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  1. Trooper117

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    I don't own any of the CMSF modules, but I really like the look of this... does anyone know how much of all of that with the new version is going to cost?
  2. Trooper117

    A long delayed update

    I have extolled the virtues of CM's games on steam to anyone that would listen... those that are interested only have to come on to the site here to find out more. If they want it they will buy it, they certainly don't need the game to be on steam to enjoy playing it.
  3. Put it this way John... if I had demonstrated on my platoon sgt's battle course that the ambush was to be conducted in the fashion shown in the movie, I'd have been on the first transport out of Brecon...
  4. Just watched the first one... all I can say after watching them ambush the convoy, is 'Fred Karno's'... It's entertaining in it's own way, but the Soviet elite forces are probably not to happy to see them portrayed as this bunch.
  5. Trooper117

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Many thanks for the explanations... keep at it lads!
  6. Trooper117

    A long delayed update

    Great stuff guys... nice to have some news!
  7. Trooper117

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Thanks for the update!
  8. Good answer!
  9. Trooper117

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Great pics!
  10. Happy days chaps... let's have some more
  11. Trooper117

    A distraction while we wait..

    Hi mate, I did our airborne course when I was in 5AB brigade in the mid 80's... we were providing the brigades Medium recce element. I left the military in 1989, but the following year I joined again and went into the the parachute regiment reserves and served 20 yrs or so
  12. Trooper117

    A distraction while we wait..

    I've been following this for months... As an ex airborne soldier it's a must have for me!
  13. Trooper117

    Juri's UI mod...

    Right, I've found the correct one now... it was a combination of Juju's CMBN UI, with an update to add the FI/GL units to it! Happy days
  14. Trooper117

    Juri's UI mod...

    Sorry, Imeant Juju's, lol!