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  1. According to Duel In The Mist Volume 1 footnotes on Page 28, the Fallshirmjager that were with Peiper in Stoumont weren't from the 3rd Fallshirmjager Division that provided the KG support from Lanzerath to Honsfeld. From PoW records, those Fallshirmjager who were captured in the Stoumont area were "almost certainly" 12./FSJ Rgt z.b.V, from Skorzeny's Panzer Brigade 150. So for my campaign I'm going to use 2x separate groups of Fallshirmjager.
  2. When creating a campaign does the refit, repair, resupply and rest % affect only the troops involved in the last battle. Or does it affect every Core unit, including units not involved in that last battle?
  3. Thank You Mr Coal Thief. I'll give it a try.
  4. Very Happy! Works a treat and now the KG has its Sherman.
  5. Thanks for the swift reply but could you possibly add some detail? If I'm in the editor I can add German units to the German order of battle and vice versa. But not US tanks to the German order of battle. It's probably me but could do with some further clarity.
  6. Making a scenario around Skorzeny's attack on Malmedy. Would be nice to include a Sherman in the German order of battle for Kampfgruppe X if anyone could help me out?
  7. Added The Leibstandarte Part IV and Map book by Ralf Tiemann to my collection. The Map book does contain the missing maps I was after.
  8. Hi I stumbled across these resources in researching map making for a campaign I'm building. The detail of the Stavelot Town Plan is fantastic. If anyone has similar for towns and villages on Peiper's route including Malmedy for Skorzeny's attack and Trois Points I'd be grateful. http://www.oldhickory30th.com/Stavelot PDF Map File.pdf And http://www.oldhickory30th.com/Maps.htm Maps of December 18th-25th action of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (1st SS Panzer Division), Battle of the Ardennes, from the LAH unit history books, German archives, BA-MA Freiburg, Germany. If anyone has access to the 16th/17th for the above, I would really appreciate it. Found these useful from the late 1890's. http://www.deutschefotothek.de/documents/obj/71056459/df_dk_0010001_5502 I'm also using old post cards and the occasional German recon from their 1940's advance in the same area. https://www.ak-ansichtskarten.de/ak/93-carte-postale-ancienne/44289-Ville-de-Stavelot/5828339-AK-Stavelot-les-tanneries-au-bord-de-l-etang/?&lang=6 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gare-Stavelot-CPancienne.jpg Cheers
  9. I bought the book off eBay for £450 a couple of years ago. A lot of money but its not going to ever go back into reprint and I'd been tracking for along time. It covers the KG on a single day the 19th in great detail (36000 words). The photos and maps are large and clear. I don't regret the purchase and my family can sell on when I'm gone. I own vol2 and 3 which contains great source material too. The Devils Adjutant is my favourite read on the KG. Major Reynolds the author also features on a Youtube video driving around the La Gleize area with Jay Karamales
  10. Hi Chaps, I had fun making the scenario and genuinely appreciate your comments. I may make a V3 but at the moment I'm 4 of 11 scenarios built into a new Peiper campaign unofficially called "Rollbahn D" that I want to complete. Re Erwin's comment about the engineers, I was unaware of the demo charge issue. For the Axis forces in Maas I'd imported the units from the game supplied Peiper Campaign. SPOILERS ***** Regarding the lack of ambushes in the woods... I was trying to represent the sometimes false information about strength of opposition the commanders had to contend with and also give the player a sense of anticipation and caution, without losing the fighting capability of the KG. My ambition was for the player to reach Stoumont and Cheneux and then be hit with the task of clearing the towns, made more challenging by USA counter attacks. Over a map of that scale with that many forces arriving from multiple directions it was quite tricky to anticipate when a player would be hit by those counter attacks and the effect. Re the new campaign I've created my own Axis force, but will double check pioneer equipment, it may have been the result of an unfortunate unit selection. Some of the scenarios will be relatively easy and lack organised opposition as I'm trying to be historically accurate and incorporate the majority of landmarks/towns on the route. I'm building the Bullingen map at the moment. I'm toying with the idea of if major victories have been achieved, giving the branch option for Peiper to thrust North/NW rather than continuing SW back onto Rollbahn D, thereby attempting to release the 12th SS Division.
  11. No problem with derailment. And thanks to @rocketman, I was aware of that unit as a potential option but not the name of the CO. Just read it was primarily the 2nd battalion of the 9th regiment, page 75 The Devil's Adjutant. I'm building a KG Peiper campaign, working title Rollbahn D, but wanted to start at Lanzerath on the 16th, with the Fallschirmjager. From reading they were quite the mixed bag in terms of quality?
  12. does anyone know which Fallshirmjager unit(s) of the 3rd Division stayed with KG Peiper through to Stoumont? Finding it tricky to find a definitive answer.
  13. I've used the Grilles to fire direct on to Stoumont church and buildings on the approach to the village. Distance was about 320m and kept them out of harms way. I chose Grilles because some destroyed ones were found after the battle.
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