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  1. dragonwynn

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    Thanks MANoWAR for the kind comments. Yea the decision to let go or hold is one of the dilemas war throws at those who must fight them. The story will be revisted later in the campaign. Glad you like it so far. Michael
  2. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I had to go through a relocation move so been tied up with that for a few weeks. Still waiting to get home internet hooked up but hope to get back on track with this project soon. Thanks for the continuing interest.
  3. I Just recently discovered your work. I'm in the middle of the "Mountains of Allah Campaign" and loving it.

    I thought ( last couple of years) that the scenario depot was the only place to find new content. And now I find all of your content in the MODs forms.  I just gotta say..Great work!!  I started reading all your past posts so I saw your request to Bootie to upload.  I would love to see all your work In one place.  Keep It up my friend!!



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    2. Daveoreno


      I have all Combat Mission games and addon’s except Italy and shock force (so far).

      Just a quick question. I just started the forth mission in the Mountains of Allah Campaign (Assault on Haya-Yurt) and I don’t see an asset that can call in the Hind Gunship strikes.  Perhaps a dedicated FO is necessary. Or perhaps I’m not playing the most recent version.  Anyway I really love the immersion I get from your modded campaigns.

    3. dragonwynn


      I will check on that. I thought I had that in on the latest version but may be mistaken. Glad you are enjoying it. I have quite a few campaigns for Red Thunder and Normandy so not surte which ones you have played. Let me know what you have played and I will send you the links of the others.

    4. Daveoreno


      Thank you so much. But by reading all your posts over the years I think I have tracked  everything down. I just wish my wife would tell me to spend more time on my PC ; )


  4. dragonwynn

    CMBS Winter Mod

    For those of you who tried my Mountains of Allah Campaign or the scenario Cat and Mouse in the Promka you should have most of the files from the winter mod as both these were designed with snow terrain.
  5. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks guys. Im using the Ukr T-64 BV which is pretty close to the T-62 and will model in the campaign the Chonma-Ho MBT. I was surprised to find in my research that the Pokpung has modeled after the T-72's and was upgraded with technologies of the T-80 and T-90 tanks. Its no slouch but I am sure its not even close to the T-90 on the battlefield. It was interesting none the less. And only one unit in the NK army is equipped with the Pokpung and its the 105th Seoul Ry-Kyong-Su Guards Division.
  6. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Added a few new screenshots from one of the maps showing some fall foliage detail and more Korean buildings. Also added screenies of uniforms of both the US units in the campaign. Link here https://imgur.com/a/jXIPF Maybe by the end of the year it will be completed..... Michael
  7. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks exsonic01. I have decided to just focus the campaign around the US response. Im still refining the area of operations but most of it if not all will happen on the South Korean side.
  8. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks GruntGi. Its coming along. Thanks JohnO for the maps. They will help greatly.
  9. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks for the support and suggestions guys. I am looking forward to CMSF2 for sure, lots of good potential for scenario/campaign designers there. I am leaning towards not using the SK's but keep the story line around the US response. Core US units will be the 2nd Infantry Division (Indian Head) (uniforms done) and the 1 Bn 2nd ABCT (Black Knights) which I can now model their uniform insignias. If my research is correct the 2nd ABCT is the next rotational team in Korea (they may be there now). The idea behind this is North Korea takes advantage of certain "situations" and attacks across the DMZ. They have upgraded some of their military abilities (how is outlined in the storyline) but due to limited resources (fuel, supplies, etc) they are on a tight timeline to secure specific objectives or they know the invasion will fail. It will be the US resopnse to prevent them from reaching said objectives. Ive tried to model their vehicles and armor based on research I have been able to dig up so hopefully their TO&E will be somewhat realistic. They will lack the experience levels of the US forces but will have large numbers of troops and especially lots of artillery. Hopefully when its all said and done it will be a fun play through.
  10. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Ok managed to get the North Koreans switched to the Ukarinian side. Reworked all uniforms, vehicles and silhouttes as well as got the voice files switched over. I may add to those later. Also reworked some of the fall foilage, hopefully will give a good representation of the season. First map is coming along so the project is slowly grinding forward. Still undecided about the South Korean presence in the campaign. The uniforms look decent but not being able to use the Korean voice files and faces is a bummer. Thinking about keeping them involved in the storyline but not actually making a apperance and just use US units. The campaign will take place in one part of the the country and is a small part of the bigger storyline so that option has some merit. Thoughts on this are appreciated. I really want to give a realistic experience to the player (at least as far as the game engine allows) so would it be a viable option to not include the SK's visually? Here is the link to the new screenshots of the NK uniforms and vehicles. https://imgur.com/a/jXIPF Michael
  11. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Lol yea got to love the goose stepping Not a bad idea. Just invested alot of time into this already would like to see it through but may just can the project. Cant get the Ukrainian uniforms to NK mod to work right. Keeps showing different uniforms for different soldiers so some have the correct ones some dont. The Russians worked fine but Uks are not playing well together. Thought the mod tags were suppose to eliminate that issue so not sure what Im doing wrong.
  12. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks for the videos guys. All info is helpful. As for the SK in this campaign my plan was to use them strictly in a infantry only role and not try to mod US armor for them. I feel I need to include them in some form but not being able to use the face mod or voice mod for them is irritating. So Ill keep punching forward for now and try to make this somewhat worth while.
  13. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks for all the input guys. I understand the NK's are a little more modernized than in reality and Im looking at work arounds for this but as I stated this is a fictional situation. Once the mods are done for this I may release them as a mod pack. While I see the advantages in CMSF2 I still think BS is the better choice for this, especially for terrian options. Once I get the NK switched over to the Ukrainian TO&E hopefully it will give a bit more realism. But we shall see.
  14. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks Bear. I actually have considered this and you probably just switched me to it. It wont take alot of work to switch some files to the Uk side. Im sure you are quite correct. I was going to try and offset some of this by adjusting the skill level for the NK's. I will see what I can do. Either way players will have to use their imaginations a bit here. As I stated I know this project is limited by the game engine. Just trying to give everyone something different. Yea Im working those hills in. trying to do due dilligence on my research for each map on terrian. Thanks for the input guys. That pic Sgt. I actually have used as a base model. I just removed the big insignia since I assume its for parade purposes and not combat.
  15. dragonwynn

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

    Thanks guys. still working on the first map. Do have the core units for the most part in place. Im still undecided about the SK forces. Ideally I wanted to create the SK forces from the Ukranian data base. That way I could use my asian faces mod (yes I created asian faces for the NK's and it was a freakin pain) as well as the asian voice mod. The problem was the weapon load out would be all wrong for the SK's. So I created a SK uniform mod depicting the South Korean 8th Infantry Division (Tumbler) tagged to the Coyote Brown US forces. This gave me the right weapon mix but now you have english speaking SK's as well as some ethnic mixing in the faces. To do the Korean voice mod I took the US voice files, typed them into a English to Korean voice translator which created a Korean mp3 file. I took that into a audio program, changed the tempo and pitch so it wouldnt be quite so monotone and created a .wav file. I then saved them as Russian voice files and tagged them to the campaign. Since there seems to be a hundred voice files I didnt do them all just some basic ones so every once in a while one will spit out something in Russian. If patience persisits I will try add more. Most of the action will probably be at a distance so you wont hear them much anyway but I am anal about immersion. I have been working on a horizon mod using photographs of South Korean mountainous terrain but I cant get the dang seams right. The campaign will feature missions in different terrian types, villages, valleys, rice paddies, as well as urban combat. There will be a storyline to create the events leading to the conflict. Michael