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  1. borg


    Man. All the talk of Hindu Kush (caucasus; sorry spelling) makes me remember the campaign Heart of Darkness. One of the missions - was with two valley passes and three hill/mountain sides. With an All American para units , and ANA army.
  2. borg


    Hahahah seeds and plant ! Awesome.
  3. borg


    Hello @Combatintman hello @Sgt.Squarehead ! Guess whose back from the ☠️ ? CMSF2! Boy - am I late for this party or what. so - even though with all the Fictional Syria 2008 setting. We may see some nice Afghan Hindu Kush ? (Hint hint)
  4. Hahahah oh the joy of destruction ! see you soon lads
  5. I trick question to you all & @Battlefront.com if I may - IF cmsfII is an updated cmsf to V4.0 specs.... will the vanilla campaigns and scenarios be the same as original cmsf... Or will there be new ones incorporated. ?
  6. borg


    im watching you @Sgt.Squarehead - always watching you
  7. borg

    Tactics of the WWII U.S.

    Thanks very much my friend !
  8. borg

    CMBN- market garden issue

    Good luck guiding the airborne on their 4th jump in hells highway :-) I’m having a blast in this throwback to the past.
  9. Now that I have flirted with CM for just over 3 yrs I guess... I’m returning to campaigns at CMBN level. This one in particular - set in Holland (my fav place!) is truly a charm to play - for both fun and tactix I am impressed at the small details that @Paper Tiger put in around many corners of the small towns. Replicating how a real authentic town was (is) in the low lands. Just finished mission 1 , done n dusted with US Major Victory
  10. borg

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    Cool. I think, we should all admit - that It does look super wonderful. The drone footage is something AMAZING.
  11. borg

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    God damn no worries... is this a big or too much of an eye candy in the modern titles to implement ? Man.... I loved it.
  12. borg

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    Guys - speaking of beautiful mods, I happened to see this little clip and circa 8mim50sec you can clearly see a sort of drone footage ... god damn. Is this just eye candy and visual edits by the user or part of the IN GAME setting ? It looks as if - footage from the drone view. thanks mateys.
  13. borg

    IED not working?

    looooool Good one. But who would want to put an IED inside ? that would certainly keep everyone on edge - building by building. Roadside IEDs - now thats classic.
  14. borg

    IED not working?

    so just a dumb question., can I use (activate) an IED during a mission or is this something scripted into the scenario ? and its controlled by AI. thanks guys.