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  1. title says it all really. Should be a good source for scenario designers and moders.
  2. Challenge 6, Total Victory 1000 to 56, 107 men OK vs 47.
  3. had a go at battle2. Victory would have been even more complete if an AT crew who I thought I'd wiped out managed to knock out one of my StuGs. Total Victory, 50 ok 16 casualties, 1000pts v 90. Spend most of Combat Mission WW2 series fighting as Germans, so was pretty confident beforehand. Cheers for putting this together.
  4. Hi, appreciate you putting this together. Gave this 3x attempts to test your plans. All 3x times I got all the Germans. But didn't get a win 1st time, in hindsight versus the toughest AI plan, took too many casualties. Got a tactical victory 2nd time, 26x men ok, and total victory on the third with just one killed. Very enjoyable thanks!
  5. If you are looking into building/translating 1980's scenarios then this is an inexpensive source from Amazon The Bear Marches West: 12 Scenarios for 1980s NATO vs Warsaw Pact Wargames
  6. My cc was compromised last week, purchased SF2 mid December.
  7. Below is a list that highlights the new units and equipment that Gustav Line has to offer. Hi was looking thru the brilliant screenshots for ShockForce2 and came across the above... It was in the TO&E of the Marines edition. Apologies if this has been picked up already
  8. Gotta be one of the best Campaigns I've played ever in all of Battlefronts Titles. The attention to detail, the map work and playability are simply brilliant. Could have done with some more Grenadiers to make it easier for me but that could have diminished the sense of achievement. Great job, thank you.
  9. What a wonderful feature that import campaign units is! Thanks again
  10. this is why I enlisted the help of experts. I know my limitations. Cheers chaps!
  11. Building a scenario based around La Gleize / Cheneux / Stoumont from 20th December and I have a couple of questions around KG Peiper's order of battle at that time. 1. Did he have any SP Arty (Wespes.etc), or was it all Towed? 2. Were elements of the Fallschrimjaegar still with him? 3.What towed AT PaK weapons did he have available, if any? I'm using the master map provided in game which is amazing, but with damage from the previous fighting, so destroying church tower, viaducts. Any info on the weather for the valley at that time would be great, probably going thick fog or light fog/drizzle. Thanks in advance
  12. AT-6 from a Russian Hind streaks towards a T64 attached to 3rd Company, 14th UKR Mech Brigade, 31st Aug, 15:25pm. Fortunately the crew already bailed, before the inevitable fireball. I know its still a loss, but it feels like a win when the AI goes after kit already out of action. Pic from the CCTV security camera in the CO-OP supermarket loading bay, Henwick Road, Worcester, hence the dodgy quality. Shameless plug for..... http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons/summer-in-the-city-by-the-forger/
  13. Order some Papa Johns and collect on route! 3rd Company rolling in with air support.
  14. Thank you. Would be good to get your feedback on how you found the AI dispositions.
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