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  1. Ivan Zaitzev

    Trouble saving CMBN zip file to pin drive

    The problem is that pendrives usually come formatted in fat32, and it can't handle 4G files. Try formatting the pendrived to NTFS.
  2. Ivan Zaitzev

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    About that flickering issue, it might be you forgot to change something in one of the lod files.
  3. Don't know if it helps but If you keep the ratio you can scale up the uniform so you can use high resolution textures and not resize them too tiny.
  4. Ivan Zaitzev

    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    Someone mentioned CMA Muj models in this conversation. The CMA models are really old and function like a unit. I don't know how but you don't have a separate model for headgear like you do with newer games.
  5. Ivan Zaitzev

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    Amazing job CptMiller, I'm a big fan of ArmA but I have never played the original one.
  6. Ivan Zaitzev

    Soviet Winter Uniform

    I have decided to mod the Afghanka. It's almost finished but I'm not 100% happy with it. I will probably release several versions and let people choose what they like. The main problem are the epaulets, I have to remove them. I have tried painting them the same color as the Afghanka but it covers the webbing. I have tried removing the alpha channel thus making them transparent, but that glitches and you can see something it's wrong and it bothers me. I'm not 100% sure if I want to keep or remove webbing. I'm not 100% happy with the shadows either.
  7. It depends if the models are rendered the same, and they probably are. Easiest way is to check yourself. The Syrian helmets in CMSF2 are rendered the same as in CMSF and CM:A but in a higher resolution, so I copied the textures, renamed them and now I have two HD textures for the helmets of my soviets.
  8. Ivan Zaitzev

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    Hi Falaise, I have not uploaded them because they are Battlefont's animations. But you can do the change yourself, just copy the kneel and prone animation and rename it stand and kneel respectively, so when the game looks for the standing animation it will get the kneeling one instead. For example take: ussoldierm4-reload-a-kneel and change it into ussoldierm4-reload-a-stand
  9. Ivan Zaitzev

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    For what I know, the posture does affect the game. That's why RockinHarry has changed the medic animations from kneeling to prone and I have also changed reload animations from standing to kneeling and from kneeling to prone. This is pretty much the same thing I did for the AKs in CM: Afghanistan. You can have a lot of fun with animations.
  10. Ivan Zaitzev

    Combat Mission: Modding tools

    Hello @sbobovyc have you made any progress, or plan to look into, editing skeleton MDS files? Just discovered a glitch in CM:A that's really bothering me with the late war paras. Never noticed it before but I can't unseen it now
  11. Ivan Zaitzev

    Partial fix to AK Clipping

    Ok, never mind the first topic. Using the m4 animation gave the soldiers a strange hump that was bothering me more than the clipping. The solution was way simpler than I first thought. Simply copy and rename the ussoldierm240-idle-kneel animation you will find in the original CM:A game, rename it ussoldierm4-idle-kneel and place it in your z folder. This is what the renamed ussoldierm240-idle-kneel animation looks like.
  12. Something that allways bottered me about CM:A is how the soviet soldiers hand's clip through the AK mags in some positions. I have found that by replacing the original m4 folder (inside the animations folder) with the one provided in CMSF2 Demo you can mitigate this problem. Now the AK looks great but there are some minor uniform clipping problems. It's a trade off. If you try this you do have to leave the original reload animations because the ones in CMSF2 don't work at all. There are other files that are not used by CM:A that can be erased to save space too. Original animation on the left and CMSF2 animation on the right.
  13. Ivan Zaitzev

    Burden Of Command

    I have been following this game for some time now, the game is more an RPG than a Strategy game, each event presents you with decisions you have to take. For example a mortar kills one of your officers, you wait for a medic, leave him there and advance towards the objective or retreat taking him? Each option has its consequences, etc. Although graphically it might be similar to other games, gameplay wise it's nothing like Close Combat or Matrix Games. Sadly, the developers are working at a slower pace than I thought they would.
  14. Ivan Zaitzev

    USMC Helmets and Gear

    You might be aware of this already but if you put numbers at the end of your files you can have several styles mixed together in the same squad. But that might create too much of a ragtag look maybe?
  15. Ivan Zaitzev


    I tried to send you a PM yesterday about a CM:A scenario and wasn't able too do it too.