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  1. We are talking about something specific to the russian BMPs and BTRs. It doesnt apply to the M2 Bradley. They dont have a commander like the Bradley. The infantry squad leader or anyone else for that matter will act as commander and man the commander`s sensors, adding to spotting ability if he`s inside the vehicule. I dont know if there is a penalty if someone other than the squad leader mans the commander's position.
  2. I'm not sure if it needs to be the squad leader. One thing I know.. the scout two men team doesnt have a leader before getting in the vehicule and one of them becomes leader and the other machine gunner when they get into it. Also, It spots with difficulty without the team and much better with it inside.
  3. There was a bug when the leader you left in the vehicule wasnt communicating with the gunner. They fixed it and yes, It will greatly enhance spotting . Think about an additional piece of good optics scanning 360 around the vehicule.. without it, there is only the gunner and he spots where the turret is pointed at and thats your spotting ability : very limited
  4. I'm starting to love thse BRDM-2 AT5s.. cheap, small, fast, spots pretty well, tandem warhead missile with 750mm-800mm of pen, can fire at close range (minimum range is 80 meters I think), and can fire 4 missiles in under a minute. Also good looking thanks to Kieme's mods.
  5. And the surviving infantry squad (dismounted) exacts revenge when the BRDM tries to withdraw (my mistake, slow reversed instead of turning around under cover and fast move out of there):
  6. speaking of bradleys... a lowly platoon of BRDM-2 AT5Bs (three vehicules) killed a Bradley platoon by themselves. Here's the last kill for your viewing pleasure: They were farther from each other, compression view because of the camera zoom.
  7. you are funny I played a quickbattle against a friend and my troops lost 2 BTR-82As and killed 12 bradleys. Russians do not believe in independent infantry anymore. So having guys running around as Russian is pointless. Put a scout team in the BTR-82A to act as commander/leader to man the sensors and act as spotter and see how close it is between it and the Brad. On defense, it`s a great Bradley killing machine. The BTR-82A, BMPs (latest) are not meant to be used separately. They dont have a commander ! You lose 80% of his spotting ability if you dont detach a scout team from its infantry squad and leave them in the vehicule. If you dont dio that, yeah you`ll get crushed since only the gunner with his limited field of view will spot. One thing though, in a test, on a plain vanilla BMP-2, it took 20 seconds between the commander (leader) in the turret spotting a brad and giving the info to the gunner so he could spot it too and engage it. It happens much faster (1-2 seconds) on BTR-82As, BMP-2Ms and BMP-3s, Is that normal or a bug ? Or the commander of those vehicules can ovverride the gunner and slew the gun towards the contact ?
  8. Attacking abrams that have all their bells and whistles intact is a bad idea unless you have many well hidden and distant kornet ATGMs launchers that can salvo launch from many different directions or a russian tank. The first part of the battle, you need to degrade their sub-systems, sacrificing a few units to achieve that. I find that AGS-30/17 grenade launchers, vanilla bmp-2s with 30mm auito-cannon, Tunguskas, Artillery (when Abrams are on defense) are pretty effective. Cheap KOrnets atgm crews , even if they do not kill the Abrams, will severely degrade their sub-systems with non-penetrating hits (with the bonus if getting a chance of killing it outright from any aspect). Same as precision arty. THEN you hit them with your tank reserve which should destroy the Abrams with minimal losses to themselves. You must split and isolate the abrams from the Brads and infantry. Or simply kill the brads first with AT-13s and scatter the infantry with Airburst artillery. Playing the russians are a challenge
  9. Well, I've made a few tests. All regulars crewed +1 leadership BMP-2Ms. Sometimes they first fire a few bursts from their auto-cannon, revealing themselves and getting killed quickly. Sometimes they fire their missiles. Is there a way to modify the behavior of the troops so they do NOT fire their auto-cannon when they have a weapon system available that can kill a tank ? It is complicated actually. You can`t really program a tactical A.I that will react like a human do. There`s too many variables. If the missiles have a good chance to kill, they should use their missiles. If not, use auto-cannon while popping smoke and backing-off.But using auto-cannon when you have something that is much more likely to kill the target, it's just plain frustrating. Even the Bradleys should use their TOW-2Bs instead of the 25mm against russian tanks facing them frontally at range. But if they can hit the sides, they should use auto-cannon. Depends on the equipment. Maybe it should be related to experience level, so you can get more optimized decisions the more experienced the crew is. Should also be linked to the morale status. A rattled or panic or nervous crew should take less optimized decisions. I dont know if that`s possible.
