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  1. Hard to believe that is a coincidence.
  2. They did not. But the manual says nothing about this?
  3. So in conclusion is this a bug or are these two HQ's not going to work together? I will be able to get screenshots if need be as well.
  4. That is a good point. I just looked it up in the manual as well. "Automatic ammo sharing between nearby soldier Units." directly from the CMBS manual. The two HQ's were both on the same floor in a building to themselves. One with an empty jav launch system and the other team with 2 jav missiles. Spent at least a total of 10 rounds together since I kept them together for remainder of game. Not once did they fire off a jav at a target rich environment. Third mission of US campaign?
  5. I now know why! Thank you akd! Not sure how I feel about that "rule". I would imagine that a team with javelin ammo and a team with a javelin launcher and no ammo by themselves in a house would share ammo. Oh well. Thank you again!
  6. Hi, I know there is ammo sharing among nearby soldiers however, I have had two units in the same building, on the same floor and this does not seem to be the case. To be specific, one team has a javelin launcher that has expended all of their rockets while the other team has two additional rockets (no launcher). The team wit the launcher has has a clear view of at least 4 AFV for roughly 5 turns now and has not taken a javelin shot. Any word on what's going on here? Thank you.
  7. Looks great. Looking forward to the links.
  8. Vincere is correct. That is what I was referring to. In other words what are the "signs" that the game is going to be available.
  9. What are some of the examples from previous releases? I ask only out of curiosity. Thanks!
  10. Oh, I like this idea of uploading that to Youtube. Would be a great tutorial for those of us that want to get involved in the editor.
  11. Was just making the rounds through my usual blogs, and I came across this interesting armored vehicle apparently one of Russia's largest truck companies. Anyway, some nice pictures to look at. Take note of what I'm sure can accept a remote weapons system on the roof of the vehicle. http://englishrussia.com/2015/01/20/kamaz-63969-armored-vehicle/ It would be a blast to be the one that gets to riddle the test models with live fire.
  12. Chris, do you sleep? I have noticed you have been posting throughout the night! Thank you for everything.
  13. Looks great! Definitely on my list to download.
  14. No way to create 3D models correct? Unless BF decides to do so in the future?
  15. Oh, I thought they were actually in game and not part of the horizon! Looks great, tricked me! It would be nice to have actual 3D models though.
  16. Those look fantastic! How did you create those?
  17. was hoping for this weekend! Oh well, rather have a finished product!
  18. Thanks Rocket! Will try this for his next stream! Definitely would love to post questions during the live stream.
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