiarize yourself with the editor without doing anything too advanced for your first try.
  8. Okay it has come to my attention that the 2.02 patch breaks the ANA mod. Here is a quick fix in the meantime until I find a way to fix it : delete the "ak74m to M16" folder inside the mod. I think the string.txt used for the weapon swap must have changed and it is causing all sorts of weird issues. The uniform mod will work, you just won't get M16's on late war ANA soldiers.
  9. Could someone please link me to the 2.02 patch notes or paste the changes here?
  10. I feel the same way too for all the reasons you mention. And I enjoy playing SF2 and BS a lot more than the wwii titles I own, perhaps because I can't directly compare the modern titles with CM1.
  11. I suggest you read The Nazi Seizure Of Power by Sheridan Allen. You'd perhaps notice that the SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) which believed in class struggle, was not revolutionary but pro republic and democracy was the main opponent of Hitler within Germany alongside the communists and how as soon as he got in power, Hitler shut down all the socialists newspapers, sent its members to concentration camps before finally banning the German socialist party altogether in 1933. Meanwhile the nationalists and the middle class flocked to Hitler in droves. So besides the name NSDAP (and if you follow that logic the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is actually a democracy) and a couple of tactical populist measures designed to appeal to the working class and which mostly failed, fascism had fundamentally very little to do with socialism. The same was true in Italy and Spain with Franco. And if totalitarianism in its various forms be it fascism or stalinism have a lot in common in practice, the horseshoe theory might be a good explanation, but in any case they both reach this end state by following completely different paths and with fundamentally opposed ideologies.
  12. Overlays are not that hard to use and they can speed up your mapping so much. In Google Earth, either use the path or the polygon tool to draw a rectangle around the area of the map you have selected. If using the polygonal tool, lower the opacity by going into the style/colour tab of the tool properties. You need to make sure the lines are more or less straight. Use the U shortcut to reset the tilt of the view, so you're looking straight down. Before you do that though, it can be useful to rotate the map in order to get the main roads aligned properly so they're at the right angle for the CM editor. You might want to hide the tool bar at the top of Google Earth and go into full screen in order to have a slightly bigger overlay. Zoom in as much as possible on the selected area. Take a screen capture by hitting print screen on your keyboard. Then you need to use a graphic program, I bet even paint will do, to paste and crop the image you have saved in the previous step and which is now in your clipboard. Crop it so there is only the selected area left i.e inside the rectangle or frame. Save it as a bmp named "special editor overlay". Then copy it in your my documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Shock Force 2/User Data You need to relaunch the game. Now in the editor, create a new map with the same dimensions as the area inside the rectangle. And toggle the different levels of transparency with the O shortcut.
  13. usgubgub you should post your maps.
  14. You will encounter odd situations concerning spotting from time to time. But this isn't a problem with Syrians per se. There is almost nothing that separates a US soldier from a Syrian soldier. The game doesn't have the various nationalities behave differently except in some rares cases like split squads. It is all about equipment, materiel and experience level : binoculars, night vision and optics for vehicles. Often for old Syrian tanks you're better off having the tank commander with the hatch open.
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