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  1. Regarding your comments, John, I found the exact same true in CMSF, to my delight. You'll get mission kills and mobility kills on armor (T-90S in my test, I think? It was a scenario specifically for practicing with CAS) with the GAU-8, but you arent gonna be blasting em to pieces. Were the same possible in Black Sea, I'd be very pleased
  2. Both were retired, I think. The rest are long-range SAM's that the US intends to employ in an anti-TBM role as well.
  3. Dont think so. The others just occur before the battle occurs, and their impact is pre-determined by the mission designer But as for on-map, I think so yes.
  4. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/harris-corporation-selected-by-lockheed-martin-for-10-million-jassm-er-weapon-data-link-transceiver-contract-56246897.html Was a while back. http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/65m-to-give-jassms-dynamic-targeting-and-reporting-via-data-link-02077/ http://theaviationist.com/2014/12/18/jassm-mass-production/ Full production last year.
  5. This is an interesting and refreshing way to look at things. I've repeatedly read "Arabs are just incompetent" on different forums, which doesnt jive with their early successes like the Suez crossing in 73.
  6. The new one, the JASSM-ER does. New as in "produced after 2007-ish" I think.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGM-158_JASSM My favorite S-400 countermeasure in Command: Modern Air Naval Operations What does the AGM-88E bring to the table over the non-E variant? Is its range extended at all?
  8. I dont think they'd hold much weight in an all-out shooting war. The treaties, that is.
  9. Weer, you literally sit in a 1000+ page thread on another forum with fellow "concerned Russians" and bum-rush links posted in that thread with new accounts to poorly argue points. This isnt even a glass-houses scenario, I'm at a loss to draw a more apt comparison. Literally. This isnt a figurative comment, you do exactly as I described. BTR is an amazing and amiable resource of knowledge, and totally willing to discuss points. Ikalugin is every bit as friendly, and knowledgeable in the extreme. Your posts, if anyone's, are whats steering discourse in the thread towards an unproductive end. Hell, some argue they already have!
  10. Please tell me more about which ethnicities are reliable and which are sure to kowtow to occupiers. Do certain ones get bonuses to Strength and Constitution scores too at birth?
  11. I cant believe this is being used as an argument. Good lord.
  12. Those were also AH-64E variants as well, the newest one. They could very reasonably just linger outside the MANPADS range and strike armor with Hellfires. In fact I THINK they can do that versus the Tunguska as well on paper? Pantsir S1 would remove that advantage though. Given they are doing CAS though, I assume all aircraft have to be a little bit more cautious with the ROE than just "Hey Ive got a lock, eat an ATGM LOL!" as I often am in DCS, for instance
  13. Agreed, this is a concern for me as well. Especilally after that MGS situation you mentioned
  14. I assume the new gun is GLATGM compatible as well? Are any new missile designs planned to take advantage of the new gun's allowed dimensions?
  15. The biggest problem with Armata is that T-14 just isnt a cool name. You blew your chance for a T-100, Russia. Ya blew it
  16. There's no way to tell how an Abrams would perform against a tank that we arent even sure on the physical dimensions of. Just saying "Because its unmatched" is silly.
  17. I can confirm from past interactions on different forums that both BTR and ikalugin in particular "know their ****" so to speak Both very knowledgeable gentlemen
  18. I for one am disgusted that a nation would make a questionable comment regadring the abilities of one of its tanks The very nation infuriates me To my very core, at that.
  19. How would they have replenished their stocks, etc since then though?
  20. And the Hospital on the last level of the US Army campaign... all Syrian SF and RPG-29's
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