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  1. I own all of the Ww2 games, completely updated, latest versions plus all the additional packs. These were installed on my computer over time, going way back to when they first came out and then bringing them up to date with the newest version, updates etc. The good news is I am getting a new computer. The question is - is there an easy way to get all the Combat Mission stuff onto the new computer? Do I have to reinstall each game and each additional packet one at a time? Can I simply copy the files and bring them over from the old computer or will I run into problems doing that? Will my old serial numbers work on the new computer when I already used them on the old computer? What’s the best way to do this. this is a nice problem to have but I wanted to get you advice re best method to get things working. Any help, much appreciated.
  2. Mord - I really appreciate your tips. Will not be able to test them out until tomorrow...but...you probably should be a doctor re diagnosing things. Like an idiot I DID rename the file - put a “1” into the file name to distinguish it from the other similar files that I was working with. I suspect that I have learned a lesson here. Many thanks.
  3. Sorry to extend this but I still have a Howling Wind/White Noise problem and hope someone can help. I took an old "silent" wav file that I found buried in my old files and put it into the User Data file with a Mods subfile but I still get the same old howling wind. One note - I am working with a saved QB game - does pulling up a saved game (even after fully leaving the Program) somehow also pull up the old sounds that were in the saved game? (I would not have thought so!). Erwin - you mentioned "having birdsong" and "quiet" and I remember having those in the past. Can anyone direct me to those specific Wav files, the ones that I have been able to pull up so far do not seem to work that way? Any help, much appreciated. I am semi-retired now and enjoy playing the game but the background sound periodically give me the deja vu feeling that I am reviewing a 60 page contract and wishing that the g--dda-n place were quiet.
  4. Thank you very much, Mord. Very helpful. Love the game but having the wind howling in my ears is not great - reminds me too much of what used to be the background noise at work. Too many office designers think that "white noise" is the solution for no walls.
  5. For about a year I did other stuff and held off playing. I have added the most recent versions and updates. I used to hate the howling wind and in years past you guys helped me get to the sounds of silence. Now, coming back again, whether as a result of the new version or an update, the wind has returned. Would appreciate any help in locating the best Wav. file that gets rid of the wind and also quick advice as to exactly where the "Z" file now needs to be placed. Thanks a bunch guys.
  6. Just a quick suggestion - if you have not read the recent book "Battle Hardened" by Craig Chapman, you really should. I have read a lot of WW2 histories over the last 55 or so years and I cannot recall a book that gave me so much "real life" information regarding front line infantry tactics and weapons use. The author's father served in the U.S. 4th Infantry Division and was on the front lines (except for the two periods when he was recovering from wounds) from D Day thru VE Day. He was an officer who first commanded a mortar section, then a heavy machine gun platoon and finally served as commander of an infantry company. The son has reconstructed the details of his father's service through summaries of his father's recollections, battle reports, letters home, interviews, review of Field Manuals etc. In the process, he describes in detail the manner in which the squads and platoons used mortars, machine guns, artillery, tanks, etc. at the squad, platoon and company level. He describes German tactics as seen by the US infantryman and the learning curve which brought increased use by the US companies of combined arms tactics and provides, anecdotally, a whole range of information on the methods and methodology of WW2 infantry combat. In addition, the author provides an excellent description of his father's experiences and great examples of the sacrifices and dedication of the WW2 infantryman. A very, very worthwhile read. As I read it, I consistently had the reaction of ------ "Interesting how that reflects on how I should be playing scenarios in Combat Mission."
