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  1. I feel the same way too for all the reasons you mention. And I enjoy playing SF2 and BS a lot more than the wwii titles I own, perhaps because I can't directly compare the modern titles with CM1.
  2. I suggest you read The Nazi Seizure Of Power by Sheridan Allen. You'd perhaps notice that the SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) which believed in class struggle, was not revolutionary but pro republic and democracy was the main opponent of Hitler within Germany alongside the communists and how as soon as he got in power, Hitler shut down all the socialists newspapers, sent its members to concentration camps before finally banning the German socialist party altogether in 1933. Meanwhile the nationalists and the middle class flocked to Hitler in droves. So besides the name NSDAP (and if you follow that logic the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is actually a democracy) and a couple of tactical populist measures designed to appeal to the working class and which mostly failed, fascism had fundamentally very little to do with socialism. The same was true in Italy and Spain with Franco. And if totalitarianism in its various forms be it fascism or stalinism have a lot in common in practice, the horseshoe theory might be a good explanation, but in any case they both reach this end state by following completely different paths and with fundamentally opposed ideologies.
  3. Overlays are not that hard to use and they can speed up your mapping so much. In Google Earth, either use the path or the polygon tool to draw a rectangle around the area of the map you have selected. If using the polygonal tool, lower the opacity by going into the style/colour tab of the tool properties. You need to make sure the lines are more or less straight. Use the U shortcut to reset the tilt of the view, so you're looking straight down. Before you do that though, it can be useful to rotate the map in order to get the main roads aligned properly so they're at the right angle for the CM editor. You might want to hide the tool bar at the top of Google Earth and go into full screen in order to have a slightly bigger overlay. Zoom in as much as possible on the selected area. Take a screen capture by hitting print screen on your keyboard. Then you need to use a graphic program, I bet even paint will do, to paste and crop the image you have saved in the previous step and which is now in your clipboard. Crop it so there is only the selected area left i.e inside the rectangle or frame. Save it as a bmp named "special editor overlay". Then copy it in your my documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Shock Force 2/User Data You need to relaunch the game. Now in the editor, create a new map with the same dimensions as the area inside the rectangle. And toggle the different levels of transparency with the O shortcut.
  4. usgubgub you should post your maps.
  5. You will encounter odd situations concerning spotting from time to time. But this isn't a problem with Syrians per se. There is almost nothing that separates a US soldier from a Syrian soldier. The game doesn't have the various nationalities behave differently except in some rares cases like split squads. It is all about equipment, materiel and experience level : binoculars, night vision and optics for vehicles. Often for old Syrian tanks you're better off having the tank commander with the hatch open.
  6. Do uncon fighters really benefit from the civilian density parameter? I could have sworn they didn't. Someone should tag the knowledgeable kerbal fellow.
  7. It is not that people don't care, but at this point in the life of the game it is doubtful that anything will be done about it. Either because Battlefront doesn't think there is a problem or simply because it is a game engine limitation (trenches not sunk into the mesh of the map which results in soldiers being too exposed) and finding a workaround is too much work or not a priority. It could also be that if they somehow fixed this, it would mess too much with the balance of existing scenarios but then again that hasn't stopped Battlefront from beefing up mgs so probably not the main reason. I wonder if you have played CM1. Because the offence/defence paradigm was completely different. A lot of people either didn't play CM1 or have forgotten how it was like. Some will say it is the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia but it wasn't that long ago that I stopped playing CM1, 4 or 5 years tops. I didn't bother to reinstall it when I got this PC. But I distinctly remember the defence being A LOT tougher and resilient. A combination of leaders with morale bonus, stealthier shooters (you had to get much closer to get IDs on enemies and the position of the contact markers was a lot less accurate) and much stronger trenches and foxholes made it so you couldn't just have the defenders melt away under fire once you reach fire superiority. They would stop returning fire almost completely when suppressed enough and only sporadically shoot at the attacker but they would often stay put and you had to flank the trench line or assault it with grenades if you didn't have tanks or HE available. I know that's not what fans of the game want to hear because they'd like to think that since CM2 is newer it is automatically better in every aspect. But it isn't so as far as I am concerned. The defence has become a lot weaker and there is less need for maneuvering when attacking entrenched enemies. It is still the best tactical squad level game on the market mind you and CM2 has tons of improvements, not least in the eye candy department but fortifications are definitely a weak point. And yes part of the problem is the full soldiers representation and ballistic model that replaced abstract squads with not all soldiers displayed. It opened a huge can of worms and gives less room for fudging probably. Now of course most of the kinks have been ironed out and the game is really solid. Of course it would be hard to get back to the crude graphics of CM1 but nevertheless it had a couple of things it did better than the current game in my opinion. But it feels like I have typed almost the same rant half a year ago so at the end of the day you have to accept the few flaws of the game. It is still enjoyable. Anyway you're not the only one who has a gripe with fortifications.
