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  1. Very beautiful, we are waiting.šŸ‘
  2. Iā€™m watching nobody suggested for BS and SF2 the possibility of firing from a closed position from AGL.
  3. I wonder whose engine costs KB "Saturn" or "Klimov"? In general, it has long been necessary to equip our Orion UAVs with an analogue of Hellfire missile.
  4. APC BT-3F for marines.Already said will be an option with a 30mm cannon.
  5. Guidance helicopters VKS RF to strike at ISIS.
  6. couple more photos....Why does the M3 have so many machineguns ?
  7. The restored tank M3 raised from the bottom of the Barents Sea. Interestingly, transmission and engine are original or taken from MTLB.
  8. I have not met them in VDV, but the units with mountain training, yes. Once upon a time I also asked for the introduction of the MLRS, at least the GRAD system, on large maps during the assault it would be useful. P.S. And also to give the possibility of AGL, to shoot from behind a closed position, without direct visibility of the target.
  9. Quite a long time ago, the military regulations of RF Armed Forces were revised. In which a direct request for artillery (barrel) support was received company commander, bypassing the higher standing commanders. The platoon commander also has the opportunity to request, but only with the approval of the company commander. It is much easier with this in the troops of Airborne Forces, in them the commanders of squads are also taught how to correctly call and direct artillery support. Although in the combat statutes of the ground forces it is also recommended to prepare the most trained sergeants and soldiers by artillery spotters (to give basic knowledge). I, being a company commander, together with platoon commanders, trained sergeants on how to correctly identify the target on the map, call in and correct artillery fire.The sergeants were trained only by those who served in the contract service. In general, after the war of 08.08.08 and Syria, the military training of soldiers was very much revised. More attention is paid to the practice in the tactical field.
  10. BTR-82A (BTR-82AM), got a thermal sight, after 7 years. https://btvtinfo.blogspot.com/2018/07/82.html
  11. Additional armor on the tower is impressive 100-150 mm approximately . I would say, checkmate of MoD RF.
  12. The plane can repeat the fate of SU-27, which at first looked different and has other equipment and then had to redo everything radically.
  13. With so many mounds on the body of the UAV is something difficult to talk about low visibility.
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