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  1. Since I began playing the CM series, I have always believed that the delay time, especially in cases where the Artillery / Mortar asset are stated as being directly in Support of a particular unit, are too long. If your playing a scenario which lasts 40 mins and the delay is 10 - 12 mins, its one quarter of the total time. I was part of a FOO/MFC (forward Observation/Mortar Fire Controller) team myself and if you have Artillery or Mortars in direct Support, they are there, waiting for the your fire Order. If a delay of 10 - 12 mins and in certain circumstances within the game, even longer, that support would not be considered in Direct Support to you. This sounds really negative, it is not intended to be so, its something that's frustrated me through the playing process.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I do normally prefer the Campaigns which as you say do offer better choices. There is something about CMFI that really appeals to me, possibly the scenery etc.
  3. Having played the game now for some time, be it BN RT or FI one thing which has bugged me is the fact that lots of scenarios have unobtainable tasks. Of course its a game and sometimes making the game difficult creates the fun and an extra challenge. In some cases however its plain frustrating. I have a military background and without a doubt, if I were given the task required by some of the scenarios, I would have to refuse those tasks. The case in question is "Gateway to Palermo" FI. The Missions objective is to Occupy a Town, with a secondary mission to Occupy the hill, which is on route to the Town. You have 2 platoons of infantry with 5 Sherman s, some recce support. No Artillery. Reinforcements include 1 additional platoon and some mobile howitzers and a priest. I have tried this scenario now 5 times adopting different tactics each time. I estimate the enemy strength is a least 1 Company with armour in or around the Town, lost count off AT Guns. I have tried to capture the Hill first on route to the Main objective and got slaughtered. Off course sometimes you get defeated but this one is a real bugger. If I had 2 battalions with a full Company of Armour and 2 batteries of field Artillery, I reckon I could achieve the Missions. Attack ratios are 3:1 minimum.
  4. Following a long period of really not knowing what to do, I decided to upgrade CMFI to Eng 4 along with the remainder of the CM Games. The Crucifix issue has been resolved, Its gone, thought it was worth mentioning. Also following the download of the patch to Eng 4 the game has improved hugely. Best Wishes to all.
  5. mjkerner, that's good advice, thanks. I' attempt a reinstall, running on engine 3, so not too bad. Cheers.
  6. rocketman, I assumed it was something like that. I will do a process of illumination with the MODS etc by removing them into different location and adding one at at time until such time as it runs OK, thanks.
  7. Why is it that when I Go to open all vehicles, all half tracks or open topped vehicles have a man standing in a CRUCIFIX stance.
  8. My current state is CMBM 3.0 with CW and MG. having downloaded the 3.11 patch I installed all 9 files as instructed (I do not have the Veh Pack) The installation into the CMBN File went on and on and on, appearing to go round and round until after the 7th /DATA file I stopped the installation (50 minutes have passed) and started the game. The game screen correctly had the 3.11 version and 3.0 game engine but only the CMBN game listed. I then as instructed entered both Activation keys for CW and MG games and restarted. All done looking good. However on staring a game in "Battle" it was apparent that all on screen units were in fact named something else, their descriptions were all wrong. Frustrating. I have created a ticket on this but if anyone has any ideas please send them my way. If I have missed something simple here then I apologise.
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