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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the information. I should be financially ready for a purchase at that point :]. Can't wait to experience Black Sea.
  2. Loving the Gustav Line expansion. It's campaigns feel like they were really made with love.
  3. I just try too hard to use infantry. Needs to just be patient and root out all enemies with arty. Patience is my real issue here.
  4. Literally! I thought this would be my favorite CM, but I absolutely suck at it! To the greatest extent! Please, tell me, when a hill is a 60 degree angle and the enemy is sitting right over your starting area, how you proceed! I tried to move to their flank, but I just created a new axis for the battle. I tried to create a base of fire, but my men were too exposed and gunned down. This is the second and third mission, btw. I won the first, but it made sense to me. The disadvantage is very strong here.
  5. That's exactly why it's unrealistic. If I'm the master sergeant(or whatever it is that oversees an entire squad) and I see arty coming down right where my squad is heading, I will IMMEDIATELY yell at them to fall back. There's no way I'm going to wait 58 seconds before I say something. WE-GO is a great representation of there being no human reactivity.
  6. I bought 3.0 and downloaded the 1.12 patch. When I try to patch, my PC is giving me a code 5, access denied, or something like that. Running as admin doesn't help. I have never encountered this problem.
  7. I need thattttt XD. I'm so unsure whether I want to spend $75 on italy and gustav, but I have a strong feeling that I will enjoy the setting immensely.
  8. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=5&id=41&Itemid=378 I only see 1.10 and 1.20 leading up to 1.20.
  9. I patched the game to 1.10 and then 1.20 and now it's asking for an activation key. My issued key is not working for it.
  10. Hi! I meant no offense, or that it's bad. I enjoy LONG campaigns as well :]. It's just that I found about every third to every other mission to be extremely difficult. I can probably come back to this when I'm a higher skill level and do a bit better. Or maybe even just immerse myself in the inferiority of the british forces and enjoy that.
  11. The tanks seem pretty useless in tank battles as well. Had to assault a village with two Panzer VA in it. They wiped out my churchhills over and over again. I hit them from the side, I hit them from the rear. I got the bead on them first, fired first, but to no avail. Isn't a 75mm shot enough to take a panzer from the side?????? I swore it was :/. I'm so frustrated with this campaign that I think I just can't finish it. I do not have the willpower. Panzers will take my churchhills all day long, and they will take them in ONE SHOT, whether from the front or from the side.
  12. I will say this, though. The british force has to be the lowest quality, most inefficient force I've seen in all of combat mission. I can flank a german squad from behind, with a british squad, and the british squad will lose the fight. LOL. Low morale, low experience, CONSTANTLY trying to stop them from retreating.
  13. It's interesting how it happened that way for you. My AT guns were pointing right where the enemy tanks came from. My main problem was the arty barrage and mass assault on the right flank. My AT gun couldn't get a hold of the 75mm halftrack, so it wrecked my forces until my tanks arrived. I really enjoyed that level. I'm still on the british campaign. It's extremely long. I'm really looking forward to the CM german campaign.
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