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  1. Having been an Army "commo guy" this beep is actually rather distracting mostly because I know exactly what it is. von Luck
  2. Michael, Every single American radio call has the telltale sincgars beep. Every. Single. One. von Luck
  3. Chris, Were you able to look at minefields and the host/client dynamic that affects their deployment? Thanks, von Luck
  4. To add to what Hate has posted here. I consistently, across every CM2x platform, have issues with minefields. I play TCP/IP turn based exclusively and I am typically not the host. Issues with minefields are consistent - once placed the mine placards stay in place, however, the mines themselves seem to end up in different parts of the map. On one occasion my opponent discovered my AP mines in his spawn. As hate has described in this game though is a first. We typically play our games in one session and I so consistantly have issues with mines I rarely bring them. However as he described here once the save file for the game was loaded my AP mines across the Hotel area immediately began to take their toll whereas prior to the load they might as well not have been there. Please take a look at all of the "fortification" type objects as we consistently have a variety of issues. Thanks, von Luck
  5. I too have had this happen. Recently I was playing a game with a friend and his Icons started flickering in CM Red Thunder. After about 5 or 6 turns mine began to flicker while his were disappearing completely. An annoying bug to be sure as it made the units difficult to see, interact with, and the constant flickering was quite distracting.
  6. 3 hours later and my installer is throwing errors and wont complete. P-P-P-P-P-Perfect!
  7. I must gush great tears of first world grief. Listening to them play is physically painful.
  8. Why on god's green earth does my download cap @ 600 Kb/s. Two friends with equally capable internet finished the download in less than 15 minutes. Mine is clocking at 3 hours ............ whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  9. Having gradients of accuracy or suppression would justify allowing area fire to be more flexible. von Luck
  10. Gentlemen, I seem to have gotten some of the juices flowing and encouraged some thought into this matter. Discussing and thinking about this is certainly better than doing nothing so I'll take it! Now to provide some of my opinions on a few of these reply's "its a game learn to live with it" -- This attitude is something every gamer adopts. Anyone who has ever watch a movie, a play, read a book, or played a game suspends their disbelief to enjoy what is happening in the portrayal. I bring this up because, like crafting a defensive position, the work is never complete. I am merely recognizing that there is indeed room for this to improve and encouraging discourse to further explore the issues. Yes this is a game and it has limitations but lets explore how to mitigate those efficiently. Rockin Harry, I hope you can trust me when I say that the fusiliers spotting the advancing American infantry were completely out of sight. I'll endeavor to provide you with some context with shots from either side of the battlefield to underscore the difficulty of the spot. But to better understand my dismissal of this you could envision a man with binoculars camped behind a hedge row. Now this man is looking 300 Meters down range - relatively close all considered. However his view is obstructed by several stands of tree's and a waist high bush. Further down range an even taller hedge and more tree's make it nearly impossible to see anything advancing through all this mess. That standing infantry target becomes a needle in a haystack amidst swaying leaves and branches. Then remember that binoculars offer a rather small FOV and scanning the area before them is easier said than done. Possible ... sure, likely ... considerably less so. shooting the ground is a predictably difficult maneuver for units. That old familiar face of reverse slope no aim point really makes it nearly impossible to shoot at the ground any distance away. It is worth trying sometimes but I would not call it a reliable work around unfortunately. Area Fire being modified to allow for this would be a huge step forward. Giving the command is very similar to ordering your units to suppress the enemy. Whether they see them or not rounds are traveling down range to investigate for them. Thanks for the reply's and please continue to explore alternatives with this. I think everybody has experienced some of these events and exploring workarounds might be an efficient way to resolve some of these issues. von Luck As a parting gift I give you Afghanistan "Corn Fields"
  11. ASL - I don't have a bone to pick with most Reverse Slope No Aim Point's. However very consistently in each game I play there is at least one that is completely bogus. The example of soldiers coming under fire in the field was one such event. In the American Civil War soldiers were known to have cut down corn fields with musket and cannon fire. Could they see their opposition? Probably not, however, that did not stop them from engaging through the terrain in an attempt to harass or otherwise engage the enemy. Not every reverse slope event will fit this situation however they do exist and there should be some capacity to work around it. I know that machine gunners would regularly engage targets they could not see in order to provide suppressing fire. In this game Area Fire is a command driven event which would simulate such - having LOS down to the grass should not be mandatory. This Image is graphic but it provides an illustration of an even less flexible army overcoming a soft obstacle. As for the Spotting in my latest screenshot the units identified with a question mark are sound contacts. That the unit identified a squad advancing through all the LOS blocking terrain was more my point of the imperfection of the current system. identifying a walking human target through hedgerows and tree's at a distance exceeding 300 meters across flat terrain is ... unlikely. von Luck
  12. we play entirely on Elite. von Luck
  13. This shot provides some additional perspective on the first and another interesting long range ID. Again we see a soldier spotting advancing Americans through woods, bushes, and wooded hedge rows. Seems a little optimistic. von Luck
  14. To clarify I am not counting the bushes as hedge's. What you cannot see is the vast space beyond the immediate area of the Jagdpanther which is indeed occupied by actual wooded hedge rows. von Luck
  15. Abstracted environments is all this game creates. That being said it would be nice to have some clearer concept of what is happening within the abstraction. When I hide a unit in a woodline and it cannot see out I would expect the same for units looking in. That is not, however, what happens. It would be better if it were more transparent as to what exactly was happening. von Luck
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