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  1. Mord everything thats different is my mod, and the veichles (select few). Cheers
  2. Ya don't blame ya, maybe we should as well/.... cheers bud all works great. PITFA.
  3. lol thats criminal dont you know theres is no toilet roll left in the UK????? Cheers bud
  4. Ok I own a fantastic selection of old USA coins ill post them 2 ya via a pelican I know thats hoping over to the states from the UK....lol
  5. Cheers mate I need the Telegraph Poles as bmp the barrels as bmp the Hummels wheels as bmp for now youre a star my email is nigelpye22@gmail.com, ill send you over some samples. Cheers
  6. Please is there an app to explode the .brz files on my mac, or can anyone supply me with a few .bmp files so I can edit them in CMBN. Cheers
  7. Hi guys ive put in 2 tickets 1 over 2 weeks ago, is this normal, there is no email saying they are looking into or anything just waiting everyday to see if they have replied?
  8. Hey Npye, Are you willing to release the building textures you completed for BN please.

    I'm quite happy to receive them in "as is state".  Dropbox perhaps?



  9. Hi bud when i click activate new products it takes me to terminal then just runs something, it doesn't ask for licence or nothing, were do i put the licence. Ive activated it before when v4 first came out something doesnt feel right i downloaded RT V3 and this worked fine so its not a security issue its this stupid v4 activation, why didnt they put this info at the launch game screen could be so easy instead i cant play any games and getting very frustrated? If you could is it possible to show a screen grab of what the Terminal box says when loaded correctly. Also i bought the v4 big bundle so how do i licence all versions of CMBN ie Battlepacks and Market grden and CW when all ive got is one activate new products???? Cheers
  10. Thanks bud didn;t work, will write out the ticket. Cheers
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