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  1. You should run the rest a couple more times to have better numbers.
  2. Aquila, are you able to edit mds files too? I thought you could not open those with the tools. Let me know how you did it, I would like to try and fix the Soviet Paratroopers. Thanks!
  3. It's great to see some news about this module! I would love to see a screenshot of the Spahis and the Indians, I think those are the most interesting factions in this module. A bit disappointed the Italians are not getting anything new. Or even Italians on the Allied side.
  4. I shouldn't give so much Vodka to my troops before the battle, they coudn't spot your sniper a few meters away. To be fair, after all this years I didn't know you had troops in that hill. I knew there where troops in the other two hills, but not in "mine". So I thought I was being all clever sending those units in a flanking maneuver and I bumped with your guys.
  5. I hope this paves the way for the games to be in more digital platforms.
  6. I use Gimp and Înkscape but I still struggle with arrows, can't believe you are drawing them manually. 😲
  7. A bit of an Off-topic Bil, but what software are you using for your image editing? I always struggle with arrows.
  8. The map looks beautiful. Would love to see a campaign from you, that would rekindle my interest for this whole series.
  9. What games do you play JulianJ? I know John Kettler plays miniatures too, maybe he was there.
  10. If you have all this complicated changes, and they are trying to implement them in the game, then the logic thing is to write it down, get it approved and then implement it according to the approved document. I can't see why this isn't the logic way. It doesn't have to be a single document, you can create one per force or per year, I don't know. Then have testers check the units against those documents. Lack of knowledge by the testers can't be an excuse, you have to give them the tools to know if something is wrong. That or hire professional historians as testers. But I'm a bit confused about what the standardization that has been thrown around means? Is it that units where created using different methods in each game and they have now decided to use a single method across the games even tough units are composed differently in terms of men?
  11. Why didn't you hand down the TO&E with timeframe as it should be in a PDF and have the testers check against that? Someone must be using a master at some point, I can't believe you are creating the formations as you go.
  12. The percentage is the chance you will have of vehicles being repaired and units refitted. Allways talking about your core units. For example, if you are playing two scenarios only separated by a couple of hours, where your troops could not be resupplied then you could leave all in 0%, but if your scenarios are separated by a year then chances of being resupplied should be around 100% (I'm looking at you, Afghanistan 1985 campaign!)
  13. The problem is that pendrives usually come formatted in fat32, and it can't handle 4G files. Try formatting the pendrived to NTFS.
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