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  1. The first article you posted is about the battle of Ilovaysk where Pro-Kiev volunteer paramilitary units were surrounded and routed by Oplot and Vostok (Donbass one not Chechen one) The encirclement occurred because the Prykarpattia BN whom (according to the Kiev investigation - take it for what it is worth) in one month due to casualties and desertion whet from a strength of 4000 (I find that a quite liberal estimate) to a mere 300 at the time of the battle, "on their own initiative retreated from the battle" allowing the units in Ilovaysk to be encircled. The Kiev inquiry solely put the blame of the defeat on the Prykarpattia unit's unauthorized retreat, but the prosecutor declined to press any charges. The second article mentions people who were discredited later when their lists of Russian 200s(KIAs) included 8 year old football club rosters from lower level leagues among other things, showing how . The problem with trying to follow this war is not only its complexity (it is not a simple good guys - bad guys scenario some outlets try to communicate) but also that nobody involved can be trusted, at least not 100%. The idea put forward that the war in Donbass is a completely Russian (as in Russian government) orchestrated, controlled, armed, manned, and supported is ludicrous. The idea that there is no complicity from the Russian government or at least agencies/agents of that government is just as ludicrous.
  2. Please do, and post it ASAP. I speak English, Russian and Ukrainian so feel to post anything you dig up in any of those 3 languages. I'm mostly interested in whom it was verified by.
  3. 15-30 year old US Army field manuals are woefully out of date for how Russian forces operate. Doctrine has completely changed even since 08-08-08 war. The forces modeled in this sim would not fight as they would have in the 1980s, and by forces I mean all sides. The Strategic Studies links Sgt Joch posted are a good primer on why there have been great changes in past 6 years and what those changes are looking like. Don't fall in to the trap of thinking the 2017 Russian Army is going operate like the 1985 Soviet Army. While change has been slow, it has certainly sped up like lightning since the 08 war that exposed many weaknesses, that were long known, as truly being weaknesses that needed attention.
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