  10. I wasnt saying missiles are my primary anti-AFV weapon. I was saying the Brad`s ERA wont do much against them. I can ideally surprise Bradleys from the side or rear with the auto-cannon. I also get the drop more often than you might think when on defense even when slugging it out frontally. The new 30mm APFDS on the BMP-2 and BMP-3 featured in the game will penetrate the Bradley 100% of the time frontally. Which is NOT the case with the old 30mm ammo. One thing you MUST do on BMPs is to leave a detached infantry two man team inside to man the commander`s position and more advanced optics. The commander has a thermal camera with a pretty wide angle view on the BMP-3M and a panoramic thermals on the BMP-2s. If you dont, you only have the narrow field of view of the gunner`s sight to spot with and yeah... good luck with that againt Brads. The BIG disavantage is that you end up with 4 men infantry teams. Russian (soviet) doctrine insisted that the BMP's firepower should compensate but I`m not sure. They did that to reduce the silhouette and making that thing harder to hit and spot. But with modern thermals and FCS, that design philosophy doesnt offer any advantage anymore, it only makes this design philosophy a ****ty deal. That's why the Kurganets is now so big. They dont care about the silhouette anymore.
  11. I play the abrams with regular crews +1 leadership ... maybe that is helping. I also never fire at "intact" M1s. The laser on the BMP-2Ms kornets will trigger the laser warning, slew the turret in the BMPs direction and anything better than regular will spot the BMP-2ms and kill it before the Kornets hits.
  12. Well, that;s how they modelled it in the game. "SUpernatural spotting" at long range..well... without question better than the BMP-3M or BMP-2M in RL but I think there is a slight exagerration on the US side and slight under-representation on the Russian side in the game. Russian, AT-5As, AT-13s, PG-7VR warheads, AT-14, AT-10 stabber and AT-15s are all tandem warheads and will kill a Brad without breaking a sweat from all aspects. At-5As, PG-7Rs and AT-13 will struggle against the ERA on the abrams sides since they are double blocks (not enough residual penetration left ) on the hull and there is a bug where the single row of Era on the turret combined with a bug on side turret M1a2 armor resistance will defeat the 950mm tandem warhead on the AT-13. It should punch through with at least with a partial penetration a regular basis. The PG7VR should not btw. Bmp-3M will resist .50 from the front all day but will have sub-system damage pretty quickly. Sides ? depends where it hits but mostly a liability. The one with ERA blocks will protect it against .50 on the sides and the 40mm HEAT grenade until ERA blocks are depleted. I've played almost exclusively russian since the game came out. The few scenarios that I've played as the US, I got my butt partially handed to me which is funny since thats contrary to most player`s experiences.
  13. I've seen BRDM-2M AT-5s (with the improved optics) kill two or three Abrams in some games by firing at rear and sides and top turret from an elevated position reverse sloped. Never use them in other settings when taking on Abrams. Against the Brad hull down at medium-long range they are quite effective and cheap !
  14. Well the gunner on the t-72b3 will spot well when slewing the turret left and right to cover à bigger arc and the gunner sight is much superior to the one on the t-64 and has thermals so it should see much better on the frontal arc . Side and rear it will see marginally better because of more vision blocks but it should be bad at spotting and i think it already is.
  15. Well the gunner on the t-72b3 will spot well when rotating the turret left and right to cover à bigger arc and the gunner sight is much superior to the one on the t-64 and has thermals so it should see much better on the frontal arc . Side and rear it will see marginally better because of more vision blocks but it should be bad at spotting and i think it already is.
  16. I'm sure that's a bug.. i mean common .. wwii tanks in CMFB spot better
  17. I bail out crews and do a recon on foot to make sure Abrams are not facing me before moving when surprising them with small tactical moves.
  18. It could also represent a shift from a strictly defensive focus to a more offensive minded one (as in a powerful and mobile counter offensive element). You need mass and numbers for that as I said previously.
  19. Thats the same southfront who were claiming the russian army would be getting T-90AMs in significant numbers. Divisions are more suitable for the kind of doctrine the Russians have and also their current less capable equipment. They need mass and numbers to have a chance of being successful. Brigades dont provide that. I believe they are more suitable for low intensity conflicts. They are getting back in the high intensity business, much like the US. Once they get equipment like armata, Boomerang and Kurganets, It could be different.
  20. Where can we get reliable info about what goes on in the Russian army ? In the game, US army is well covered but it's the Russian side of things that needs to be worked on and discussed. So the 150 T-72BM3s is correct then. Seems like VDV will be getting them (they seem to be more and more considering the VDV as "shock troops": superior troops but with mostly the same role as the regular army , like the Marines in the US. That's why they are giving them heavy armor.
  21. The video is a direct narration of the article. The woman is a narrator for southfront and is paid to read a script written by people who know about russian tanks. Maybe it's not accurate but give us something that will contradict both the article and the video. With relikt and a panoramic sight with thermals for the commander, It May not be the equal of western tanks but used wisely is a capable and dangerous opponent. With numbers it could be a credible tank force. Not totally rubbish. Crew protection ? Yeah of course it's rubbish but people die in wars. Russia is expecting mostly defense, not offense.
  22. Listen to the video that John Kettler posted. They clearly say the MOD announced they would upgrade all T-90as to T-90AM standard.
  23. Lovely expression that meatspace as opposed to cyberspace lol
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