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  1. @Bulletpoint Yep, at the moment only one plan but USA reinforcements have variable arrival times which can help or hinder. V2 will include multiple plans, TRP placement already done, building improvements and once complete I'll post on the scenario depot website.Will think about weather/ground condition mix would like to do a snow variant. Was looking for feedback on this version, which you have helpfully provided. I could add more ambush points but I didn't want there to be a bazooka team on every corner. It can build more tension and lead the player into a false sense of security if they are deployed at varying intervals. The aim is to make the final engagements challenging without being impossible, its tough to get the balance right.
  2. Awesome screenshots, bringing the scenario to life, couldn't have asked for better. On other comments, I will produce a Version 2 in the New Year and the TRP will be moved to avoid Peiper getting angry with some exhausted staff officer. And add more interconnecting doors where appropriate. I have made some of the Chateau open plan inside but agree could be more. The reception area of the chateau is one of the buildings you cannot modify unfortunately. And one of the buildings represents a chapel, so I'm not sure there are interconnecting doors but take the point on board. It was quite tricky getting an acceptable visual representation of the Chateau and Sanitorium.
  3. The Spitze probably would have had better troops and some Panthers too. In this semi historical scenario the KG spent more time fighting in Stavelot, capturing the fuel dump, taking more casualties? before reaching La Gleize on the 19th, a day later than in reality. My decision was that I wanted to make it a compelling start without making it like a hot knife through butter. More of a gameplay decision than historical. Though to CM Vets it'll be a walk in the park. Regarding the conditions freezing and muddy. During testing I was losing 2-4 vehicles due to bogging/breakdown throughout the scenario which I felt was ok, but understand the point about freezing negating the effects of mud. Felt it created an element of doubt/risk without crippling the attackers choice? Regarding weather. I did testing on the effects of fog/mist. On the day in question in 1944 it was foggy. But unfortunately the game engine produced some quite unrealistic square shadow effects in crucial areas of the battlefield, so in the end I went with mist. I think the map looks aesthetically better with snow but my decision was a nod to semi-historical accuracy in the end. Regarding start time. Because with mist the tank ranges were too long for the opening scenes, by starting in darkness at 8:30am, meant that visibility starts poor and improves gradually. Don't forget ALT-B to get some artificial light. The decision created the Keystone Cops Car chase for @Attilaforfun so job done! During the actual battle I think there were occasions where German units joined or surprised the tail end of American columns, so that was an element I tried to incorporate into the scenario. At some point I'd like to drive around the battlefield and see it all for myself!
  4. Some great points and keep them coming. I wanted to get this out there "as it was" rather than wait for as near perfect as I could make it. Would stress it is only semi historical. And to BulletPoints comment yep the map is my own, part of the fun. Although I was inspired by the master maps, moving that many units I felt I had to make some of the longer stretches of road a little more gamey to keep the pace/momentum going.
  5. Thanks for the kind words so far. I hope as you progress through it there are enough challenges to maintain interest. With that many units in play it is going to take stamina and patience from the player. Very pleased you all are going to give it a try out.
  6. Huge scenario covering Peiper's advance through La Gleize to Stoumont. German vs Allied. Could try H2H but untested. 4 x2.3km map, my interpretation. Any comments good or bad taken on board. Mission to Maas.btt
  7. title says it all really. Should be a good source for scenario designers and moders.
  8. Challenge 6, Total Victory 1000 to 56, 107 men OK vs 47.
  9. had a go at battle2. Victory would have been even more complete if an AT crew who I thought I'd wiped out managed to knock out one of my StuGs. Total Victory, 50 ok 16 casualties, 1000pts v 90. Spend most of Combat Mission WW2 series fighting as Germans, so was pretty confident beforehand. Cheers for putting this together.
  10. Hi, appreciate you putting this together. Gave this 3x attempts to test your plans. All 3x times I got all the Germans. But didn't get a win 1st time, in hindsight versus the toughest AI plan, took too many casualties. Got a tactical victory 2nd time, 26x men ok, and total victory on the third with just one killed. Very enjoyable thanks!
  11. If you are looking into building/translating 1980's scenarios then this is an inexpensive source from Amazon The Bear Marches West: 12 Scenarios for 1980s NATO vs Warsaw Pact Wargames
  12. My cc was compromised last week, purchased SF2 mid December.
  13. Below is a list that highlights the new units and equipment that Gustav Line has to offer. Hi was looking thru the brilliant screenshots for ShockForce2 and came across the above... It was in the TO&E of the Marines edition. Apologies if this has been picked up already
  14. Gotta be one of the best Campaigns I've played ever in all of Battlefronts Titles. The attention to detail, the map work and playability are simply brilliant. Could have done with some more Grenadiers to make it easier for me but that could have diminished the sense of achievement. Great job, thank you.
  15. What a wonderful feature that import campaign units is! Thanks again
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