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  1. When an aircraft takes fire they'd just go "LOL NOPE" and cease their attack in reality, I imagine. If they manage to dodge missiles and all they'll probably have ejected their external stores and be RTB. The SAM had won, in it had prevented the strike. Hopefully things like Missile-launch warning systems and aircraft performing standoff-style attacks are accounted for, or are possible to choose in scenarios.
  2. Yeah sometimes the pathfinding AI just gets in a "Screw it y'all, we're going for a jog AT ALL COSTS!" and ignores threats. It leads to amazing situations like that shown
  3. Only defense I found in Steel Beasts vs DPICM is "If you've stopped your tank, relocate immediately" You've got X seconds til the sky explodes.
  4. It sort of varied, IIRC OP. One of the USMC missions in CMSF (to my disdain) carried over the amount of ammo spent for certain vehicles, even. So my LAV-25's were without HE rounds for their Bushmaster for instance.
  5. Agreed, this seems off. Is it a bug I wonder? EDIT: The Hellfire I mean
  6. The 100mm airburst is going to be super-useful I think, in particular. I hope the armories are well-stocked with em because I'm clearing every damn crater I see that looks suspicious with one!
  7. Idk man whats Blood trading for on the stock market nowadays?
  8. Russia was sitting at the UN conference one day, and and was passed a letter by a friend under his desk. He unfolded it and it read "do you like me? circle y/n". Ukraine batted its eyes. "y" replied Russia after repeatedly circling the chosen letter. Another was sent in return. "then invade me" "in time my love in time" Russia replied sagely
  9. Yeah I hate when people complain about invasions too. Sometimes you've just gotta invade now and then to make sure you know how, ya know?
  10. Isnt it a sub-5 meter CEP as well? Thats enough to hit the turret with decent probability I'd say.
  11. I prefer independent news sources to state owned or naturally-biased ones belonging to multimedia groups. Especially when several branches of the former tend to help each other to formulate and find out whats actually going on there in a cooperative way.
  12. Is it really that difficult to determine the direction from which shells/rockets came given dispersion etc? Or do those variables change way too much depending on system and training + info given for targets?
  13. The 2A82 is a monster of a gun. ikalugin shared some images of the comparative shell sizes. Its a true beast
  14. There are a few news sources you shouldnt cite in a conversation, or it presents a target for attack by the other party. I'd say those are Fox News, CNN, and RT.
  15. We arent Totally revising and "revolutionizing" your armed forces at the drop of a hat has a tendency to contribute much more than you'd think to superpowers ceasing to exist, especially for a threat you expect to be much more common than it would in reality. Not going to war in the first place is easier.
  16. http://i.imgur.com/Rtnh7pZ.jpg Ukranian selfie's are the worst!
  17. Didnt they just give the same projectile to the RPG-7 instead though?
  18. 25mm Thermobaric must be sort of... weird. Is it even effective at that caliber?
  19. Saw some civilian clothes hanging on a clothelines in a pic from the area. Who can prove, without doubt, that they arent the clothes of a Polish person??? ~MASTERSTROKE~
  20. I always figured one of the big advantages of "stealth" aircraft is that while sure, you can find them if you're specifically looking, that in doing so you're hindering your ability to see the literal "big picture".
  21. Best to just scale it to Veterancy/training sliders, equipment aside. CMSF did this, IIRC.
  22. I dont think anyone likes Poroshenko. They just dislike Putin more.
  23. If DCS is any indication, Im surprised just how much fuel the Su-25 uses in full-power compared to the A-10. The A-10 can cruise along at 100 without a problem. The Su-25 will go bingo in no time at all it seems. In practice, their speeds seem to be roughly similar. The 25 can of course "sprint" so to speak in an emergency, or in a "one pass, haul ass" scenario,
  24. I play Realtime for SP. Helps me keep casualty levels low, and good-times high! "Casualty levels low, good-times high!" is going to be my new unit motto in CM, in fact.
  25. I dont think Stagler is arguing that in practice the end result and capabilities of a full VMF landing are similar to that of a full USMC one, rather than the USMC has more assets with which to independently conduct those sort of operations without interaction with other armed forces. With that, I fully agree.
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