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  1. HUSKER2142

    Trophy can intercept HEAT....?

    How these "Cheburashka" will be in Europe to move along the railway, until the first tunnel is visible.
  2. HUSKER2142

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    This is also an interesting question, what the hell to send across the country. Perhaps because in Eastern Military District there are no shermans for parades. And there they immediately decided to restore them.
  3. HUSKER2142

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    Yep, Kriegsmarine managed to sink one patrol ship and transport "Thomas Donaldson".
  4. HUSKER2142

    Russian army under equipped?

    The internal layout of tank T-80BVM, tankman friend said that gunner's workplace is times better than T-72B3 tank, but the commander's place did not like it. https://bmpd.livejournal.com/3159376.html
  5. HUSKER2142

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    It would be better to request drawings from the US to restore the necessary units, rather than thinking how to replace spare parts.
  6. HUSKER2142

    Russian army under equipped?

    Bumerang is an amphibious wheeled armored personnel carrier being developed for the Russian Army.
  7. HUSKER2142

    Russian army under equipped?

    adk, I would not be surprised if the entire 1st Tank Army (Tank Army) will be armed with the T-80BVM, since in the past many military units in the past had T-80BV and T-80U before it was re-mounted on the T-72B3. The experience of remained with the officers and soldiers.
  8. HUSKER2142

    How much for CMA 2?

    As I was answered in russian-speaking forum when I got acquainted with the Combat Mission series, when the game was being developed, the BFs themselves hurried the developers of CMA. Since they were late and they seemed to be forced to release the game in the form in which it is. But I repeat it so answered when I asked questions about the CMA.
  9. HUSKER2142

    Russian army under equipped?

    John Kettler, It's video surveillance itself to prevent any attacks from outside. In fact, over the past 10 years, especially the last five years, the RF army has radically changed. I paint the model roughly, with a brush. Friends say to buy a painting machine, but my hands do not reach it. I know that it will be more beautiful. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I3Q0jF9fjCbmtySZ08yNOh8DVAdrMlQV?usp=sharing Tank from Deagostini, collected 14 months. Housing metal + plastic, metal tracks, inherent sound engine immitations, turret revolutions and shots. The control is available on the radio channel and wifi, the video channel is available via wifi. Turn the tower only 270 °, vertical guidance 5 °. Caterpillars lack grip on the snow, in the summer on the ground the tank behaves better. I'm already thinking how it is possible to modernize caterpillars.
  10. HUSKER2142

    Russian army under equipped?

    John Kettler, I told you about my military service 4-5 years ago when I was describing the TOE of a motorized rifle company. At moment, I military service in motorized rifle troops as the commander on motorized rifle company on IFV. Video surveillance is such a good addition to ensuring the protection of the military unit itself, in addition to personnel who carry guard duty. Video surveillance is such a good addition to ensuring the protection of the military unit itself, in addition to personnel who carry guard duty. Dead zones of video cameras also can not be avoided, because the personnel are checked every morning for bruises, etc. At the same time, if a doctor finds a mutilation from a soldier, he will be rewarded with a bonus, and the commander will be deprived of it and even reprimanded in a personal file. This creates a situation in which the commanders, closely monitor the discipline of soldiers. Yes, John Kettler, you are right, I meant that the crews of cars are constantly in different fuels and lubricants and etc. What about nutrition I'll tell in brief, the soldiers and officers it is the same. In the morning it is mostly porridges with meat products, boiled eggs, amlets, buns, butter and coffee or strong tea with milk. For lunch, two dishes always, different soups, and the second is a boiled or fried meat product with a garnish. Plus salads and compote or juice. For dinner, there is also a fried or boiled meat product with garnish, bun, butter and tea. The menu changes constantly every week. P.S. On Thursdays in the army this is a fish day, this means that one of the dishes for dinner will be fishy and dinner is the same. You too are fond of modeling, I indulge in it the same way. But never engaged in soldiers, mostly only armored vehicles. Slowly I do this after the service. I gave many models to my fellow workers' children and some models I kept for myself. There is also a radio-controlled T-72 in scale 1/16, cars M20 "POBEDA" and ZIS-110 in scale 1/8, ZIS-110 in the assembly stage. I really want to collect a Star Destroyer "Venator" sometime.
  11. HUSKER2142

    Russian army under equipped?

    John Kettler, I heard about the replacement of camouflage for desert flora last year, but when we see the question of time in the troops, by the way, this issue was raised during the syrian campaign. Regarding observation cameras, this is one of the ways to prevent fights in units, in this video there are many more of them, since they were already taken into account when designing the barracks. As for the confirmation, I also have cameras in the barracks, but there are fewer. Passing on a typo of a finger is something new, we have ordinary magnetic cards, and when they do not work then the units eat as before. With a fingerprint, a problem may arise over time, with those people who work with combat vehicles. The new headset for the crews used to be equipped gradually, but is now part of the kit "Ratnik"
  12. HUSKER2142

    BM Oplot needs its ammo choice fixed

    Somehow with a friend who introduced the series of СM discussed that it would be better to make a game about a hypothetical conflict between the Treaty of Warsaw and NATO in 1980-1985. I think many would like this game. When there was parity between the sides was equal, and modern systems only evolved.
  13. HUSKER2142

    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    @Oleksandr , you can create a folder where each mod will be in a separate folder, and in the folder a couple of screenshots. As a file exchanger for dropbox.