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  1. I don't know about anyone else but the Russians have been pretty good with wargame simulations themselves and I doubt they lag in computer versions either. so I say who needs to steal ours. its all rather presumptuous I think. I don't think third world enemies need to pirate commercial wargames. where there is a will there is a way 😛 happy discussions.
  2. fixing the outlandish formations the ai chooses will go a long way to helping QB.
  3. hmmmm….can of worms here. I would like a random map generator with a dynamic enemy force generator such as..instead of having one big enemy force deployed certain contacts can turn out out be nothing or something nasty This combined with other random features for both sides. say a ai die is rolled and walla you get a plt of tanks...or the enemy show up with a flank counter attack..sometimes the mission is easy sometimes to hard to push on without slaughtering everything. this implys a campaign system also. its a pipe dream I know but a nice one I think.
  4. is cease fire against the ai sleeze fire. I've scored wins and losses using it.
  5. ivv'e been getting a crash to desktop in the demo and 2.01 game.. only in SF do I get this bug
  6. maybe so but whats wrong with a Barbarossa to the Carpathians. that out of the way we can dream about more esoteric and unimportant fronts and time scales. not that there is anything wrong with those
  7. as a consumer of bf products with a considerable investment. Battle Front better release a Barbarossa! or I sell all my stock
  8. Hi everyone, simple question I think. No threat of an epic thread do shadows have any effect on the game ai or are they just there to turn off or not turn off and drive us mad? *opinion* they should have a real life effect on the game …. night scenarios would be particularly cool...
  9. maybe BF is slow so they get more front page hits 😛
  10. what does a cm style trench represent anyway...my guess they are freshly build. ww1 style trenches seem out of the cm scope. but even so I can see the complaints valid in the pure game sense. maybe that's the issue we are dealing with? or bf is dealing with.
  11. Play attack scn perhaps probes xD as for myself I wish enemy dismounts will jump trenches with direct fire HE...using air bursts does not seem to budge them either. when I have been shelled my memory says I ran from field forts but hardly a game breaker since so much cm does not use those.
  12. sburke is right. they are all hard. vehicles are often severely restricted in fb much like bn but different like. I think its all about designers now that I think about it 😛 what's with the bocage puzzles anyway. this old man cant always see those murder holes.
  13. I hope the t-34 would be standing still forward sloped then? 😛
  14. I did the first Aachen scenario...was kinda fun 😛 I used the map's intricacy to infiltrate the entire ranger company across one avenue right where that accursed stug could see into the administration building. I killed the stug with a helcat by chance. it fired through a keyhole on the left flank road toasting it. good map ben. the second map looks more daunting.
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