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  1. Can I hear the heavy sound of Steve banging his head against the desk from 3,000 miles away? I think it would take longer, and would need thoroughly testing to avoid the inevitable rage posts when things don't work as expected.
  2. How long are you willing to wait for a new engine, and how many years before it gets around to a hypothetical alt-history idea such as this? A "Patton's Dream" 1945 Soviet pack for CMFB would seem a relatively easy option, since all the TOE and modelling work has already been done for Fire and Rubble. Whether Steve thinks it's viable and worthwhile doing is another thing.
  3. Looks awesome. Might need some dock leaves tho 😉
  4. The Big Bundle upgrade is if you own the CMSF1 base game and all the original modules. The CMSF2 upgrade key requires the corresponding CMSF1 key to activate.
  5. Same. You didn't need any other key before other than the CMSF1 Big Bundle Key. The old procedure was install Paradox CD, add Paradox version patches, install Big Bundle with all modules, patch to latest version then activate single Big Bundle key and it all worked. I've never had a CMSF 1.21 key and never needed one.
  6. For .rar files I'd always use Winrar. It works like old winzip used to on zip files. If for any reason the download doesn't work I'll let you know later
  7. Just about to purchase the upgrade, but... I'm a Paradox buyer who upgraded via the $1 upgrade then bought the "CMSF Original 3 Module Bundle" CMSF-B3V1. Do I just buy the Big $35 Bundle and the download will work and activate? The key to the CMSF-B3V1 bundle activated everything for CMSF1 including the base game. I'm holding fire after reading the requirement below, since as a Paradox buyer we had no original BF key for the base game. "Requirements The CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade works with an original Battlefront purchased CMSF1 Base Game license key."
  8. You could try Audacity. It's free: https://www.audacityteam.org/ It will allow you to record, edit, convert and export any audio to the correct wav format used by the CM series. The background wav file can be stereo, it will still play. Right clicking an audio file in windows, selecting Properties and Details used to show sample rate, bits and mono/stereo for a file IIRC, but Windows 7/8 etc now just gives a bit rate, eg 44.1Khz x 16 bit x 2 (stereo) channels shows as 1411kbps
  9. Fleeced? CMSF2 is hardly a Ponzi scheme or similar take the money and run operation, nor is it in the league of Vapourware kickstarters. The product is near completion and has hit a speed bump and is delayed. Their communication is not the best, granted, but they've not run off anywhere with anyone's millions. You seem to be over-reacting. If you're that upset about pre-ordering for a product that's missed it's release date then simply cancel the order and get a chargeback on your card or a refund from Paypal. It's not that hard.
  10. They could definitely do with someone handling PR and "Community Manager". It might help avoid threads like this flaring up unnecessarily.
  11. It's a video presumably made by a beta tester in response to complaints of lack of any information. It's not a promotional video made by someone who does that as a job, collects a whole bunch of footage with the best camera angles and action shots, all carefully directed, scripted and edited with a dramatic voice or music component to promote the game. A narrated play through like the CMFI Bear Claws AAR video of Josey Wales would be awesome, but I'd expect that sort of thing nearer release, made with the 1.0rc build of the game. Whether something like that appears remains to be seen, since BF doesn't do the promo trailer video pizzazz at all.
  12. I thought a natural for CMBS would be Poland, since it's their back yard. The problem with other nations is the likely income from sales vs the development cost. How many $35 does it take to make your RSA module viable and what is the likelihood of selling that many at that price? It's probably less of a gamble to do the same amount of work on a Marines module and sell far more in the home market.
  13. Naah, it's just immersion. The same as the correct uniform or tank model for a particular campaign region, albeit on a far lower scale for this genre, since the grogs won't care. As always ignorance is bliss. An ocean sound as a background wav sound would be easy enough, there must be enough freely available sounds online to pillage for samples. The problem with one sound for all ambience is if you fight inland and move the map away from a sea and are still hearing the same ocean background waves lapping on the shore sound, and it just doesn't sound right.
  14. No, and it would no doubt get drowned in any ambience mix since it's so low in pitch. https://www.hbw.com/ibc/species/52760/sounds If you wanted an ambient background sound that included birds it would have to change with terrain. Urban, arable, semi-desert, desert, coastal the bird sound would change, since the common species depend on the local habitat in terms of food and nesting. Looking at this list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_birds_of_Syria there are plenty of species that are also extremely common and prominent in Europe from the CMBN to CMRT region: Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Eurasian Wren, Dunnock, Eurasian Blackbird, Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush, European Robin (NOT the US one), Chiffchaff, Wood Warbler, Eurasian Jay, Eurasian Jackdaw, Eurasian Magpie, Carrion Crow, Hooded Crow, Rook, European Starling, Yellowhammer, European Greenfinch, European Goldfinch, Chaffinch, House Sparrow, Eurasian Skylark, Sand Martin, Common House Martin, Common Swift. That's mostly Passerines, leaving out things like waders, ducks, geese, gulls, owls etc.
  15. You're not wrong. If a text AAR with supporting screen grabs and the occasional animated gif on the devs own forum is good for generating interest, then a Youtube video of the game and supporting commentary would be exponentially better IMHO. It would likely required a big, "This is a beta build and as such is a WIP,... etc etc" Lest the pickers of nits come out in force for Nitfest 2018, the picking convention for those into that hobby.
  16. They're more likely just burned out by customers. BF: If everything works out we're looking at releasing it by the end of August... Customer: You promised it would be out by September. Where is my game? BF: For those who like that sort of thing you can preorder the game. Customer: Where is the game I paid for? This sort of thing isn't just reserved for CM and BF. I see a fledging developer in another genre working on a project aimed at the hardcore player, that is in early access. Progress is slow, but updates still come out when they have something new to show. Customer1: Vaporware Customer2: This is not optimised at all and runs slow. Customer3: The current build is lacking in features. Customer4: Where is the feature we were promised? I thank God that I never opted for a career in gaming. I also thank God that in my current job I no longer have to deal with customers.
  17. Marketing is not Battlefront's strongest point. ChrisND's Twitch streams were great and are sorely missed.
  18. Mate, remove the code from your post or mangle the text ASAP. As Mord says it could cause you a problem.
  19. Excellent. I await the AAR thread to let me know we're getting closer.
  20. What would be awesome would a teaser stream just before any such module gets released. I used to love the Twitch streams that Chris did, even if I had to watch them later because real time wasn't always possible.
  21. The Worghern mod only mods the snow on the roofs of the buildings.
  22. Preorders? BF does preorders? The last few releases I've only noticed via this forum on release day and had to scrabble around unlisted parts of the store page to figure out where it can be bought. If you're doing preorders then JustTakeMyMoney.gif Happy New Year guys.
  23. per this thread: It's definitely a module, presumably to be released in the distant future, since there's a CMFI module and CMSF2 in the works for "early 2018" release.
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