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  1. This is probably the best advice anyone can offer in any CM game. I have found in the short time I have been playing, if I rush a move, my guys pay dearly for it.
  2. I tend to fall into the category of player that plays a game for the cinematic immersion - that sense of the epic - and am summarily steamrolled because of it. I love RTS games, but what drew me to CM was the WeGo turn based option, where I can think and kick back and let the last minutes action just roll by. I love that, but then I get bushwacked from an ambush or just because I didn't set my moves up adequately and I'm brought crashing back down to earth. Mission "Poking the Bear" is case in point. I have my Strykers setup in what I believe will be a butchers picnic, only to realise a T-80 plinked both of them from behind a hedge... Anyhoo, I digress. Yes the CM has me engrossed, but at a cost. I think I need to focus more on tactics and less on framing that perfect scene .
  3. I'm following this thread, as I'm on the same scenario as the OP. I spent he first half hour lining up the majority of my recon and rifle squads on the buildings over looking the main square. Probably too slow, but since I have another hour to advance, sending my breach teams into the buildings on the right side of the square is taking time and I mean to use it. In response to the posts regarding using artillery, part of the VP is in the preservation of key buildings due to civilian population. I've used Excalibur twice and that was to kill a Tunguska threatening my drone, and clear the second checkpoint (actually the second one wasn't Excalibur, but tight spread of AP). I have yet to finish the scenario, so it'll be interesting to see how pace/resistance picks up.
  4. Just wanted to contribute in the conversation by saying that one of my AT teams engaged an RPG team in the Second mission in the US campaign. No body was more surprised than me .
  5. I did this in one go, and no restarts, or reverts to saves. That's not to say what you did is wrong, Michael Emrys. I believe you play as you want to, it's your free time. I did it the way I did because I wanted to test my self and see how far I could get. Seems I just got across the line .
  6. OK, so I managed a tactical victory, though I lost 7 out of my 8 my Bradleys and all but one of my MBT's. Javelin and Apache mopped up the remaining enemy armor. A very enjoyable mission, but it's safe to say I could have done it a whole lot better...
  7. Breaking it down into manageable chunks of time is some really good advice. I seem to have trouble reconciling 1 hour of time, thinking it'll be over before I get anything done. This will go a long way to developing some patience and forward planning. Thanks for that Artemis,.
  8. As I have mentioned in other posts, I am somewhat green at CM:BS and have had a rude introduction into modern warcraft. Having made it through to capture Ukranian Base atop the hill with minimal casualties (2 rifleman wounded, I believe), I began to hunt for the armour that I knew was to enter the valley. I had the 3rd and HQ Abrams of my tank platoon to cover the base of the valley and the remaining flank right, along the woodland. by this stage, my scouts had spotted various elements of mechanised units and had thumped them either with artillery support, or guiding my mechanised units to engage at range with TOW or 25mm. UAV's put elements of the Russian armoured advance down the valley, and near to where my M1's where headed. On the left flank, near the base, I had moved my dismounts up to the main structure, whilst the Bradley's where line advancing on the left to engage whatever remained over the rise. Big mistake. Out of 5 Bradley's in the advance, 3 were knocked out by either the oncoming BMP's or from across the valley by the T-90's I hadn't managed to spot yet. Panicking, I swept my M1's on the right to meet the armour, but for poorly placed cover arcs, they could not see anything. 2 minutes later, I lose one of these Abrams to very close quarter contact. The other still not getting any positive contact until the next turn, knocking out 2 Russian tanks. In the mean time, my Scout HQ is pinned just shy of the main Obj with the Bradley a smoking wreck (again to the armour on the hill). the other two Abrams' were crawling down the valley knocking off BMP's and tanks as they found them, only to have one ambushed and destroyed. I haven't yet finished this scenario and by this stage I am not expecting anything other than a draw or a marginal victory when I do, I think one lesson I have taken from this is that double and triple check cover arcs and exposure when manoeuvring. I'm writing this at work so I apologies for the lack of more detailed information like Obj names, but I'm just keen to share in my first major engagement. CM:BS is a real joy, even when having my arse handed to me!
  9. Well, with a new GTX970 card installed with latest drivers, I have to say Shaders and decals work as expected (with a bit of a performance boost as well). To anyone having issues with ATI Radeon series cards, stick with 14.4 version drivers until you can afford to upgrade to Nvidia!
  10. Thanks for the response, Steiner. My question wasn't really about opinions, though the last query may have pointed in that direction. Expensive pillboxes they are, and the only problem really is for the poor squads that have to hoof it around the map, though I suppose one (M2A3) could be spared as a shuttle. Interesting that you mention engineers roles, as one of the grumbles I had with the initial deployment in Cry Havoc mission was the inability for my Bradley's to ford the river to the west. Mobile bridges would be sweet!
  11. I am in the middle of "Cry Havoc!" and have lost a couple Bradley's due to track damage. I was wondering if field repairs are possible, as it seems such a waste to leave them behind as I advance. I understand that field repairs might take up to an hour to complete, depending on severity. Thoughts?
  12. Or the passion for the product. Passion about the product is just as important, otherwise you're just going through the motions.
  13. Thanks Imperial Grunt! I've always been intrigued by strategy games, even though I have repeatedly displayed an inability to walk and chew gum simultaneously, I keep searching for that elusive element of realism. Before CM was MOW Assault Squad, but was irked by the pace of it. I've even tried my hand at mission editing in Arma 3 using High Command modules, and voice control. It was more trial and error than actual game play, unfortunately. As I'm getting older, clickfests and twitch games are just getting the better of me. The turn based system works well for me, allowing me to think and plan at leisure whilst reviewing the action. The models in CM are also amazingly detailed, even on the inside. I can understand why the faithful stayed with this series. Given my aging reflexes, I'm kinda worried how I'll do when Homeworld Remastered comes out .
  14. I've come from Arma 3, spending a year with a milsim group and had CM on my radar for the last few months. Yes, you get spoilt with pretty graphics, but there is also the modding community in A3 that has come to the rescue, with updated ballistics tables following real world data. A3 occupies the middle ground between an FPS and a wargame, as the sandbox environment allows for team, squad based or even company sized missions to be undertaken. That said, I was so impressed with the demos of CMBN and Shockforce, that I bought CMBN3 with commonwealth forces as well as Black sea a week or so after it was released. No, I didn't buy Shockforce, as the features, units and scenarios offered in BS were more appealing, and I couldn't justify the extra expense to the Minister for Finance. The only graphics based issues I've had recently are with shaders and decals. While definitely not deal breakers, zooming into hit locations on vehicles and determining the origins of the attack are really cool. It's like a table top wargame, except with tracers! I have only a handful of hours invested so far, and while I have a lot to learn, I'm really enjoying the challenge. EDIT: Speaking of modding, I kinda like the idea of modding the map area to have a timber frame around the map edge and a skybox texture of a family or games room, to give CM that tabletop wargame feel! Am I alone on this?
  15. Yes, and I put in a support ticket. They seem to think it's card related, but given other people don't have these issues, it seems pretty nebulous.
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