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  1. Hi guys ive put in 2 tickets 1 over 2 weeks ago, is this normal, there is no email saying they are looking into or anything just waiting everyday to see if they have replied?
  2. Hey Npye, Are you willing to release the building textures you completed for BN please.

    I'm quite happy to receive them in "as is state".  Dropbox perhaps?



  3. Hi bud when i click activate new products it takes me to terminal then just runs something, it doesn't ask for licence or nothing, were do i put the licence. Ive activated it before when v4 first came out something doesnt feel right i downloaded RT V3 and this worked fine so its not a security issue its this stupid v4 activation, why didnt they put this info at the launch game screen could be so easy instead i cant play any games and getting very frustrated? If you could is it possible to show a screen grab of what the Terminal box says when loaded correctly. Also i bought the v4 big bundle so how do i licence all versions of CMBN ie Battlepacks and Market grden and CW when all ive got is one activate new products???? Cheers
  4. Thanks bud didn;t work, will write out the ticket. Cheers
  5. Hi guys About 2 months ago all my combat missions stopped working, I had long before updated to V4, when i launch all that happens is the icon bounces for a few minutes then just goes, I redownloaded all the files but the register file that comes with the bundle takes me to macs terminal and im sure thats wrong????? and used to take me to a website? Please any suguestions, i need a fix. lol BTW i haven't upoaded new OS or anything. Im on El Capitain 10.11.6. It seems like a registering issue or a security issue?
  6. Hello Mister!

    Can I ask you something?

    Best Regards,


    1. NPye


      ya of course


  7. I just deleted the text down to Zitadelle 01 etc and no probs, Thanks Heinrich amazing so far, really enjoyed scen 2 now on 3 I have advanced to the woods. Bloody brill bud. Cheers
  8. Dragonwynn PM me your email and ill send them over via yousendit or something?
  9. Erwin I made all the maps from 1944 aerial photographs plus copied as best I could some of the original buildings such as the train station and the Gorki theater and made all the buildings from scratch plus modded vehicles, faces, weapons and loads of other bits and pieces. Umlaut did help with a few awesome vehicles and a great promotional video plus play testing and general feedback. So ya I think I can safely say it is mine and Umlaut has stated this on numerous occasions. Cheers
  10. Most are available in my Stalingrad mod but i have added a few for this one aswell. Cheers
  11. Cheers guys, Heinrich this will only be a one off scenario, with some extra buildings for Berlin like buildings. Cheers
  12. Yeh it is, some of the buildings textures are borrowed from that game. lol
  13. Some screens from a Battle of Berlin battle, set in Potzdammer Platz with the New Reichs Chancellory included which wasn't far from the Platz.. Here's some screens. Many thanks for viewing.
  14. Shame we cant have troops on tanks like in CMRT, many times the Brits and Cans went in battle like this, on June 7th Can Infantry rode on the Shermans of the Sherbrooke Fusilers on their doomed mission to capture Carpiquet airfield, also Canadians at Les Mesnil Paltry also rode into battle, (another disaster btw) plus Operation Goodwaood just for a start. Would really ad to CMBN.
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