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  1. I've been lurking as usual. I notice that alot of the forum goers here, and probably by extension much if the clientele, is old enough to be my father at least, and probably my grandfather (I'm 90s kid) I'm a little concerned about both the development cycle time as well as the slow whittling away of the core consumers by the ravages of old age
  2. Perhaps there's a battle recording function for AB?
  3. I know Steve and Co don't want to do it and they have their reasons, but geez if they did it, cm fulda gap would frickin print money
  4. I'm still gonna be a part of the crowd that enjoys it when people jokingly seriously tell bfc to make a fulda gap title, but I'm glad stuff like This comes out elsewhere to scratch the itch lol
  5. So I own all the major releases of cmx2, my steam library overflows with the total war franchise, graviteam, and at least a dozen other RTS and hex based war games, not even counting the more mainstream singleplayer RPGs and shooters I also own. I am trying to tackle the backlog so to speak, strategies are straightforward enough in a game with a linear story campaign, but with strategy, its difficult: They have such open ended replayability that I never even get around to finishing anything I start! I dont know at what point to consider myself "done" with a CM title before rotating to another one for a change of pace. Anyone have any strategies for dealing with this?
  6. Ok, you wre right Ian, I just uninstalled and redownloaded with the master installer, I now have that and I also bought market garden the other day! Quite happy.
  7. Like many of you, I enjoy CM, and other titles such as operation star, as well as simulators like SABOW and DCS World. I throughly enjoy wargaming and serious tactical strategic games, essentially. But I often find when talking about that to the uninitiated(read:99 percent of the population) conversation goes like this : Them: So what are some of your hobbies Me: *starts off with non gaming hobbies*, and videogames. Them: What are your favorites? Me: Well, I like wargames, realistic ones. Them: Oh! so like Call of duty? At this point, I am never sure wether I should just bite it and say yeah, or try to fumblingly explain the games I play and what makes them different from the mainstream. I worry that I will either take too long to explain and/or come off as way too nerdy and turn them off from further conversation How do you all deal with these situations?
  8. I'm saying that I bought CMBN it back when it first came out, its patched to 1.11. I want to get it up to 3.0. I haven't bought 2.0 or 3.0 to upgrade it.
  9. Hello, Last I checked, you had to upgrade from 1 to 2 to 3.0. But I don't see the 2.0 upgrade anywhere anymore, just the 3.0. Am I missing something here?
  10. Hello, was playing the last mission of training campaign, wanted to call off a mortar strike about 10-15 minutes in. The rest of the battle I was not able to call in support, evertime I looked it said "ceasefire" on the icon and none of my units could call in mortars. Lost a squad to the BTR, partly because I was not able to call in the precision strike. Anyone else have this problem?
  11. Hey, I loved Red Army! Perhaps a campaign could be made modeling that undertaken in the book, whenever or if ever they make a CM fulda gap.And panzersauer, what do you mean that he went crazy? Re Mikey D thanks for the birthday wish!
  12. Like many people I'm sure, I love gaming cold war gone hot, Flashpoint, WIC, and Wargame series come to mind. Would it be possible for the community or the devs to bring it back to 80-89, modeling a conflict in germany? Can't wait to buy this later this week its my birthday
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