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  1. I apologize for the delay, both Surplice and myself have been quite busy with finals - but this DAR is far from dead. So let's continue.... Turns 10-12 Surplice's Wiesels continue to displace. He either knows, or anticipates, that I am shifting the weight of my attack and is moving to stop this. This movement is not only observed this time. Despite his effective and aggressive use of mortars to break up anything that remotely looks like a support-by-fire position the bulk of my MMGs and ATGMs are in position. The movement of the Wiesels draws fire from one of the ATGM teams. As the ATGM whines towards its target, a second Wiesel trundles out of cover just behind the first one. He's trying to move them through a copse of trees that is quite thick (by Syria's standards) and the Wiesels jam up on one another...could it be? Two for one! The support-by-fire positions are restricting movement to their immediate front to my immense satisfaction. They continue to take, and lose men to, mortar fire but they are sufficiently spread out in frontage that he can't destroy or suppress all the positions in one fire mission. That means its go time: the Mech Group's vehicles begin to deploy into positions that can lay some direct fire on known and suspected positions. Shilkas and BMP2s from the ATGM platoon lead the way. The BMPs take some fire from light anti-tank weapons and waste no time in returning fire. The situation in front of TAI 21 (if you need a refresher on the key terrain, see here) Of course, things have been going too well for far too long, and Surplice gets some shots in once again. A Wiesel is spotted taking a battle position by several T-72s....who have target arcs that do not cover the Wiesel's position. I can do nothing but watch as the TOW lazily snakes its way to the T-72 and catastrophically destroys it. The Wiesel retreats moments later. Surplice amazes me at how quickly he learns, you can see how he handle his units improving over the course of a battle. Its a tidy little engagement and he doggedly continues to try and bleed me white. This time however, I'm calling his bluff: I know his anti-tank defenses are greatly weakened and am going to push forward; something I can now do since the trailing platoons of both Mechanized companies have arrived. Next update: I intend to continue with the templated plan. With TAI 22 largely abandoned by my enemy I can move forward the Armor Group's weapons and BMPs to occupy it and at least act as a trip wire for any reinforcements that may arrive. The surviving T-72s and newly arrived Mech platoon can bypass the greenhouses (TAI 23), which have German infantry trapped in them. The goal here is to secure the causeway across the Wadi and shift my ATGMs to cover expected counterattack routes. I do not expect Surplice's trapped infantry can survive the firepower that can be brought to bear on their fighting positions, one at a time. He still has Wiesels out there, however, and he may show me my assumptions are based on erroneous math yet.
  2. ^This. Once in a PBEM, due to the restricted terrain, I had to force-feed half a battalion through on a relatively short frontage. I went through with column's of platoons, hoping the wall of artillery fire would cover them - and it did, for the most part. One of the lead vehicles in the column got immobilized. Absolute carnage followed for that particular platoon as they all bunched up on one another. Frankly, the result was realistic - while its a pain in the ass to micromanage road marches and columns-of-x it's also part of the strengths of CM: I trust myself more than AI and have only myself to blame when it goes poorly.
  3. It's a good thought. The scenario in and of itself is plausible but I definitely rushed it. I'll likely make the attack closer to dawn so visibility improves generally, and up the quality at the very least of the Syrian armor to T90s. I'm still on the fence about changing the Republican Guard to Mechanized Airborne or SF mounted in a separate Bronnegruppa. Edit: I should for the record state the map was not made from scratch, it's an edited version of The Four Peaks map. Generally made the airstrip look more believable and added strongpoints and enough fighting positions for alternates (which mitigates Fog of War limitations, somewhat).
  4. He's right @IanL- until people are threatening to toss piss jugs at the dev team, you haven't seen anything.
  5. Honestly @CarlWAW I'd insult you, but I'm not quite sure you're worth the effort. You're basically self-defeating at this point.
  6. They're written into the canon; the manual's brief outline of the war mentions Marines landing to block Odessa - presumably they take part in the strategic invasion of Eastern Ukraine during the July-August counteroffensives as well. We've heard hints that the future modules will flesh out the TO&E of the current nations in game to that end, but it's all hearsay.
  7. I have no qualms with Ian - or anyone. In fact Ian and SBurke were the first testers to really get the momentum moving for a patch when we contacted them about the bug. He was just having what I thought was a very human moment and I called him out on it. I expect people to do the same to me.
