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  1. I stated this thread to see what people would like to see added in the future....As far as modules and weapons packs.. Modules I would like to see a special forces pack..that includes GRU and MVD/Vityaz troops..and also uncons for both sides.. Weapons packs As for weapons packs I would like to see an artillery pack with the D-30 and it's US counter-part and a few more mobile artillery units for Russia and the US..
  2. Will Russia eventually get the BMPT and the BTR-T??
  3. Nice job...happy to hear its coming soon, best RTS developer IMOP..will be a first day pick up for me. since ill be getting the downloadable version..and looking forward to what you guy have in store for us in the future. And were getting some on map artillery wow you guys are really starting to give us all the things needed for a true war simulator.
  4. Will we get modeled aircraft? like see the aircraft in the sky when doing an air mission...
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