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  1. borg

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    I'll report you to the UN !
  2. borg

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    Damn, allah not akbar
  3. borg

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    Tagging them @Mord @Blimey - and hoping for best news
  4. borg

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    im almost sure there was one for SF1. no ?
  5. borg

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    WOW ! - can’t wait. Sahha u Grazzi.
  6. borg

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    So the attached .btt is map only ? This can’t be used in QB I suppose - as that needs AI planned into it ? I opened the map and looks gorgeous - especially the mud walls and small openings . Really cool. Reminded me of Arma2 British forces
  7. borg

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    What’s the ETA on this one ? Or is it already being tested by the SAS ?
  8. hussssssssssssss - We want more, from YOU @Combatintman
  9. I second this effort. Afghanistan is a cool depiction . I wish to mention also - not sure how many here agree - I simply Love those scenarios that contains a handful / manageable force (5 / 6 units infantry +/- Humvees or jeeps to get around ) and allows one ample of time to manouver & savor the doodads around. I know I know CMSF is not a special forces game - but I’ve seen many gifted authors design small intense ones. @Combatintman comes to mind
  10. borg

    So I had a hunch...

    ALLAH U AKBAR Mord ☺️ - funny / in malta this phrase means God is Great and we use both words frequent - alla alone and akbar alone - never together 🤔 - but we are 90% Christian and only 2% muslim.
  11. Guys - I noticed some grunts brandishing side weapons (pistols) - are those eye candy ? Or used ? I’m aware tank crew use pistols... thanks 💣
  12. Guys ! I fired up this campaign in CMSF2 - looks a gem thus far. Im going to have a LONG December. Thanks @Combatintman for reminding me that these are compatible. Considering the amount of CMSF1 content, this is a goldmine.