  8. lmfao... I could've sworn someone a few pages back here was saying something about tabling evidence but being ignored. Starting to empathize. This thread should read "the blind lead the blind." We already have a panic feature; when men panic they will break. The "its not a bug, its a feature" rhetoric has to die. Trained soldiers somewhat in control of their wits do not (a) break under artillery fire when in some semblance of fire and (b) break and run in the face of a tank attack. When they do that, it's called panic. In fact the term "tank fright" was literally coined to capture the type of hysteric irrationality that would be required to do so.
  9. @Michael Emrys - beating a dead horse but; respectfully no: If artillery could shoot entrenched men off positions with such ease; 1916 would have indeed been a good year. ----- Posts like these are why trite accusations of "fanboyism" are tossed around. As @sburke said earlier the 4.0 AI was well-meaning in scope and goal but had some hiccups on implementation. I'm sure it will be brought back to a happy middle ground that satisfies your view and prevent the extreme, unreality that view could potentially lead to (breaking from good cover) from being exhibited again.
  10. The (poor) sarcasm is doing you no favors. Jackass move.
  11. Turns 6-9 Surplice continues to wage an aggressive defense - divining what I have in mind, he begins to piss some mortars down near my ATGM teams, critically wounding a team member before I am able to displace the rest to safety. This is the story all over the front; with mortars landing dangerously near any infantry maneuvering - a different German mortar fire mission interdicts the surviving infantry from the first failed armoured thrust, causing several casualties and forcing them to ground. However, before that, they have a couple of notable successes: working closely with their remaining BMP they are able to knock out in quick succession a 20mm Wiesel and a MILAN team - both of which have demonstrated themselves to be threats. Knocking a hole in a wall with its 30mm, a BMP-2 exposes a Wiesel 20mm, which is knocked out by infantry RPG fire The BMP in turn knocks out a MILAN team The surviving armour also has success; it takes a couple of minutes to be made aware of the location (relayed through the accompanying company commander) of the Wiesels in the wooded copse but once appraised of the situation a section of T-72s sends some HE down range. As you recall from the last update I put quite a bit of stock in this little stunt and am quite relieved it works. As the dust settles on the target area, one of the tanks is able to see a German crewman scurrying away from a destroyed Wiesel. A second is seen beating a speedy retreat from the area. A T-72, inset, opens up on the known position of a Wiesel, which it is aware of but cannot identify presently. It works. A Wiesel, thinly armoured, is destroyed by the HE fire. A surviving crewman is seen bailing. A second Wiesel is seen beating the retreat, an HE fired at it by an observant T-72 unfortunately misses. The steady erosion of Surplice's anti-armor assets is something that I will need to number crunch on. He has by my estimation lost 6 or 7 TOW wiesels; with at least 5 destroyed to the direct front of the T-72s. I'm not too familiar with Bundeswehr TO&E, but I would hazard a guess that he has between 3-4 TOW wiesels remaining. A few more knock outs may allow me freedom to maneuver again. For now, despite the constant pounding from mortars, its time to launch the bulk of the Mech Group forward with support of the surviving two Shilkas. With the only spotted hard threat being a single 20mm Wiesel, I'm confident I can get this attack back on track.
  12. Faster flow of information; better spotting. Units that are vaguely aware of an enemy's presence will spot it faster. The more ways a tank platoon leader or platoon sergeant has to say "hey, look over there!" the better for you to get that first shot off.
  13. Haha you're going to get a 1000 different answers; Shock Force and Black Sea are my favorite, with Normandy a very close 3rd for myself. I prefer the little-room-for-error of the modern titles; and the scale tends to be a bit larger, which is to my tastes. I'd definitely echo Emrys and say I find myself playing BN and BS the most; they tend to be the better multiplayer experiences which is what I focus on.
  14. A combination of factors, not all of them something that I would describe as bad; straight up political mismanagement aside, the 'cultural' view of military service, if you'll forgive that term, doesn't exactly make it a first choice for a fit teenager or a well educated young man. The lack of an existential threat on your border, a strong pacifist movement, the knowledge that a superpower is going to come rushing to your nation's defense, and the (understandable) optics of deploying German military power anywhere also factors in. The long and short of it: They don't have an esprit d'corps and they aren't really being given the incentive (and green) to develop one. Stagnation is basically inevitable. That's the quick and dirty of it. Anything else I could write would be parroting @panzersaurkrautwerfer and there's no need to be redundant.
