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  1. This, or at least saying they're otherwise occupied Or just determine their impact pre-scenario, rather than using them as an excuse to build masturbatory conquest/heroic defense scenarios that are pretty much pre-determined.
  2. Abrams rushing in the woods with an open flank to BMP3's. Lucky one wasnt KO'd, or Congress would want answers!
  3. I'm preparing my blog to prove the dominance of the Rafale against all fighters for decades to come, you see Nah, I'm trying ArmA3 scenarios with a tiny of group and doing my damnedest to make them stretch out and be enjoyable. 3 guys on a 32 man coop is hard to scale to be fun. When I get the game, I'm going to try the Russian campaign or Ukranian. I just really dont think large-scale US involvement would be likely at all, so I'll save that one for last. I'll also try and pay close attention to see if my infantry complain that the T-90 or M1A2 are overperforming ingame, like how
  4. Finally, time for my obligatory useful post! Laser warning receivers apparently work versus bandwiths of the laser hitting em. This causes some neat/unintended effects. For instance, lets use the Arena system as an example. Anyone remember the Greek trials for tanks back in... 2006 I think? The Shtora system on the Russian tank was 100% mitigated by the LRF on the M1A2. It didnt detected it whatsoever. At first, this looked like it was due to the system being outright non-functional, but when you look at it it makes sense. The M1A2 has a carbon-dioxide laser rangefinder.
  5. Is the AMP actually in use currently? I've read some mixed stuff. Sounds like a pretty awesome round if so.
  6. Your approach was fine given information available. No matter what, people would inevitably play the "B-b-b-but Smerch!" etc card if Fulda Gap: RL Edition doesnt occur. The scenario gives what unit it does. For all we know, an Abrams brigade was nearly wiped out by a massive barrage two-battles over. All we can do is focus on the fight as it pertains to us, and the units which we field.
  7. To the world's horror... sometimes US procurement policy gets things right. REALLY right
  8. If I remember what I was told correctly, one of the later SEP upgrades got a boost in turret protection. I'm not 100% sure there, so take that with a grain of salt . The Leopard 2 and Chally 2 probably do have heavier armor there though, I'm not sure. Just that each tank has their own "weak spot" they want to protect especially. I'm just super-impressed by its optical suite more than anything The digital zoom is a phenomenal advantage in target acquisition.
  9. Will IR systems be functioning on a by-type level? The latest M1A2 has a pretty damn phenomenal optics suite IIRC.
  10. Wonder how the Abrams will appear? Will they be in defilade/out of LoS, or just sort of pop onto the map out of cover? I'm pretty sure the Abrams will be pretty damn resilient when hull-down versus its peers. But then arty (and the Abrams comparatively-thin roof armor) become a liability In Steel Beasts, an M1A2 hull-down isnt something you engage with a tank unless there arent any other real options Its kind of the best "Dont engage an enemy on their terms" example I can think of, armor wise.
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