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  1. I'd assume they'd want to dig 2 tiered BPs: turret down - hull down.
  2. I'm completely lost in this thread. I have games on Steam, I have games not on Steam, it doesn't effect me personally either way, or maybe it does and I realize it not. I had no idea it was such a passionate subject. Am I the only one whom feels this way?
  3. When you construct a fortified area that you plan to occupy for a an extended period, fixed HMGs are very useful. I'm not sure what you are speaking on though, weapons squads in infantry platoons aren't assigned and don't carry 12.7mm MGs. I carried AGS-17 around the mountains for a time. I am not interested in doing that again.
  4. I'd just say in my army service, tanks supported me, I didn't support tanks. Perhaps that is just doctrinal.
  5. I wouldn't lump BMP into simply 'providing cover from small arms fire and battlefield mobility.'
  6. If you use your Stryker as a fighting vehicle, I'd imagine no, if you use it in it's intended role to transport and provide local support for the infantry... I served for 6 years as an infantryman on BTRs and BMPs. The BTRs just took us to dismount points and we did our mission on foot, our BTR was not trying to fight other vehicles. I son't know te USA doctrine, but I don't think they are going to put a company of Strykers on line and assault through an objective with them.
  7. But that is the 1C Published version, no? BFC didn't develop that game to my knowledge. EDIT, added Screenshot of Steam.
  8. Silly question that really doesn't matter: Will Orthodox churches have Orthodox grave markers in their respective cemeteries or Catholic/Western Christianity crosses and slabs of granite with a hammer and sickle on it like in RT?
  9. I have assaulted an objective many times using bounding overwatch with our BTRs also providing overwatch for us without a single shot being fired.
  10. Having spent a lot of time in the area depicted in this game, I can assure you there are plenty of places where you can see further than you can engage with direct fire weapons. Having spent 6 years in the army of the Russian Federation I can assure you that every option other than crossing such an open area with out obscuring the force would be considered before risking that type exposure, I'm certain the same can be said for the Americans and any other serious military force.
  11. Well, I can't judge the book without reading it, but it cites sources that discussed doctrine that was out of date even when I was in the Russian Army from 1996-2002 and has become even more so post 08-08-08 war. It is discussing Soviet Army doctrine, which many countries do still use to certain extents, not 2017 Russian Army doctrine. It is like reading Air-Land Battle doctrine or even Active Defence doctrine and saying that is a primer on how NATO fights in 2017.
  12. I'm 1000% Happy the title isn't Coмвдт Мissioи: Вlдск Sэa. Localized enough for me.
  13. Nearly the same here, but our city centre is at least kept somewhat clean of it. The worst right now are the glue stick plastered adverts on every billboard and wall that say stuff like "Светичка <3 <3 24/7 +7 960-921-76-44" But they do typically use correct grammar.
  14. The 15 year old vandal must have run out of room for the A.
  15. Well, in Russia/Ukraine Christmas is January 7th, so perhaps you might still make your goal!
  16. The country is not running out of money. The banker opportunists are taking advantage of a crisis to make a few billion Euro/USD. While this is a bit larger than '08, the same thing happened then. And happened before that... I didn't panic then and I'm not panicking now. This is nothing new in this country.
  17. Russia "running out of money" is greatly overstated. Russia not spending its money correctly, well as a citizen of this country I have to say, is a different story.
  18. Works! Still need to use VPN to access the site, to buy stuff and access patches however.
  19. I still need to use VPN software to access this forum simply because I live in Russia.
  20. In your opinion have I offered any emotional responses? I tend to view myself as quite detached from emotion regarding politics and international relations.
  21. So, does this mean I will be able to access the BF site and this forum without having to connect with VPN software and that my friends who would have spent their money years ago but are too lazy to do this for a computer game will be to spend their money on these products as well now?
  22. I'm not sure Powell lied I'm convinced he thought he was telling 100% truths.
  23. I'd just like to point out, the common man has no problem being able to show his or her displeasure with Vova. There are constantly hippie guys playing anti Putin songs in front of my metro station in full earshot of the police with no issues. You can buy anti-Putin T-Shirts from souvenir kiosks on Nevsky Prospekt and at Gostiny Dvor. The notion that people are afraid to proclaim their displeasure is an invention of the West. The common man is no real threat to Putin's power. Yes a couple years ago there were some large demonstrations, but alas - this was a major minority in the country combined with people that got swept up into the 'party' so to speak who now are completely apathetic again. The thing is Putin is very popular but his party is not. Putin easily can win elections with 70% of the vote legitimately. His party on the other hand, is hated, especially at the local level. These are the people that need election tampering to win elections. This tampering is not even ordered by Putin, he just allows it to happen. Another misunderstanding is that Putin is issuing orders for corruption, the reality is his allows a lot of autonomy to the regional governments, he overlooks corruption and remains clean - though getting things done in a dirty way is implied. Regional governments that play the game get extra funding that is completely stolen from the region and put in United Russia party members' pockets in seemingly legal ways. Gangster ****. Reporters that report on things that can seriously damage Putin are 'taken care of' But it is not at the orders of Putin, it is done by the Regional governments acting on their own initiative not wanting to lose their income flow. The need to be an ally of the President with vast power causes local governments to act harshly often. Never at the order of the president. He is more of an indirect tyrant if that makes sense. But of course he understands this... Its some passive aggressive tyrany.
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