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  1. Yes, when I first saw this thread title I assumed it was complaining about d/l speeds or something. But I do agree with theOP and have to say it will be useful for me.
  2. Only reason I did not Pre-Order.. I would probably receive the physical copy in 2017.
  3. That is why I orginally thought огонь по врагу but he said that wasn't it. There is a post earlier in the thread with a transcript of all of them.
  4. I have listened to every voice file from the game and sadly my Russian speaking ear cannot pick it out.
  5. Огонь по врагу. Possibly this, put it in google translate and his the "say" button and see if it's similar. It means "fire at the enemy"
  6. Can you give me context of when I game they say it? I can't think of any and went through the script and couldn't find one in my mind that sounds like that to my ear. I'd like to help you.
  7. I tried so hard to figure out what it was with no luck, I just don't hear it but I have similar experiences with German language phrases in Combat Mission.
  8. One of the captured was a Brigade commander and Dmitri Yarosh was wounded. The piece linked to in the OP stated both sides had referred to the Ukrainian soldiers at the airport as "cyborgs". Maybe the author doesn't understand the intricacies of the Russian language. All separatist uses of the term were in a mocking manner and in a very negative context. And of course Kiev will state that they withdrew, but it is clear that they were pushed from the position, but the airport was symbolic only, the more important battles are the ones being fought to complete/prevent another encirclement of government troops, I'm not sure how successful this one will be. The southern cauldrons in the summer made use of the Russian border as the anvil, in this case the entire encirclement must be manned making it a much more difficult task. I'm not sure why "FSB" would be working outside of the borders. Even in the event of some covert operation we have organizations for that before we would send internal security troops. Out of my own curiosity, are there FBI units fighting battles in Afghanistan?
  9. It is amazing to me that the United States did not require threat analysts of theSoviet Union to speak Russian or to at least have a working knowledge of at least operational terms and unit designation types. Our analysts most certainly speak English and/or the language of who they analyze . Differences in thought processes are interesting to me.
  10. Hmm, I thought this was as known to foreigners as Воздушно-десантные войска. I guess my perception was wrong again.
  11. I can think of a couple with so much more И бесплатно машины водить, И по компасу с картой ходить, И в мишени лупить Из взаправдашнего автомата, Самому уложить парашют, Овладеть карате и ушу, И могучей палитрой Великого русского мата.
  12. I remember that in front of our barrack there was a large rock that seemingly often needed to be painted a different color. Salary was difficult to obtain, but the budget was always available for paint for that rock.
  13. I probably have peeled more potatoes than Lukashenko has seen in his entire life...
  14. I was 6 years in the Russian Infantry late 90th early 2000s. I do not swim in fountains. I do know how to play гоп-стоп зелень on guitar however.
  15. I wasn't aware engaging enemy forces in a house of worship, hospital, cemetery, etc.whom are engaging you was a war crime.
  16. And you were fed a long diet of the evil Russians are going to invade West Germany at any minute, that happening was about as remote as NATO invading East Germany. That is just how it was, you thought we were going to invade you, we thought you were going to attack us. Neither side was going to but made the other think they would. I have seen a lot of American TV/movies/even news stories from the 80's depicting life in the Soviet Union. It must have been some other Soviet Union, it wasn't the one I lived in - but I'm sure the same can be said about the depiction of the West we had.
  17. Yeah I agree, I'm under the impression the main objective would be the destruction of the enemy's forces, not terrain capture based. Of course you need to capture terrain to facilitate this, but its not about conquering it is more or less punitive in nature. "You want to join NATO, we are going to kill your sons, destroy your military and make your population turn on the government and NATO." You don't have to capture Kiev to do that.
  18. Well you don't need to invade a country to threaten its national security. NATO viewed it as 'Stop the Soviets invading' however by the late 1960s it was viewed as 'Stop NATO from attacking' in the Soviet Union.
  19. Red Army Soldier, the official title until the Army was renamed in 1946 to the Soviet Army. Armyets and soldat are synonyms. Pretty sure there are like 30+ villages with that name too..
  20. I am a Russian whose cousin works in a circus. Is this a challenge?
  21. "The West" use and have used thermobaric weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq. The RPO-M is in the game (refer to the manual page 62) however the question was about the use of WP and chemical agent grenades.
  22. You mean like artillery delivered smoke screens?
  23. Having just read the chapter on defense in US Army FM 17-15 Tank Platoon, paying close attention to the elements of a deliberate defense, dug in BPs for veicles still seem to be an integral part of that mission. And the perfect world situation that is presented (the situation you strive for) is similar to the defensive planning in my Army, with 3 BPs dug for each vehicle. Digging in with mobile forces isn't completely static. Even as an infantryman in the Caucuses we dug primary and secondary positions when we set in an area we anticipated having to defend. Deliberate defenses are a lot of work and you never achieve the perfect world set up in my experience.
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