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  1. @Mord I understand you ! I'm a huge fan of Battle Brothers and FOG II too. FoG II is in my top 3 of permanent games (CM too). FoG will also have a new add-on in a near future (medieval/viking era ?).
  2. Great work Mord ! A must have ! You even think of shoulder tabs 🤗
  3. That's a good suggestion since the german smock was not common and primarly gave to "elite" units like Panzer Division and was generally very uncommon in infantry division. It was mainly the spliner camo used by the Heer. The SS used mainly Oak Leaf and Pea Dot versions. Here an example of splinter helmet cover (21.PzD in Normandy) while in this case they wear zeltbahn (and not smock). Regards,
  4. Just ask and here it is ! https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/112902-german-soviet-other-nations-unit-insignia/ The pictures are also in great resolution. A little hard to say... I like them both. The first one is more in the spirit of the other ones and more similar to the infantry one The other one is more similar to the tanker one (dark) and it seems he wear a panzerwrap (exclusivity of stug crew and some panzegrenadier gepanzert). That say, I think I prefer the first for the posture the soldier have. Regards, ironsturm
  5. Unfortunately, I haven't much info about insignia for soviets units. I don't think they really used it. I know they had flags and some tactical markings. There is some infos, you can find here. This link give you some infos about some soviet tank corps. It's a russian website only about tanks/mechanized troop. Moreover it's also a goldmine where you can find compositions of soviet tank corps and which tank types (T34/76, T34/85 etc) they used. Great for designers. http://tankfront.ru/ussr/oz.html You can use google translate if necessary. I also just find this one, while writing. http://wio.ru/tank/oz/oz.htm Regards, ironsturm
  6. I forgot... Really big improvement. They're awesome. I particulary wait to have those with the divisonal insignia. I think used them with Mod tags for a quick selection in the Editor. Regards, ironsturm
  7. Hello all, For those, interested in the soviet army there is really lots of information in these book. If you want some informations Mord, I can send you pictures (eg there is a board for the collar) PS: Just for information, since CMRT is (actually) from 1944 to 1945 (soon), I think that collar insignia would be better put on shoulder boards. Collar boards were used until 1943 on M29 and M35 uniforms. It's a M35 on the book. Then by order of Stalin and for waking up the russian patriotism, the old tsarist shoulder boards came back with the new M43 uniform. It's the M43 that is used in CMRT. The old M35 uniforms were converted in M35/43 by the suppression of collar board and addition of shoulder boards. Regards, ironsturm
  8. Personally, I find it really interesting. In the crew's POV, cutting of the engine is also a good way to listen the battlefield and possibly some panzer tracks... I'm also agree with you about the fact that the sound immersion is really important and that the engine sounds seems sometimes too persistant and monotone. Maybe the engine cutting are actual too sudden and too frequent ?
  9. Is there any plan about custom difficulties ? Where player can choose having less information but faster arty delay or anything else. In that way, more difficults settings may be more liked. About the topic, thank you guys, that's really interesting. IMO, harder settings + "personals rules" are a really good way for "boosting" AI performance.
  10. Hello Andy, Try this : put your WAVs alone with no other mod and name them american heavy target general 0 1 2 etc. ("heavy target general" is easier to test than "move contact") Launch a game and put multiple heavy fire on the ground. If you didn't heard your sounds in few try (at least 10 to be sure) is that you're problem come from the WAV itself.
  11. AFAIK (maybe wrong), you can't have randomized background or music sound. I never tried anyway... I know it's ok for flames sounds but i don't know for engine. I didn't know how the x2 and x3 works. I think that the mighty Waclaw could help you. Try MP him
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