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  1. Thanks for the help with this. i tried it last night and it worked. I waited until after the first turn, then selected "cease fire" to verify where the enemy positions were, and they changed randomly from battle to battle. Thanks again. Jeff
  2. I have a question regarding setup zones. I'm putting a scenario together and I'd like the opponent to have variable setup zones so when I play the computer AI I won't know exactly where they are. Any way to do this? I "deploy" the forces from the Units section. With the AI section I've set different setup areas, but every time I start a battle the enemy forces are exactly where I deployed them. Would prefer to have them deploy randomly into the 5 possible setup zones I selected in the AI section with each battle. Also, doing Quick Battle against the computer the enemy forces are always bunched on the left side of the screen. I've tried changing this but they are always starting in the same location during Quick Battles. Any way to have them spread out across their setup zone in a Quick Battle? Thanks
  3. I had this problem with trying to resume a saved game and crashing at 26%. I read a message about only saving games during the "command" phase, not the "replay" phase, and this solved the problem. Now each time I save a game during the "command" phase I don't have any trouble resuming it later. Hope this helps.... Jeff
  4. Enjoying the game. Just wondering if at some point Combat Mission could include more types of warfare? For example: Revolutionary War American Civil War World War I Korean War Vietnam War The game engine handles ground combat really well. It's fun to play and realistic. Realize the company has a lot already scheduled into the future, but if they would ever create a Combat Mission for one of these wars I'd buy it in a second.
  5. Great discussion about Pacific Theater. Just yesterday I watched a program about tanks during WWII on the Military Channel that I had recorded. A lot of it was pertaining to the island jungle fighting in the Pacific with the rough terrain, heat and rain. It showed how the infantry worked together with the "tankers" ( what they called the men who operated the tanks ) and this strategy worked more effectively. The infantry would try to search and eliminate bazookas and other threats to the tanks as the moved a long as a unit. The program also described how early in the Africa campaign tanks tried a quick assault with guns blazing approach, but the German 88's ripped them apart. So during the rest of the war tanks were used more slowly and methodically, usually with infantry support. Like another person said, once the game developers have the European theater down and fully updated, and the game engine has progressed even more, maybe they will consider the Pacific Theater then. I'm all for any adding into this great game of Combat Mission. I'd also really like to see early 1940 coverage with the French Army, as mentioned above, with the correct armor, weapons, and forces from that period.
  6. Hi. Just recently bought the Combat Mission bundle and I'm very impressed. I've played a few WWII strategy games, but this one is probably the best one I've seen in my opinion. Fog of war, real-time action, tons of scenarios and maps. It can cover a range of scales, from small scale skirmishes to large scale warfare. The computer AI is very good. The editor for map and scenario creation is intuitive and easy to use. Realistic action. And the best part, it's a lot of fun to play. I'm looking forward to the additions for the Eastern Front, as well as the Battle of the Bulge. I'll buy all the new packs and addons for Combat Mission. To complete the Command Mission WWII coverage, I'd like to see the Pacific Theater some day. Maybe a "Combat Mission: Battle of Iwo Jima". Any plans for this? Thanks for an awesome game... Jeff
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