  15. Which circles back to the point that the Bundeswehr is a bit of a shambles, not well motivated, questionably well trained, and poorly maintained. If I raise my eyebrows any further they may merge with my hairline. You turn yourself around two posts later then go off on this very strange pseudo numbers crunch about GDP and defense expenditure. I'm not sure why everyone voluntarily chose to get lost in the sauce here, but the bottom line is the Bundeswehr is not currently capable of maintaining themselves and it shows quite clearly in their soldiery. Most here who decided to dance the jig have shown pretty strong evidence that the political management of funds is a large factor, if you want your why.
  16. This is some spicy, top-tier, fingers-in-ears denial. God Bless. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/less-third-german-military-assets-operational-says-report/ "The Bundeswehr’s problems aren’t new, but it is shocking that nearly nothing has improved after four years of Ursula von der Leyen serving as defence minister,” said Tobias Lindner, a defence and budget expert for the opposition Greens." https://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFKCN1G31PF - My emphasis. I am sure you will find a way to hand wave this away as well, while at the same time preaching of being open-minded in an onion-like ironic display. Again: I am always amazed at the hills some forum members here choose to die on, but this one amazes me the most. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Bundeswehr+equipment+ready+rates For further edumacation. By the way; it matters very little how 'small' an army is; operational ready rates of 50 percent or lower are atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. Having to cannibalize a division to equip a battalion is what we call a joke with a very bad punchline.
  17. Uh...k. I speak from experience; this isn't any of us being a bot. At the risk of sounding like my old RSM, the enforcement of basic stuff like that imparts the kind of skills and habits that are desirable. It's emblematic of the whole. It always amazes me the wee little hills members of this forum choose to die on, and this one was by far the strangest and smallest of them all yet. If following evidence (yes, even anecdotal evidence) is "close-minded" to you, I'm not sure I want to be your version of open minded.
  18. If I have to explain the irony of this statement to you - one of NATO's ostensibly senior partners can deploy a well trained company; I really have nothing left to say.
  19. No, its sign of sloppy discipline and lax grooming standards. There are no 'experienced combat soldiers' in the Bundeswehr; just some geared-up fellows from one of the quietest areas of Afghanistan. The Bundeswehr is a mess, and has been for a long time. On the one hand its a good sign of a healthy pacifist movement in Germany, on the other hand its a worrying sign about funding problems (beyond the usual) for the military and for piss-poor retention rates for enlisted men. They are dealing with less of what they should be dealing with materially and in terms of manpower; and they aren't getting the pick of the litter.
  20. Turns 4-6 Surplice isn't finished with me yet. The turn begins with more enfilading fire devastating the group that began the attack. In rapid succession two BMPs are knocked out by TOW fire. There's really nothing more that can be said or done here - when a T-72 attempted to push through to a bit of cover, all it got was an ATGM for its trouble. He has me here, and no doubt. It's time to see if those poor freaking infantry can do anything with the remaining BMP-2, which is unceremoniously using the carcasses of its friendlies as cover. More on the Armour group's plight later; for now the focus will have to shift to the Mech group, who have begun to engage targets with their MGs and ATGMs - mostly Fuchs. A few teams are going to have to be told to hold their fire until targets worth striking are discovered, still though it feels good to hit back a little. The mech group's weapons dismounts have continued to advance in bounds towards an orchard overlooking the military compound (TAI 21), and have nary had a shot fired at them, a good sign. Some spotting rounds from enemy mortars have been falling but so far the MG and ATGM teams have gotten under them every time. My own artillery is being redirected to start hitting likely enemy observation posts to try and discourage enemy forward observers. The SU-25 is also called off for now, it will be redirected if I can figure out where these Wiesel TOW's are making hell for me. I don't have to wait long; a Wiesel is spotted trundling into a battle position, and a T-72 tracks and kills it with an absolutely astounding shot through its own dissipating smoke. More Wiesel movement is spotted by the observation posts in the Mech Group area. First one, then a second and third, are seen dashing to a small copse of trees...which looks like it had great line of sight to the flank of my assaulting armor and infantry. My opponent is wisely reinforcing success and clearly is keeping count: he knows I still have T-72s and is likely anticipating another push from me soon. That isn't going to happen; but the FOs feverishly call in air and a few untasked mortars on the location. More importantly the surviving T-72s can have possible lines of fire on this position, and are stationed right next to one of the two infantry company HQs. A quick order to 'open up' on the nearest T-72 is given and word should spread quickly about the Wiesels' locations. When that occurs, some accurate area fire is going to be placed on the battle position. Wiesels are - clearly as has been demonstrated - armored in name only, and a few HE shells relatively on target should reap results. The rest of the turn passes quietly, giving me time to plan how to reinvigorate my attack. As alluded to in previous posts, I want to try and push the Mech group up to TAI 21. This will place it abreast of the Armour group and discourage further flank threats. The high 3-storey buildings near my start lines have proven the most valuable asset; the forward observers have spotted ample enemy vehicle movement and report the entry of what appears to be a quick reaction force - more infantry mounted in Fuchs. The plan: 1) Armour group goes firm, orienting its weapons towards the identified anti-armor battle position that destroyed the first attack. 2) Surviving infantry from the Armour group sweeps the known enemy positions; well covered by the T-72s and MGs. The surviving BMP will provide close support to them for as long as possible. I know that there's an enemy Milan team and a Wiesel with a 20mm somewhere in the vicinity of TAI 23 and want to confirm they're knocked out, or make them that way. My infantry dismounts are, all things considered, cool as cucumbers and in a fighting state. 3)The Mech Group's weapons are in good positions to support an attack and will now 'pull' the BMPs, Shilkas and infantry into an attack on the enemy positions to their front. Smoke will be called to discourage enfilading fire from TAI 11 - it's 8 minutes out however and I'm struggling internally to control my urgency to attack.
