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  1. I'd have a difficult time imagining worse really Jeez!
  2. This sounds like some of my favorite battles to play When at the end, years later it'd be accounted and disputed that "There's no freaking way that this many troops halted this many with this kind of destruction and so few numbers, its just exaggerated bull****" and demands of proof outside of Wikipedia
  3. Yeah, I wanted to be more tactful than that given the past discussions I'd read, but felt like a degree of directness was merited Not trying to start a "Oh, but Steam does it!" discussion of course. And offtopic, but congrats on the 0.3.8 release today! Loving the T-90 in RHS
  4. Hey all, sorry ff this is the wrong place to post such a thread. I was curious if Battlefront generally does seasonal sales ala Steam etc, or if its more of a company policy to release products in discounted bundles/complete editions? I vaguely think it happened back in the CM:SF days, but not 100% certain! Sorry in advance if this thread is in the wrong area.
  5. If the round is midair at the time, nothing in CM:BS is going to make it less accurate If its Relikt ERA, I'd go with ERA. K-5... ehhh... not sure. Its an interesting conundrum though! In Steel Beasts, the T-90S has Shtora. But this has an odd side-effect if you lase the tank: It wont be able to see you while you already have a pretty good firing solution calculated!
  6. The B3 wouldnt get the advantage. I dont think the Bulat should. T90... it depends on the variant I think. IF it has thermals, its pretty much best left buttoned for optimum view Thats a semi-rule for me.
  7. ^^ Yes, this is the scenario. I'm really not sure how to handle that kind of enemy defense since I'm unable to see the entrenchments themselves. Best way was just giving the Apache's a likely area for CAS, adjusted each time, and they'd generally open fire on something I didnt see. That area they fired upon then made some 15mm Airburst friends, and that managed to take out the positions.
  8. Just beat the scenario, and believe it or not the real hero's in shutting down the ATGM nests were AH-64D's! Given a reasonably sized area attack order, they'll do their thing and engage suspicious areas with cannon and rocket fire. Then I'd follow suit with a good bit of airburst 155, and they'd be shut down nicely. The two surviving nests though proved to be a huge pain in the ass, as in CM:BS you dont see the start/smoke from a firing enemy missile like you do in Shock Force. That, and apparently the Kornet's launch signature is pretty miniscule meant alot of it was luck that let my M1A2's survive the missiles. That, and using the two APS tanks as the tip of the spear. They were just Regular veterancy though, maybe that was part of the problem I guess the Abrams all being Regular skill (sans the one leader who sadly isnt in an APS-equipped one ) also helps make the ATGM hill-tops difficult! Either way, thanks for answering the question!
  9. That makes perfect sense, if true actually What can I do then to localize/determine an enemy ATGM position that I KNOW is in a field over there but invisible to my vehicles optics? Would Apaches with tight area-targeting be enough to locate and engage the positions, and then follow up on what they hit with artillery to be extra-sure? The impression I was under was the drone buzzed over at an altitude where it remained out of small-arms range, while remaining within MANPADS/AA range to circle and feed that data back to the spotter while maintaining a safe altitude so dude with an AK doesnt shoot it down. If they are indeed hanging way back, then the behavior Im seeing makes perfect sense.
  10. The Raven is a neat lil' UAV that you throw like a football player, and it buzzes around peeping at things. To quote: http://www.army-technology.com/projects/rq11-raven/ Now, this is its real one. In the CM:BS demo however, I've been disturbed to see just how blind the darn thing is. Namely, in spotting enemy entrenched positions. Not the enemy themselves, mind you; just the positions. http://i.imgur.com/yEjY9DU.jpg I've tasked this Raven with (through reloading/cease fire to test if it was able to achieve my goal at all) observe a position DIRECTLY above an entrenched ATGM team. AT-14 Kornet to be precise. To confirm I was in the right spot, I initiated a cease-fire and confirmed it: http://i.imgur.com/Zpjg2dN.jpg As you can see, the Raven was in the absolute ideal position to detect the trench-works at least, much less ta least SOME infantry contact. Yet it was unable to do so Shouldnt it be able to see there are some form of entrenched positions there at least? I've a save game, but its for the demo so not entirely sure if its worth anything My difficulty was oN Basic Training, because I'm very bad. That, and I was under the impression it gave a spotting bonus, which if true, is even more unfortunate for our fine free-arm thrown friend the Raven! Was this changed by chance in a later patch in the actual game, or is it working as designed? In a best case scenario, I imagine a UAV perfectly assigned should be able to see the infantry and trenches But ingame, due to abstractions etc I'd really have thought they could see the trenches and pre-prepared positions given the Raven's optical suite. I was very disappointed (as were my M1A2's) they they were not locate-able until they'd fired 2-3 times. Please forgive the errors in displayed time, those are my fault as in the original picture I'd unselected the Raven's controller.
  11. Do everything you can to assure the 1v1 isnt a 1v1. Degrade the enemy tank's systems if possible. Concuss the crew if able. Blow up its support assets or slow its route of advance. Make sure as many of its systems are inoperable by the time it gets into the 1v1 that its more of a 1v0.5 at the time
  12. Any chance on a updated demo? Or that not going to happen at the given point
  13. Yeah, the kinetic penetrator interception just seems out of line with the current capabilities of most systems IMO
  14. Yeah, the AH-64E especially in this should be a god damn beast. Its doing what the Longbow was designed for, and then some! But due to aircraft mechanics, I dont think its possible to have them just hover far back and rain down taxpayer dollars. Its unfortunate, but oh well!
  15. Maybe the auto drive is just to assist in parallel parking?
  16. VasFURY, you're familiar as hell for some reason. Were you on the Wargame forums?
  17. Agreed. Now if you guys can only do something about that terrible-looking new star
  18. Thats a very strange interpretation of Martin Luther King's day!
  19. Finally, tank commanders can be accused of Wall Hax!
  20. Good catch! Almost missed a chance to fellate Russian tech there!
  21. Agreed absolutely. And with Steve's endpoint as well.
  22. Rafael has claimed that the RPG-30 is as vulnerable to interception by Trophy as any other system. It seems like the RPG-30 is more of an example of the Attack/Defend dynamic and its evolutions and one-ups against each other than a truly effective system. But IDK, Rafael may be bluffing in hopes of getting that sweet sweet 2017 last-ditch procurement for the US Army contract
  23. Unless the APS is using a damn laser beam, wouldnt the shrapnel/charge thats propelled outwards still hit the actual dangerous part of the projectile?
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