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  1. Ivan Zaitzev

    ATGM malfunction?

    Since then I have read that the battery can degrade and some Jihadist groups have find a way to bypass the dead battery and use an external one.
  2. Ivan Zaitzev

    Let's talk about the Road to Nijmegen

    It was once said that there where many different issues with bridges, and they had to fix it case by case, so the glitch you found might even be a different one (with the same result) than the one the Youtuber found. I once had a similar problem where only vehicles could not cross the bridge. That a campaign revolving around bridges has seen the light of day with this kind of glitches is another issue altogether. And I think it's even more in favor of my proposal of having a public list of bugs with status on each one.
  3. I have been playing this campaign on my Youtube channel but have yet to complete the last mission. A great campaign for a great game!
  4. Ivan Zaitzev

    Windows 7

    Have you tried running it in administrator mode?
  5. Ivan Zaitzev

    ATGM malfunction?

    Expired term of using? Didn't know those things had an expiration date. Do you know what specific part degrades and how much it last?
  6. Ivan Zaitzev

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    So what was the surprise? I'm still not clear on this.
  7. Ivan Zaitzev

    The state of CMSF2

    That's great. I'm guessing this are long time players and creators? I love when people get work through their interest in modding and campaigns.
  8. Ivan Zaitzev

    Tiny details you might have missed

    CM:A had firing ports so I don't see why the modernized engine shouldn't.
  9. Ivan Zaitzev

    Newbie AAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67

    I'm no expert, and I don't want to be negative or rude or discourage you in any way but I would argue that you don't need to occupy the map, just the objectives. I might be totally wrong here but your approach looks more suited for a company sized force than a green platoon. It seems you are just giving your opponent a chance of taking you piecemeal if he concentrates all his troops on the objective. But once again I'm no expert and everyone should play they way they want. It's not an advice, it's just how I would tackle the situation.
  10. Why is this statement repeated along all the front in different points and posted two days ago and 12 hours ago with the same "yesterday" timestamp? At first I read it like the same unit fired 26 times but now I think it might be that there where 26 places where shooting occurred along the front?
  11. Donetsk has been out of the news for a time now, but the conflict is still going and people is still dying on the front lines.
  12. Ivan Zaitzev

    Newbie AAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67

    Such a tiny battle! One platoon per side? That's interesting. And not picking targets, that's another interesting point. I find that my troops underperform if left to their own devices. I can see from the last screenshot that your troops are green. I would not separate green troops from their platoon commander.
  13. Ivan Zaitzev

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    We have seen iconic bridges like Arnhem and Primosole, so you never know, they might expand that to buildings
  14. Ivan Zaitzev

    Looking for a better version of this picture

    Thank you Wicky, very interesting site.
  15. Would love to have access to the place where the reported bugs are and see the state of each one, like so many games do.