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  1. The village looks awfully small for a whole company of infantry. They must be densely packed like sardines in which case arty should be rather effective. Too bad you don't have 150mm. Are you sure he is not also set up in the woods behind the field and in or behind the tree line halfway between the village and the north west objective?
  2. There is no way in hell it is quicker to make a new map. A large map can take weeks if not months depending on the level of detail.
  3. I played a lot of Combatintman's Shock Force scenarios when I was working on my Afghanistan mod project last year and it kind of opened my eyes. I had tried to design small engagements between ISAF and Taliban fighters in the editor for fun and to test things out before that. And one thing I was unsure of was what experience level to give the Taliban. At first I told myself okay these guys must be tough, they have have had to deal with foreign armies for ages etc. Surely they must be rated regulars, some greens but also maybe a bunch of hardened veterans etc. But then when you use these experience levels, you get quite unrealistic results, in particular casualties levels at the end of the battle. You look at British losses in Afghanistan and I think it is something close to 400 fatalities from the results of combat in roughly 15 years, as opposed to accidents that is. Granted the distribution of these losses is not even, with only 5 prior to the deployment in Helmand province and probably half of these were caused by IED's. Of course a CM scenario needs to be a made a bit more exciting in order to be fun so a slightly higher casualty rate than in reality is acceptable. But still it didn't feel right with the parameters I had. However if you make the Taliban a mix of green and conscripts and play on large maps with realistic distances and engagement ranges, suddenly you start to get results that feel a lot more right with RPG's missing left and right etc. And this is not to say that all Talibans are horrible shots and don't know how to fight. Far from it. But basically if you play on large maps, so it is not a knife fight in a phone booth, lower the experience levels of the enemy and do stuff like not pushing too hard and assaulting enemy positions but instead call an air strike on them instead once you have fixed them, you are a lot more likely to get the kind of realistic results you are expecting.
  4. This game is rubbish. How can you tell the good guys from the bad guys???!!1 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks that made my day.
  5. Nice, I missed these the first time around. As far as rubble is concerned, can't you just make a copy of the rubble tile, rename it by picking a ground tile you are not using for the terrain, add a modtag to it, say [ruin] or something and include it with the download? edit : okay if Battlefront picked heavy rocks to turn into rubble, it is probably for a reason. Heavy rocks must offer some sort of micro cover. So depending on what tile you pick to replace it, the change would only be cosmetic.
  6. Okay I did just that. Good idea. It is actually [trashsoft] the correct modtag. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ
  7. It is listed at the end of the manual and it is supposed to replace sand tiles with trash. But it doesn't work for me. This is for CMBS by the way, in case it matters. I tried just [soft], [softrash] with a single t in case there was a typo but no luck. Has anyone used this modtag before? I know how to use modtag too, that's not the issue. There is simply [trash] that replaces ground hard with trash and this one works just fine but I am using hard tiles a lot and I can't use this one. I need this for a landfill.
  8. Do you have Vin's mod? The one that replaces the text on the bottom left of the screen that tells you what individual soldiers in a unit are doing, spotting, aiming etc with icons? If so, remove it. Otherwise, make sure you unzip or unrar the install files, including patches each in a separate folder with nothing else in it. Don't just unzip everything in a folder where there are other brz from a different game. And run the exe from there.
  9. Yes they should really release a hotfix for stuff like this.
  10. Use this I think : https://www.battlefront.com/cmsf1-upgrades/
  11. Okay yes that makes sense. I'll wait a bit to see if I get more feedback and then tweak it slightly. Maybe not so much the force composition itself but the victory points.
  12. Would be interested in trying it.ย  Sent SS a PM but no response, so can you forwardย it Zveroboy?


    1. Zveroboy1


      Erwin what do you want to try? For Karapulka there is a dropbox link in the thread.ย  Lohvynove is not ready yet.

  13. For me too, I can barely beat the bloody thing myself.
  14. Damn dude this scenario was too easy for you it looks like lol ! I have had people give me feedback in private messages (they shall remain unnamed) telling me it was too hard. I'll cook up a special version just for you next time I design another scenario.๐Ÿ˜ Seriously that's impressive, only one killed. You are good at this. ---- SPOILERS BELOW ---- The BRDM it is supposed to enfilade anyone that wants to cross the road parallel to the river on the right side of the map and get in the woods. And also to support the defenders in the farm so they don't get flanked. But yes in practice it is blind really and can hardly spot anything. And when it does, its reaction time is too slow. It is more of a psychological threat really. At first I had a BMP 2 instead. It couldn't spot a lot better, but when it did and shot something it was nasty. Maybe I should bring it back. Oh yes send me a private message to tell me how you got right behind it with the PKM please. ---- END OF SPOILERS ----
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