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  1. Make sure to have a badass mullah in it thanks man
  2. just popping by, to say hi. And of course, a HAPPY NY 2020 guys to you all. Was abit quite from play testing due to some heavy work loads. Now bit better / smoother. Been a while since I Schwacked some... Was there any major progress in the campaign of all this ? I can see the maps are wonderfully made !
  3. I so love the setting of this. Since parts of Op Husky left from Maltese shores . Thanks for the tips. once - years ago - there was an attempt to make a what if scenario - for Op Herkules ! For CMFI.
  4. The landing is a real b**ch., what is best.. lying low until reinforcements arrive ?
  5. I’m now in the third scenario of this campaign. Just went up the hill to check the IED ‘incident’ down hill .... perfect vantage point
  6. I know this scenario !! I played it ! And i swacked them ! I also had pics to prove it in cmsf1 thread
  7. This IS sweet. Thanks man. can we recognize you in this screen ? 🤓
  8. Thanks @Zveroboy1 are u referring to the night op by @Combatintman of Bin Laden ? That was adrenaline rush and I loved it. I’ll watch the clips you mentioned , and in case u know of cmsf1 scenario name can u bump it here ?
  9. Thanks for this! Tbh I have ZERO experience in afghan/talib boots on the ground since I’m no soldier let alone being present. The scenario works beautiful During the day as you said and as written. I was asking whether a scenario (any one ) can be shifted from day to night in the editor - which it seems it can ! And in the context of Afghan ops - I was inclined to think of / follow the ‘controversial’ joint US/afghan night ops to capture talib commanders. I guess such high value targets would be protected . And even IF surprise is key at the beginning ... maybe this won’t be the case once the red forces are alerted. and i simply wish to see beautiful scenario maps such as this how they are seen at different times of day - even to drive around and zoom in .
  10. Ur style and comparisons reminded me of OP Neptune Spear !
  11. Incredible . shoild I DARE say - a completely new experience ? Most impressive guys . The community thanks you
  12. you have now got me thinking... once done and dusted... how big/large would the 'mod' be in terms of size ? Is it something we are already accustomed to? (e.g., Stalingrad mod) or. Thanks guys.
  13. Thanks ! I’ll report back once my chinook lands im not in front my battle station atm.
  14. If one wishes to have this / play this - as a night mission . Can it be done in an editor ? And change time of day ? Or would it mess up anything . I was thinking - how thrilling itd be for night missions . ⭐️
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