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  1. borg

    So I had a hunch...

    ALLAH U AKBAR Mord ☺️ - funny / in malta this phrase means God is Great and we use both words frequent - alla alone and akbar alone - never together 🤔 - but we are 90% Christian and only 2% muslim.
  2. Guys - I noticed some grunts brandishing side weapons (pistols) - are those eye candy ? Or used ? I’m aware tank crew use pistols... thanks 💣
  3. Guys ! I fired up this campaign in CMSF2 - looks a gem thus far. Im going to have a LONG December. Thanks @Combatintman for reminding me that these are compatible. Considering the amount of CMSF1 content, this is a goldmine.
  4. borg

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Ok ! & it should appear specced up graphic wise too ? I be damned. Got to try it out ASAP. So even campaigns such as hearts of darkness etc.
  5. borg

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    THIS SIR, is nothing short of amazing. Really. Happy weekend folks ! When can we get Zero Dark Thirty in SF2 ? @Combatintman 😇
  6. borg

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Amazing game. Amazing mechanics.
  7. borg

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Thanks @sburke 👍🏻 A very quick bonus question pls. I haven’t played all scenarios yet 😬 though I intend to have a nice weekend ahead. Are their any ‘civilians ‘ in game ? Or spies. That are unarmed - but can become armed .
  8. borg

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Precisely ! How do u change it then ? 🤔 I cannot figure it out yet.
  9. borg

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Hi All, I don't think this little reply/post deserves its own post title - and since its a 'glitch' (I think) I thought id mention it here. In a single battle scenario. Cleaning House. the mission where to take three Obj, and the Hospital. I noticed when I select the Blast command... the pixeltruppen seem to do a 'Quick Run' as opposed to blast. Anyone slipped on this ? Can anyone verify ? 10x guys. And whilst on the topic. AWESOME WORK BFC ! I was sold the minute I heard flies zooming around my ears in the middle of heat
  10. Cool ! Mac compatible ? Or only Windows from what I gather.
  11. Guys., most of the pics shown here. Are these default settings, or is there a war movie setting mod ? They look darn realistic. ultra I'd say !
  12. borg

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I have a MBP 2016 Retina display touch and CMSF2 runs amazing with full specs on high/on including shade and trees. RAM is also 8Gb
  13. Hey is the zero dark thirty raid playable CMSFII ? Husssssss