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  1. the evening of the output I made 15 test, it was cutting 30% of the download, the 16th test I tried connecting me to count on google chrome and there speed has become stable and I was able to download without difficulties
  2. is an American game, so it's normal to see american troops first, but there in the context of a conflict in Europe, it is the Franco-German Brigade (3 th Regiment de Hussard (FR) , Jagerbataillon 292 & 291( RFA ) , 110 regiment d’Infanterie( FR ), Panzerpionierkompanie 550 (RFA) , artilleriebataillon 295( RFA ) .. fallschirmjager (RFA) et RPIMA(FR) ) , British and Polish that would occur more quickly, the canada happen certe with sea but the second plane
  3. thank you merci beaucoup dziękuję bardzo
  4. I made 10 test , with incipient speed 980 kb / s , and after descending to 300kb / s , to stop because unknown error … then I logged in my chrome account and I downloaded it in less than two hours … I understood nothing but I'm happy
  5. personally it is where I am 10 p.m., I'll wait until tomorrow morning to 6:00 am there will be less people the rating will be asleep American
  6. it was expected that the sign ..... in France ,monkey is the anagram as a sign against it ... by not tell us when it will be available
  7. it is normal that those who have bought preorder, have first, by cons I hope for others it does not take too long
  8. my prognosis still holds good, Tuesday or Wednesday, I do not see an exit today
  9. say that we in France outputs are rarely Saturday
  10. me my prognosis, Tuesday or Wednesday .... the wait is over, the greater the pleasure will be great
  11. good news, even though we in France the weather is milder, good luck to those who live snow storm
  12. Currently in Europe, whether one is chauvinistic or not, only France and Germany have the abilities to make projections , the English Army surely one of most professional in the world currently undergoes a form of saturation of to its commitments passed to Iraq and Afghanistan France takes over in Africa and even in Iraq currently successfully within the first framework …. But in 2017, it could be at the same stage as the British army for identical reasons ..... Budgetary Poland country of my ancestors cannot currently competed with Russia, even if it can provide quotas. It is not yet on the level ..... 2017? the most credible modules and logic would be with dimensions NATO: Franco-German brigade , Canada, Holland, Poland , the United Kingdom , to see Italy Ukraine: Parachutist and marine light infantry and national guard Russian side. Marine light infantry, VDV & Special forces, Chechen and rebels
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