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  1. It's actually the 4.02 patch which is causing it. I'm ok to version 4. I'll skip the 4.02 patch and get back to work.
  2. Thank you. I actually uninstalled everything and reinstalled 2, which works properly. I'll work my way up from here.
  3. Thanks Joe. Upgrading to 4 then 4.02 patch didn't work either. I actually uninstalled, then re-installed 3.12 but I'm still getting incorrect unit names. Any ideas?
  4. You mean delete the Brz files? I don't have a Z folder in my Data folder.
  5. Thanks for that. Can you explain how to "pull your mods"?
  6. Hi all I had CMBN v3.12 and installed patch 4.02. Now my units have strange titles, eg. my king tiger says Security RPG29. Don't think I needed patch 4.02. Is there any way to roll back to the previous 3.12 version? Any help appreciated.
  7. Hi all So I've downloaded version 3 and when I activated it said that Market Garden had been unlocked. What exactly does that mean as there are no new scenarios or campaigns available in the game. Thanks Glen
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