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  1. Ukraine is indeed lackluster I'd say. Its to be expected. Russia is getting better over time.
  2. 3k meters sounds a bit extreme though for penetration.
  3. Wasnt -E the export variant anyways? Why would the -E be superior to the normal variant?
  4. I imagine the roof armor/ERA on the T-90 are meant to protect versus DPICM-level stuff rather than dedicated top-attack missiles.
  5. Something tells me ERA isnt as simple as people make it out to be, and in reality it isnt a flat deduction from a marketing brochure's claims.
  6. The best bet to dissuade people from wanting to invade Russia isnt to post pics of tanks and martial might... just take pics of the damn weather currently and the mud
  7. The BRM-3k seems like the ultimate manifestation of the Recon Vehicle Question that's been around since at least CMSF. Its something very cool, unique, and with very capable abilities in reality that for the purposes of the game are inherently stunted. Anyone know the manner in which the 1RL-133-1 radar displays and records contacts? Is it capable of type-classifying them etc? Would a treeline more or less block it totally, like it would IR-observation devices?
  8. Then you will have the advantage, I imagine?
  9. I agree with ikalugin. The key divergence (the 2014 cessation of the uprising) really removes any relevance to reality, aside from geographic location.
  10. As far as I'm concerned OP, you used the mechanics exactly as intended and received the result you deserved. I imagine the T-90's reactionary turn was probably caused by the LRF-warning system, but by then it was too late at such a range and heading. Excellent demonstration, I'd say.
  11. Sherman Easy-8 vs T-34/85 maybe? Or that a bit TOO similar?
  12. So the Javelin is another ATGM system that unfortunately suffers from not being able to fire from beyond cover! Never knew about that capability, very interesting.
  13. Both tanks are pretty cool guys in my book. I'd buy em a beer.
  14. Honestly, from the streams I've seen it seems tanks may be a bit too resilient to precision strikes in general.
  15. I generally inform the next-of-kin. Its a relatively short process, believe it or not.
  16. And the AH-64E Guardian, that does it from (roughly) 2x the range of the AH-64D if I remember right? And also gets shot down by guys with AK's just about as easily I imagine
  17. I'm a Apache fanboy, so I think they should be doing their super-duper no-LoS Hellfire shots as they hould IRL. But I'm also terrible John: Regarding the Maverick and Harm, are you sure they're engageable? I've seen some highly varying figures by RCS calculation. It really depends on the variant of the Tunguska as well as the parameters of the engagement itself from what I've read. The SA-15 is what would be engaging missiles it seems, and providing a SHORAD bubble. The SA-19 would just be the Ultra Shilka, so to speak. Both deadly parts of the IADS as mentioned
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