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  1. So you just need to find the right IP address because the game gets it wrong, so you look on your router to know your IP address then you need to close your firewalls. right?
  2. What do you mean berto, can you be more precise and specific? I don't get the steps.I don't understand what each step means.
  3. both of our ports are the same, how can i fix the problem?
  4. What do you mean demo vs demo? I tried that, my friend had a demo and i have a demo and we tried connecting and it wouldn't connect.
  5. I tried playing demo multiplayer, but it wouldn't connect.
  6. ohh you sneaky bum, trying to take the lead by making me look bad. It's ooooaaaaan.
  7. no, they aren't stupid, that's probably a media tactic. Of course they don't believe that people will give up because they are so afraid. It's part of the propaganda. See what they do is make all the countries around them afraid like hell with all their videos. I was in Lebanon this summer, and I've seen the beheading videos and my uncle's friend was beheaded and I was scared ****less of being beheaded. Pure terror.
  8. Last 2 minutes of the second movie are the best parts
  9. real winners realize that there are no rules, that rules are just the ideas of stupid people, so there are no rules to follow, I make the rules. Plus I bet you 10 bucks you're gonna suck it. I swear you're never going to win, what was your guess?
  10. so the first 3 minutes would be more of the media propaganda, and they are exaggerating it, it's not like, you go into the army and you come out as a robot killing machine, haha, no the first 3 minute sounds kinda stupid.... Yea, in 1987, I don't think things change. Maybe it's just the outside looking in. No no, this documentary is biased, its not like. People can't think on their own and have free will on their on, this documentary is bs. Second documentary is better, it's sometimes 80% right and sometimes 60% right.
  11. see me I've heard two sides of the story. I am Lebanese and my country is complete ****, and my uncle was part of the militia during the war, and whenever I ask him and hear him talk about war, he always says war is the worst thing in the world, and that it's sick and ugly. Just men, who could be loving each other, hating and killing each other, even though they are the same, then I hear the other side of the story and this Vietnam war veteran talks about why he loves war, and I think I understand how both of them fit into the big picture. http://public.wsu.edu/~hughesc/why_men_love_war.htm And he is talking about the repression he hated living in the us, and he loved being able to do what he wants (that's something everyone wants), and he loved the brotherhood of the army, and he thought of it as a game, which was both horrifying and also exhilarating, but once the initial fun went away, that war was hard and dirty, just a game where you lose all your brothers one by one. And he also talks about the "us vs them" mentality and the group cohesion and how that felt like he was really home. I'm kinda confused, but I have some of the pieces.
  12. man I hate that "anxiety," it's this paranoia that always makes you restless and makes life 10x harder. **** I hate fear, it's a soul stomper. But but you're right, if I think about it, if you're not emotionally attached to someone, and you get over the gore, it's not that big of a deal. But if its like your mom dying infront of you. It's gonna hurt. Yea for the propoganda, I thought there would be more, but it's cool how there's not. Is it kind of the thing where the army guys just say "I'm just an army guy, i just do what they tell me, I don't deal with the bs politics."
  13. no but I say propoganda so you know what I'm talking about. If I said something different then you wouldn't know what I was saying, but you're way of looking at things is right.
  14. ahhh bullshet, that's like, you got to have no life to be constantly checking the forums. you sneaaaaaaky bastard, hahaha, man, see, if I were you, I'd have as much fun just messing with people and making them beg and do what you want, but at the end. I wouldn't buy them a game at all, and then that would make it 2x more fun.
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