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  1. Attention spoiler below... SPOILER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really don't know if it is intentionally or not, maybe a captured one.
  2. in reply to the previous post.... I used the default preferences emphasizing 'quality'. But if you need I can do some test with your new setting P.S. Sorry for the double post but it seems that I can't add text in a multiquote reply
  3. just to add my personal experience with this mod, my card is a gtx 960, I got no fps drop adding the new Worghern texture and the sweetfx. But I got a serious frame drop using the nvidia settings included in the the readme file so I stick back to my previous one. I have only to complain about the sweetfx and the main menu graphic glitch and some other strange flashes during the game.
  4. thanks Barbaricco, good work. I'm using the CMBN version of War Movie also for the CMFI, but for better result I had to switch the shader off
  5. Here my screenshots, captured images are less intense than I expected. Try to play the scenario MG Boldness be my brother for a better view thanks for your effort
  6. previous post, this effect
  7. I like this settings, which files do I need to achieve this effect ? (next post, sorry messed up with multiquote)
  8. I like your advanced movie shader 1.0, just two request: - less vignetting - yellow (wheat fields) is too bright thanks m.
  9. I'm frustrated , he shows no interest in war (and it isn't so bad). He plays in a young football team as goalkeeper, so I've already bought al the necessary (and not) equipment. many many hours, but you should consider the extra cost. A monthly subscription for the PlayStation Network costs as much as a 'vehicle pack', plus add some extra money for the 'FIFA Points' which are essentials to buy player cards for the 'Ultimate Team', I'm bleeding.
  10. just a quick note. last year I bought for my son Fifa 15 (PS4) for 70 euros, the new game is coming this fall, another 70 euros. Surely is less than I paid for CMBN/CMFI/CMRT.
  11. I expected more follow up from this thread (mainly from developer).Anyway, as you see in this image there's a mismatch from the icon coords and the location of the squad wich I supposed to be disappeared.
  12. update loading a previous saved game they are still there...so no windows failure
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