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  1. Ivan Zaitzev

    champion du monde

    We ended up in 5th place, shame Cavani was injured, if he had played against France maybe the story would be another one. Congratulations to France. we might nationalize Griezmann any time now.
  2. Great to find a CoC player in here, I don't personally play but I'm slowly getting into miniature wargaming myself.
  3. Ivan Zaitzev

    History accuracy

    Still it's a shame regardless of how clearly explained it is. One of the great things about Close Combat was the possibility for mods. Of course modding the Spanish Civil War or Stalingrad in a 3D game is way more work than in a 2D game and probably nobody would do it, but still, it would allow some interesting modifications.
  4. Ivan Zaitzev

    Tanks crossing Train Tracks

    Currently reading "Island of Fire" and the author mentions a few times how Pioneers had to blow paths in the tracks to permit the tanks to cross.
  5. Ivan Zaitzev

    History accuracy

    Sadly the game can't be modded in a serious and easy way, but if they would allow us to modify the ToE, all this issues would be resolved. Except the units using weapons not featured in the game, of course.
  6. Ivan Zaitzev

    A question about the Z folder

    Be aware that many old mods for CMBN and probably other games, need to be modified because modules change the names of some files like uniforms.
  7. Ivan Zaitzev

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Looking forward to this Module. I was hopping for some more meat for the Italians but looks like I will have to wait for that Italian Army Pack, if that's still on the horizon. At least give the Italians Ammo trucks and Flamethrowers with this module!
  8. Thanks! Not what I was looking for but that thread is really interesting too.
  9. Ivan Zaitzev

    Afrika Korps or Early War?

    I would go with Early war. I find the situations and scenarios more interesting than the desert.
  10. I have searched the forums to no avail. I'm looking for a thread that linked to an article talking about the terrain in Normandy. It said for example how usually farm houses are some distance away from where the cultivated fields are, etc.
  11. Ivan Zaitzev

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    If this is a real hint, I'm a happy camper.
  12. Ivan Zaitzev

    Google Earth is your friend

    A little tip I just realized today, Google Earth let's you choose (in most areas) between pictures taken in different dates. If the area is heavily forested try a picture taken in Autumn or Winter for a better look at the ground.
  13. A bit discouraging to know that some things are still wip, was hoping for the module to be almost ready after all this time.
  14. gebirgsjägers with cammo pants? Do we get gebirgsjäger hats? Can you show the new sikh units with their typical hat?
  15. Ivan Zaitzev

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Could we have an update on this? Do we get Moroccan Goumiers with their amazing uniforms?