  8. Well perhaps yes. But my point is that mech, reserve and airborne infantry all wear the same helmet in the game. So perhaps this is worth taking into consideration in case a modder volunteers to create helmets before a final decision is made on the type of units which will be used to represent the various sides. But then again maybe finding a 3D modder is not likely in which case just disregard the whole thing and go with whatever you want.
  9. Well to be fair, if they're shop keepers they should be represented by conscripts really. And conscripts won't be able to hit the broadside of a barn and will just panic and flee. So they won't be more effective than a fully trained Western style force.
  10. V3 was pretty good really. Personally I don't think infantry being a tad more spaced out and peeking around corners is worth it. Maybe it is because I haven't fully mastered this feature but they rarely peek when I want them to and expose themselves when I'd rather they stay out of sight. And the spacing out is nice but it is a not a dramatic difference in practice.
  11. I really like some of these rules, especially the higher importance given to platoon leaders and their positioning. But there is something that bothers me a little about not being able to direct infantry fire. The main reason is that if I understand the rules correctly, you are allowed to perform area fire under certain circumstances and that basically means that you can give an infantry squad an order to shoot at something unseen but not to switch fire and shoot at something they do actually see. But I considered this problem before. It is interesting. I have played several times with a house rule where conscripts or green troops couldn't be given targeting orders. The rest could though. I also strongly disagree about irregular troops. The way I see it, one of their strengths is that they don't have a strict hierarchical structure and don't have to follow a rigid chain of command. Well of course they do to some extent but I see them as being able to act on their own initiative more and therefore they should be more flexible. Perhaps less well coordinated too and I see how both can be hard to reconcile.
  12. I don't know if I'll be able to contribute to this project but I think it is important that before proceeding you think long and hard about which type of unit will represent what and have some sort of plan. Think about the pros and cons. But like Sgt.Squarehead mentioned above, it is perhaps quite a stretch to use SF2 as a base for this : weapons in a way but mostly equipment and even buildings are all drastically different between the Syrian conflict portrayed in SF2 and the Vietnam era. One problem with this idea could be that ideally you'd want to find someone who could make a 3d model of a Viet Cong rice hat and one of a NVA pith/safari helmet. And both Syrian mech infantry and reserves use the same helmet.
  13. Yes go ahead, I don't mind. Give it a try. There is a post in this thread that explains the method. Message me if you struggle too much. Hmm of course you'll have to pick one of the uniform sets, early early or late. And if you succeed, you'll have to kneel then I'll tap you on the shoulders with a kalashnikov and make you a knight.
  14. Has anyone seen this behaviour elsewhere than in CMBN? I have been playing SF2 quite a bit and never noticed anything of the sort. It might have something to do with hedgerows perhaps. Maybe someone could modify the map in the editor and replace the hedgerow by say a low wall and replay the battle. It'd be interesting to see if the bug still occurs.
  15. I don't know, not really planning on it at the moment. I wanted to focus on mapping for another Afghanistan scenario. One of the reasons why I did the swap for the uncon fighters after you asked for it, was that they could also be used alongside my Taliban combatants to supplement them with heavy weapons that fighters lack. If you're motivated you could do it yourself though. All the files you need are in the ANA mod. You just need to unpack the right brz where all the uniforms are located, find the dutch infantry texture, the dutch infantry mdr, then rename the skins and the model included in my mod accordingly. It is just a matter of renaming files.
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