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  1. Zveroboy1

    CMSF2 and the 4.0 upgrade

    So are you saying there is hope it has been fixed? Is this a *winkwink nudgenudge* type of post Mikey lol? I'd rather know beforehand becayse the new infantry behaviour under arty fire has been a deal breaker for me sadly.
  2. I am curious about the last upgrade for the CM2 family that introduced among other fixes new infantry behaviour when under artillery fire. Is this going to be integrated in the release of CMSF2 in its current state? Will it be an optional upgrade or will there be a tweaked version that tweaks the infantry behaviour? I haven't played the demo yet nor read every thread on the subject, so forgive me if it has been clarified elsewhere.
  3. Zveroboy1

    Improvement suggestions

    To be honest if you have gotten to a point in the battle where you are relying on mounted troops to provide suppressive fire, it is probably time to disembark.
  4. Zveroboy1

    Improvement suggestions

    Right yes true. I have been following your posts about your endeavour to build better fortifications with the help of terrain and I agree with all of it. I like it how you have been so persistent and creative with your effort. Fog that doesn't result in glitched textures please.
  5. Zveroboy1

    Improvement suggestions

    This is interesting because for me, it is the complete opposite. I find that compared to CM1, the whole paradigm has shifted and the offence is now too strong compared to the defence. I could probably develop this if I had more time but I think even if you assume one CM turn is a abstraction and lasts more than a real time minute, kills still happen too fast and the defence is too weak. It is probably caused by several factors, such as the inadequate fortifications, the decreased stealth of shooters, the toned down morale effects (pinned down could last several turns) the disappearance of special leader bonuses that CM1 had. While it could be argued that the last two elements worked both ways and affected the attacker as well as the defender, in practice, it was a lot harder to attack an entrenched position before than it is now. A squad in a trench or a line of foxholes supported by a +1 or +2 morale leader last a lot longer than it does now. Maybe CM1 favoured the defence too much and it is also possible that CM2 is less frustrating and more fun to play. That's an entirely different matter. However for me, if anything has to be done, it is to improve the defence and tone down the lethality of weapons, not increase it.
  6. When you are the attacking side, you don't really place your scout anywhere. I mean it is useful to have people with binocs to spot things for you, but scouts you want them 50 m or so, sometimes more, ahead of your troops as they are moving forward. This way when the enemy opens fire you on you, he will kill 1 or 2 guys tops instead of a whole squad or worse a platoon. It works for minefields too. And forward observers are way too valuable for this role.
  7. Zveroboy1

    Battlefield tactics?

    For artillery, some people like to sprinkle it throughout the battle to make it last longer. Personally I'd rather pick two or three big targets only but smash them properly. It is tempting to stop the fire mission after two minutes but often it is not enough, so you end up having to call a second mission to finish the job. It can be counter productive. I guess with modern titles this is a bit more feasible. Also calling arty on some positions far away can be useful if it reduces incoming fire and lets you advance through open ground as a result but it is a lot more useful if it happens right as you are firing on the enemy position as shells are falling. For grenades, you don't have to do anything, it is automatic, you just need to be within 30 m or so, I think it is actually a bit more than that, 32 m maybe. Also on a related topic, the fire light command lets you only use the mg so you save ammo on secondary weapons like submachine guns for instance.
  8. Zveroboy1

    Battlefield tactics?

    It sounds like maybe you are trying to push too hard too fast. Remember it is fire that takes ground, once you're in range of the enemy, you don't really need to close. Find good cover, achieve fire superiority, then just blast them until they melt under your fire. And only close to grenade range when they're half dead and there are only a few left cowering.
  9. Zveroboy1

    They meant september of next year!

    Sorry about that double post.
  10. Zveroboy1

    They meant september of next year!

    Yes I am hoping the patch will be released alongside SF2. I want the new infantry spacing, peeking around corners, small rivers etc and the things that have been broken with the third patch i.e. breaching charges for Black Sea but I don't want to deal with the new arty behaviour.
  11. Thanks, that's a nice trick.
  12. Thanks for sharing these. It clearly shows you put a lot of work into them.
  13. I know you can't pick lower level units without purchasing a complete formation first, but how do you delete say the battalion commander so that the higher ranking officer is a company commander? I have seen it done in some scenarii i played but when I try in the editor, the delete button is greyed out.
  14. Zveroboy1

    Improvement suggestions

    - Having a bunch of slots you can use to save your quick battle force selections. - In the editor/units selection panel, when you click on a formation to expand it, the resulting display of the units belonging to this formation should be indented to the right so it stands out from the other formations below. - In the editor when designing a scenario, it would be useful if you could have some units either locked in place (not just for the set up phase but the duration of the whole battle) or simply make it so the player can't give them any orders at all. The goal would be to simulate static units not part of the force commanded by the player, who would be manning a part of the front while the player is attacking another sector for instance. - Flares. - As far as trenches and foxholes are concerned, I couldn't agree more with Kaunitz. As it is now, it is one of the weakest feature of CM2. The previous posters have already mentioned how trenches are too wide and stick out above the ground too much but there is also the problem that soldiers inside have pretty much only their lower halves protected. I mean just look at the soldiers closely next time you play. In a game where fire is not abstracted but where the ballistic of bullets is modeled, they are way too exposed. Has everybody forgotten how trenches worked in CM 1? It took a lot more to get rid of a squad in a trench than it does now. My memory is a bit hazy on this one, so it is entirely possible I am wrong, but didn't Battlefront slightly lower tank leaders models inside the tanks at one point to make them less vulnerable to small arms fire when unbuttoned? I have always thought they should try to do the same with trenches/foxholes and just lower the pixel truppen inside a tiny bit even if that means having their ankles clip through the ground. It is probably not as easy as i sounds but I'd like to think that if Battlefront tried to tackle this issue seriously, they could fix this and make trenches more realistic.
  15. Try to see if it shows in game by using the default number i.e 103. If it works like uniforms, I think you should be able to add new textures on top of the existing ones so that your modded building doesn't replace anything but it is likely that each series 100, 200, 300 etc corresponds to a particular model.