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  1. With a few more more tweaks., can such a MOD be the equivalent of a private military contractor ? I can see a lot of nice scenarios with a bunch of these guys around. Perhaps more applicable to CMSF2 than to CMBS.
  2. Yes please !! IM DYIING to play the Heart of Darkness Campaign in CMSFII with ANA mod please.
  3. So now this.... with CMSFII can be REVISITED ?
  4. Ehhhh. Exactly still in good ideas old box. I was the instigator and dreamer but not a doer. Now that summer is approaching I might have a change of heart. This and another I wish / 13hrs - soldiers of benghazi. I know consulate evac is close - but damn... 13 hrs.... contains a beauty of a mix and two areas. The embassy and the CIA annex wit four buildings . Tyrone Woods and with glen Doherty coming in later as reinforcements. I would think the uncons would fit for ansar al sharia too.
  5. Just quickly to bump this up - I have dl the taliban mod which is ok. There is still no fix for dutch to ANA right ? Or have I missed this . Thanks guys
  6. This campaign making me watch restrepo and korengal ... dam those vids are real as they can get right ?
  7. Mission 2 done - 3 wounded , 0 dead and all intact. Up for mission 3 i wanna say - this gameplay and the style of coup d’etat really really embodies the possibilities and imagination of the designers and of CMSFII in general. I really really wish to commend both. Valley of death is cool as it’s a campaign with a narrative .
  8. I managed to end mission 1 - with all intact and one wounded ⭐️ But yes - needs to be played with eyes wide open
  9. I’m in mission 2 - god damn - this campaign is immersive enough to sort of make u feel ‘in it’ - the maps are large, and enables one to make ANY choices u wish to play it out . Congrats
  10. One more word - and we ll burn the forum soon 😇
  11. A light hearted reply would be - cos its a fight sim and people crawling in these forums might have a tendency to enjoy combat but - lets keep spirits up ! I can sense it will be this month .
  12. Tagging them @Mord @Blimey - and hoping for best news
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