  7. Thanks to all the people who have responded to my previous questions. Your efforts are much appreciated. Let me try just a few more questions. 1) While the headquarters is still intact, does the Assistant Leader/SIC (second in command) unit perform any real function? Example - assume there is both a company HQ Leader who is uninjured and an SIC unit. If I decide I need to separate the two platoons of the company by a pretty great distance, will sending the SIC with one of the platoons serve as a substitute for having the company HQ nearby? Does having the SIC nearby when separated from the company Leader help with "maintain internal discipline, direct fire to be more effective and keep contact with other Leaders" - the functions that the Manual (page 63) says that Leaders perform? This also begs another question. I know with respect to the squads the platoon leaders helps "maintain internal discipline, direct fire to be more effective and keep contact with other Leaders", does a nearby Company Leader perform the same assistance to units at the squad level? 2) The Manual notes that "Units do not always follow the exact Command Line drawn on the map but [the AI] will choose their movement path independently based upon terrain....." etc. (p42). Have you found that units will deviate from the selected path if it appears "crowded" or if it somehow too narrow (but not at all impassable)?? I had a couple of incidents in an urban area where I was trying to send a ten man squad down a relatively narrow alley (buildings close on each side) as opposed to their becoming targets going down the parallel wide street. The alley already had a few of my folks in it. I used pretty short movement commands to send the squad into the alley and then to go up the alley. To my horror, about half the squad went up the alley as directed but the other half decided to go up the parallel wide street. Any thoughts on where I went wrong? 3) I have found the AI to be pretty good when playing meeting engagements and as the attacker in probes and assault. Going back even as far as strategy games of the early 90's it has always seemed to me that with pretty rare exceptions computer AI is usually better on the defense and somewhat weak on the attack. Just curious - how have you guys found the AI to be if you are defending against an AI assault or probe? Thanks for any thoughts and comments.
  8. Thank you all for your help. Sorry for the delay in responding - the cold/flu going around leveled me for a few days. I went on and finished the Quick Battle but I believe that I saved the game at the correct point so I think I will take some time to go back and explore and see if I can figure out what went wrong. Thanks again.
  9. Playing in a very built up urban area. House has two doors. One door is totally protected from fire and my troops are on that side of the building. The other door is totally exposed and my troops have to go around the building in order to enter from there.. In two different instances now my guys have chosen to go around the building and try to enter from the door on the exposed side. In each case I am "pretty sure" that the instructions that I gave placed them just outside the correct door and then instructed to enter. What is it that I likely did wrong? There were guys already inside the building, is it possible for "overcrowding to lead to this? Is it possible (likely?) that the path that I drew somehow cut a corner and gave them more flexibility than I wanted to give them? As I look over the dead bodies lying outside the door, any suggestions as to how to prevent this??
  10. 1) Delay in Release - I move my unit and then either right click or left click on the sky to try to "release" and go to another unit. A number of times there is either no release or it takes a really long time. Any better ways to address this and get a "quick" release? (Is it my computer??...thought it was pretty strong...) 2 - Holding Objective - When the scenarios requires you to hold an objective in order to get Victory points - is there any minimum on the number of units needed to do the holding? Assuming no enemy, is a crew or scout team or bazooka team enough to get the points? 3) Quick Battle/Really Tiny - what is the best way to get quick battles below "tiny"? Example - single company or a couple of platoons. Any way to do this without "cheating" and selecting the unit makeup for the other side? 4) Stupid Question but just to be sure (because the manual seems to miss here) - when I see the brownish/orange dot below the rifle on a unit display, does this mean he is slightly wounded but still functioning? 5) Quick Battle Maps - how strong do you take the indication re "side"? Example if I want to do a probe as Germans but the little description on the map selection square says "Allies" how much am I screwing up if I do it as Germans? Thanks for any help. Much appreciated.
  11. Assume I have a number of units (but too few) already firing on an enemy unit. I have another unit, assume either an infantry squad or AFV on the other side of a hill from the enemy. in other words, the enemy unit is currently spotted and is being fired upon by others. Is there any simple command by which I can command the unit to move until it sees the target and then stop and fire??? So far, my feeling has been that I need to zoom in and carefully eyeball the situation at ground level and place the end of the movement point at the location at which my "best guess" is that my unit will see the enemy unit. When I do this, sometimes I am right but a fair amount of times I guess wrong and the unit either ends up short of the ridge (with no target) or keeps moving over the ridges and takes shots from the enemy when it should have stopped to fire. Is there a way that I don't know about to "automatically" address this through a series of commands? (does "hull down" fix this for AFV's but not for infantry?).