  21. Yes you and @Sgt.Squarehead are right of course; the loss of the only real combat power I have is irksome - a bitter pill, as I said. I expected high losses but wasn't expecting so much enfilading fire; and with the benefit of hindsight a co-ordinated push by both the separate 'wings' of the Battalion would have been wiser. This having been said, what's left of the armor group is now in good cover and has no anti-armor threats left to its direct front. So a belated push by the Mech group may restore the situation. I'll once again be inviting him to react to isolated thrusts as he sees fit but I'm committed now. I'll be publishing an update soon, both my opponent and myself have been busy with our respective revision for school.
  22. There's pro/cons to the way foxholes and trenches are in game: and the pros outweigh the cons. Games like Shock Force, Afghanistan, Graviteam etc. have actual deformation of terrain when creating battle positions but that's (a) a mapmaker level prerogative and/or (b) impossible to hide in fog of war. I'd rather have slightly goofy looking mounds that do the job just as well and are not spotted and flattened with artillery turn 0.
  23. "Movement is easier to spot - this perturbs me greatly" and "talking out my behind on muzzle flashes" Yawn. This is a heady mix of salt, hot takes, and stuff that's demonstrably incorrect. For example: if you think "moving objects being easier to spot" is somehow flawed or that "units that have a general idea of the location of an enemy spot faster and with greater ease" is also flawed, then there's really no cure for the hypertension this game has caused you.
  24. Apologies for the delay, I've been quite busy. This won't be a text heavy update; the images speak for themselves. Turns 2-4 (0706-0708) The battle continues to rage; the armor group continues to identify and destroy more enemy weapons carriers; two are identified and destroyed to the Armor Group’s front. The Wiesels go up in satisfying balls of fire, the T72s being able to engage them with standard high explosive shells. The trade is not utterly one sided, however. Despite attempting to use houses to cover their flank, a T72 is struck in the flank and destroyed. It’s time to try moving again. The Mech group has not been idle either, dismounts are swinging wide to the left to try and begin putting TAI 11 under small arms and missile fire. Once the dismounts have been pushed up to middling positions, their armor and AAA support can begin to fan out, covered somewhat by the infantry. The idea is simple; the dismounts will push, pulling the supporting vehicles along with them. As it is right now, the two parts of the Battalion are essentially fighting two very different battles: this is far from ideal, but I’m committed right now, and the air is thick with German missiles and autocannon fire; not exactly the best scenario to try and completely change the plan. The enfilading fire coming from TAI 11 and 21 is something I can attempt to deal with, however – the armor group make use of their smoke generators and shift a bit to their right, ready to make yet another dangerous dash across some open ground: The obscurants build... Three T-72s and the surviving two BMP-2s thrust forward…the Armor Group’s FO sees an enemy Wiesel from across the river begin to displace – I’m moving as fast as possible but my enemy is reacting just as fast. The enemy is setting up an L-shaped ambush. It works. Despite the dash being well covered by the billowing smoke, the formation takes fire from what I believe are panzerfaust 3s (they are shockingly inaccurate), two T-72s are struck as they arrive in position on the far side of the shield; one from the front, the other from the flank. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. It’s made a bit easier to digest as I give as good as I get: the surviving T-72s and those that were kept behind in SBF destroy two more Wiesels in return. More importantly, the BMPs have survived and were able to disgorge their infantry into cover.
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