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    I bought squad leader at toys are us for 9.99 in 1979. The rest of my story is just so much dross
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  1. the manuel is very clear on the subject
  2. you might already know there is no mounting of tanks in BS? In other titles with mounted units I believe dismounts wont dismount while mounted under fire
  3. looks great. I like the depth to it. is that due to the mod or is it a shader mod?
  4. I recall having the same problem in a qb. I think they are for direct fire only. purchasing them for offboard is the only fix in know if possible.
  5. I played a fair amount of tcp in the old days and had a blast. It seems email games are favored by the comuninty in many games and that might be a factor in its loss.
  6. my small exp with BS has me of the opinion that most h2h players prefer clashes with Ukrainian forces and Russian for balance. Am I mistaken? If not I don't see an issue unless the scope of the conflict in BS is expanded. Maybe an expansion "the real war of 2019"? that would be great fun to be fair.
  7. I read the book back in the 90s and loved it. but it all seems rather fictional to me since the main characters had so much frickin luck. the veteran was my fav toon . its a great read even if untrue.
  8. there were a lot of things about cm1 and its qb generator i'd like to see back such as random maps but i'm sure its all moot discussion by now.
  9. what do you know I think I did it. I only gave it depth effect and found out how to edit the value to 40 and voila it looks better. I only have issues wheni try other effects. thanks
  10. I got a perfect installation using herr tom's instruction and his shaders but cant figure out how to get the depth settings. also shift +f2 does not work for me and have to use home to get the tutorial. in settings I don't get any settings other then screen shot hot keys etc. the game looks fine otherwise but nothing earth shattering yet. thanks tom for the effort.
  11. I found the whole series of movies rather fascinating. I loved the way the pictures depicted soviet style military doctrine. the dummy bridgehead scene was great. not exactly good propaganda for 1972 either yet kept in the film.
  12. this bunching up of units in quick battles bothers me too. I think your idea is a good one. I would also like to see a feature for reinforcments. perhaps making them cheaper but can only enter after a reasonable amount of time has passed. this would also help with clutter.
  13. Barbarossa would be nice. t-34 versus p3h or t26v p3g or what ever would be interesting to me. hoards of Russians against well trained germans. this might also be problematic at this scale so who knows what we could get with that.
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