  12. Again thanks for your help. Funny - I tend to write my acquisition date inside the manuals and keep the manuals together. Makes for an interesting history seeing a very well-used Barbarossa to Berlin Manual dated May of 2003, Beyond Overlord (undated but bought after B to B), much less used Shock Force Manual dated December of 2007 and the Manual for Version 3.00 dated September of 2014. Long history. Slow load is not an issue. If nothing can be done about it that is the answer and no big deal.
  13. Sincere thanks for the info and the tips. The Radeon AMD graphics card really improved the play of a number of games so I do not begrudge the possibility/likelihood that it does not work well on this one set of games. Odd though - you'd think there be a fix that Battlefront would want to implement for such a widely used product. That's life and product economics. Thanks re the tip of exempting the startup file from virus scanning. I had not thought of that and have now implemented it. Problem might be that you are accessing not only the startup file but also the saved games and they are in a separate file and McAfee lets you turn off this type of scanning only on a file by file basis -- thus trying to go beyond the startup exe file does not seem practical. I will also continue to try turning the whole McAfee thing off and see what happens. Have worked hard to turn off other unneeded programs and have pushed this envelope about as far as I think I can. Again - thanks for the help. Not being sarcastic - I have some articles that I can read and will do so whenever I have to wait. sad though that I expect that I will need to avoid anything higher than a "small" game. Hopefully things will somehow improve whenever the third generation (or is it the "fourth"?) of the game comes out.
  14. System - Dell XPS 7100 \ AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor (Quad Core Processor) 2.80 Ghz. 8 GB Ram. Card = AMD Radeon 270X (2GB Memory) System is older but has had added RAM and new (last 24 months) video card (2015) and brand new hard drive (2014). Using Windows 10. McAfee is the virus controller BUT - I have taken to turning Real Time Scanning off whenever I play the game. Also - have disabled Cortana for a lot of reasons. I did an experiment with Task Manager, don't know whether it is "valid" in a technical sense. Loaded a Final Blitzkrieg Saved Game from an initial entry into the game (McAfee turned off) and watched Task Manager as it loaded - "CPU" usage during loading averaged around 20% with high of 23%. "Memory" usage averaged about 32% - generally using 350MB or less. Load time - 3:30. Then I played the game for a while. Quit without fully exiting from the game and immediately loaded a saved game. Results were largely the same - CPU around 28% and Memory around 31% with 400 -466 MG range of usage. Load time not materially different -- 3:14. This is better than the 4:30 and 4:45 load time that I was getting with Red Thunder - probably the result of turning McAfee off. If you have any tips, much appreciated. Otherwise I have pulled out copies of Strategy and Tactics (subscriber since 1972), World at War etc. and will simply catch up on unread articles. No longer as ticked off as I was.. it is what it is - good game with its own faults.
  15. I spoke too soon. I tried loading a scenario and it opened fairly quickly. Then I set up a small quick battle on Red Thunder. Played a turn saved, quit and immediately loaded the saved game and it took 4minutes and 30 seconds. I reinstalled 1.3 patch and then loaded the saved game and took 4 minutes and 19 seconds. It hangs up forever at the 28% level. I looked at the earlier posts that say that it used to hang up at the 23% point. Saw your responses there but I guess it is not really fixed yet. I play the latest versions of Total War, numerous John Tiller titles, Matrix Games (Barbarrosa Decisive Campaigns, Scourge of war, etc.), numerous other strategy and war games without anything remotely like this -- plenty of RAM, plenty of hard drive, absolutely nothing like this pain in the a-- within my memory. I may trying uninstalling and reinstalling but more likely I will move on to another game. Sad and tiresome, I am not a technical guy but I can't understand why a substantial part of the saved game ("data" - where it hangs up) doesn't seem to be left in the RAM when you quit and go to saved game, would seem like it should load quicker than a new scenario.
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