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  1. This campaign making me watch restrepo and korengal ... dam those vids are real as they can get right ?
  2. Mission 2 done - 3 wounded , 0 dead and all intact. Up for mission 3 i wanna say - this gameplay and the style of coup d’etat really really embodies the possibilities and imagination of the designers and of CMSFII in general. I really really wish to commend both. Valley of death is cool as it’s a campaign with a narrative .
  3. I managed to end mission 1 - with all intact and one wounded ⭐️ But yes - needs to be played with eyes wide open
  4. I’m in mission 2 - god damn - this campaign is immersive enough to sort of make u feel ‘in it’ - the maps are large, and enables one to make ANY choices u wish to play it out . Congrats
  5. One more word - and we ll burn the forum soon 😇
  6. A light hearted reply would be - cos its a fight sim and people crawling in these forums might have a tendency to enjoy combat but - lets keep spirits up ! I can sense it will be this month .
  7. Tagging them @Mord @Blimey - and hoping for best news
  8. im almost sure there was one for SF1. no ?
  9. WOW ! - can’t wait. Sahha u Grazzi.
  10. So the attached .btt is map only ? This can’t be used in QB I suppose - as that needs AI planned into it ? I opened the map and looks gorgeous - especially the mud walls and small openings . Really cool. Reminded me of Arma2 British forces
  11. What’s the ETA on this one ? Or is it already being tested by the SAS ?
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