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  1. It doesn't matter... Comrade Stalin has many more!
  2. Absolutely true that, although it will probably be the other way round... it's normally the infantry who gather round the tanks because there is always a brew on in a tank!
  3. Great pics!... I started life on the tanks before I went to the airborne side whilst in the army. You should try sitting in a Chieftain Mk V (showing my age here) when it has a 'flashback'. All that energy, heat and flame when the main 120mm is fired, comes back into the turret instead of the muzzle.
  4. Forgotten all about this one, I'd even downloaded and installed it... I'll give it a go!
  5. Thanks Mord... just got the free download for OOB WWII, played the boot camp missions. The game is really enjoyable! I'm going to get the Blitzkrieg, North Africa and Marines campaigns now!
  6. You yanks used to do a lot of that when we were parachuting with you in Hueys and Chinooks!
  7. Absolutely... took my dog for a walk on the beach a few years back. Threw a ball for him back towards the cliffs. Strangely, he didn't bring it back, but sat down and waited for me to go to him. When I got there I was astounded to see him sitting in between some old rockets and bombs!... Got him away from them and ran back to the camp site and got the manager to ring the bomb squad, who subsequently came out. Apparently it was a common occurrence as the area at the top of the cliffs I had been walking the dog along, was an old RAF bombing range during WWII, and after a storm, parts of the cliff face would collapse and old ordinance would end up on the beach...
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