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  1. Cool ! Mac compatible ? Or only Windows from what I gather.
  2. Guys., most of the pics shown here. Are these default settings, or is there a war movie setting mod ? They look darn realistic. ultra I'd say !
  3. borg

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I have a MBP 2016 Retina display touch and CMSF2 runs amazing with full specs on high/on including shade and trees. RAM is also 8Gb
  4. Hey is the zero dark thirty raid playable CMSFII ? Husssssss
  5. This is @Combatintman best area to suggest - he’s a rocket in this style of play
  6. borg

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    this is re/ the Cold War ? :)
  7. I second @Bulletpoint, amazing. As a side note, im aware of single based scenarios done based on Band of brothers. However there is no campaign based on the such ? Correct?
  8. borg

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    I tend to agree... In fact - perhaps some veterans of the game can remind us, Is it norm for BFC to release an actual date when v close as opposed to 'end of Sept', or 'before the month of November' or 'Xmas time'. I think I know what @Rujasu means... it does build a different type of hype if a date is set.. even if in 2 weeks time. Hell even if in one month time.
  9. is this chugging on still ? Thanks @LongLeftFlank
  10. borg

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Judging from the rate of forum postings and the very very latest post(s) by Steve commenting/replying back on the released beta video - I sense its close. I also think it could have served as an exercise... are there / is there anything in the video , that is worth commenting about that is not right ? (except the bird song :P)
  11. borg


    Man. All the talk of Hindu Kush (caucasus; sorry spelling) makes me remember the campaign Heart of Darkness. One of the missions - was with two valley passes and three hill/mountain sides. With an All American para units , and ANA army.
  12. borg


    Hahahah seeds and plant ! Awesome.
  13. borg


    Hello @Combatintman hello @Sgt.Squarehead ! Guess whose back from the ☠️ ? CMSF2! Boy - am I late for this party or what. so - even though with all the Fictional Syria 2008 setting. We may see some nice Afghan Hindu Kush ? (Hint hint)
  14. Hahahah oh the joy of destruction ! see you soon lads
  15. I trick question to you all & @Battlefront.com if I may - IF cmsfII is an updated cmsf to V4.0 specs.... will the vanilla campaigns and scenarios be the same as original cmsf... Or will there be new ones incorporated. ?