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  1. The only fix as of now is to play the turn in 1.0. Subsequent turns should then work in 1.02 with the chance of re-corruption. In which case you use 1.0 again.
  2. I sent an email to phil with a number of turns from a recent game that had the error. The trick listed earlier of using a 1.0 install to play a 28% loading crash turn DOES work. subsequent turns were then able to be played in 1.02.
  3. Yea I just had another PBEM started in 1.02 do this on turn 3. Is it possible to have some dev acknowledgement or someone I can submit replays to to help resolve the problem?
  4. I have three PBEM games that are crashing once they get to 26% on the loading screen. I know for at least one of them both players are running 1.02. How can I correct these saves or which previous PBEM file should I be using to fix this? Thanks for any help.
  5. When you guys says Orders and Replay phase you mean that the Orders phase is the PBEM file after the game originator plays and the Replay phase is the one after the second player plays? All PBEMs start with a replay then orders so your statements are really confusing. I have three PBEM files that are crashing at 26%, One of those I know we both are playing 1.02. How can I fix these games?
  6. Pre-orders help the developers plan and provide a more secure income stream than waiting for release forecasts to come to fruition. For that reason alone I don't mind paying ahead for a product I have high quality confidence in prior to release. More pre-orders also mean less incentive to release earlier than developers are comfortable with, though I imagine BF doesn't have quite the same pressures as bigger publishers.
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