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  1. As far as how many pixeltruppen can you get in a foxhole? Well we could leave that up to a team of frat house college kids or use this example. The Count says there is Four of them in this fighting position. One is laying down and firing from loop hole in the lower level while his comrades use him by his first name, Matt. Matt actually stayed there the whole time. I think there was a plug in for his Heil Phone 7.
  2. Yep, motorcycle troops would fulfill my desire to have a group of those just so I could call them the "Heil's Angels" Motorcycle Club.
  3. Wow! Great points and counter-points on this subject from everyone! Absolutely have to give Assault Command from a Vehicle a try! That is the closest thing to the Dismount Drill used by Bradley IFV Teams. Also I figure it reduces, by half, the amount of troops milling around. One half heads up and ready to engage the other half dancing around till the Pied Piper leads them to the designated area. Then the dance team covers the half moving from the vehicle. Really like the Assault Command idea on Breaking Contact movement. That is a great way to get around separating into teams to cover one another then rejoining them. Which was my "go to" as anything beats the Monty Python "Run Away" technique.
  4. Wow! Forgot I posted this. Thanks for the replies gentlemen! I will tell the flying editor monkeys to stand down.
  5. I get a kick out of the Overkill tank. Looks like a 1940's attempt at a Bolo or Ogre tank. I guess the A.I. for one of those in that time period would be bunch of trained monkeys. If you can put enough of them in one room with typewriters and they will pound out the complete works of Shakespeare, then why not man a tank? The big guns in the right and left sponson must be a early model of the Hellbore. And looks like they have enough Infinite Repeaters on their also.
  6. Well you see those two comrades were drunk as all get out. As that team approached they could see they were passed out and so they let them be. After getting a few meters past the two comrades one of the drunks broke wind with such a rumble. Startled the team leader turned around and with his Thermal Night Vision spotted a large heat signature low to to the ground! Thinking he passed a dug in armored vehicle in the darkness, that had now pulled its camouflage and was trying to starting up, he fired the AT4 in the general direction of the sound contact. But alas, closer examination of the heat signature turned out to be a rapidly dissipating gaseous cloud on top of a rather large puddle of liquid where the livestock had relieved themselves earlier.
  7. Thanks for the replies! They caused the little twenty watt bulb to come on. I tried a darker grass color and now the line is more manageable.
  8. Hey there folks, My eyesight, which was affected by a serious medical event, must be getting worse. Yes, I am color blind but lately it seems I am having a heck of a time seeing the red line for the Assault Movement. I have looked for the file containing the graphics but have not found it. Is it possible that this item is in a line of script somewhere? And if it is then I might as well hand it over to St. Jude (saint of lost causes) because I imagine the authors made their script harder than the Enigma code.
  9. Does burning people add to the carbon footprint considering that's what were made of?
  10. Come on guys! Don't you know asymmetrical warfare is the latest craze! All the worlds crackpots with disillusions of grandeur are doing it! "You broke my heart 'cause I couldn't fight unconventionally, You didn't even want me around. And now I'm back to let you know I can really shake 'em down. Do you love me? (I can really terrorize, ) Do you love me? (I'm in a murderous mood.) Now do you love me? (Do you love me now that I can smash a defense?) Watch me, now. (Work, work) Ah,work it out baby. (work, work) Well, you're drivin' me crazy. (work, work) With just a little bit of religious fervor, now (work!) Now I can mash civilians, I can do the unexpected twist, Tell me, baby, do you like it like this? Tell me, (Tell me,) Tell me." "Now that I can (take a ) chance" by Homer-cidal and the Terror-wrists
  11. Say folks, I have a question about the the terrain in this scenario. On the map edge almost directly east of Barkman's panzer, on the map edge, is a large depression in the ground. It seems the way the textures are laid is that this should be a body of water. Yet no water appears there. Could this possibly be a gravel pit or a small quarry? Also there is a another body of possible water just south of there. It appears to be a deep depression with some water in the bottom. Now this terrain feature is on a area of higher elevation than where the first "Water" feature is. As there is no way to bring the water level up without a whole bunch of rigamore I figure that I will just convert this to a marsh at the same elevation. So before I monkey around with the big pit and add water, then adjust the elevations to bring the water to a proper height, I am asking if this is water or a gravel pit?
  12. Hello there,

    I would like to request the link to the mod for animation stance for troops in the Hanomog.

    As someone who always plays the Heer against the Canadians with my regular pbem opponent  I have been very interested in finding a way to get the troops to sit lower in the half-tracks.

    Just a interesting side note. When I was stationed in Germany I attended a few weddings were one of our soldiers was getting married to a German gal. Well some of the guest's attending on the brides side were older gentlemen who turned out to be WW2 veterans. They seemed a bit surprised when we went up to them and basically told them we respected them for their service to their country. Whether they wanted to be there or not. Agreed with the reason their country was at war or not, they were soldiers once. And that kinship deserves respect.

    1. RockinHarry


      hello ironcat

      not sure if that seat stance animation file swap still works. IIRC the improved stances had been implemented by BFC for the V4 patches that time, but I´m not sure about that. I´ll redo some testing in short and then let you know (and share file). :)

      Nice story. :) Fairly sure these veteran guys liked that approach. Usually veterans (who still alive) do not see that much respect, as mostly beeing seen as Nazi henchman, particularly by younger people. Sad story. My grandpa was eastern front veteran (though short time only due to beeing heavyly wounded and then quitting wartime service). I know him as some kindest and calmest man in the world and it´s impossible for me to see him as something different than one of millions of war victims. But so is life. 

  13. Wow! Thanks for posting this! My play by e-mail friend is in the Canadian Navy. He always plays the Canadians and I play the Germans. We are planning to start playing historical scenarios and this will help immensely. BTW the Canadians were the only ones to reach their Day One objective. But their tanks had to pull back as they had no infantry support and the rest of their unit needed to consolidate as they were really strung out. I have trained with the Canadian forces and they are just as professional and competent as any other armed force. I know I am going to catch hell by saying this but, damn the rebuttals, full steam ahead. It seems the way the Canadians were used in the Normandy Campaign reminds me of a quote from Braveheart. "Edward Longshanks: Send in the Irish, the dead cost nothing."
  14. " What's with the serious obsession with fire on these forums?" It is in our cultural makeup to be fascinated with fire: "I only have one burning desire, let me stand next to your fire" Jimmy Hendrix "Come on baby light my fire..." Jim Morrison "Adolf builds a bonfire, Enrico plays with it..." Peter Gabriel "I fell into a burning ring of fire..." Johnny Cash "Oh-oh-oh, I'm on fire..." Bruce Springsteen " Great Balls of Fire..." Jerry Lee Lewis "I set Fire to the Rain..." Adele "We didn't Start the Fire..." Billy Joel "Burning down the House..." Talking Heads "Disco Inferno..." The Trammps "The Flame..." Cheap Trick "Eternal Flame" The Bangles "Fire Lake" Bob Seager "Burning for You..." Blue Oyster Cult "Girl On Fire..." Alicia Keys "Burning Love" Elvis Presely >Has Left the Building<
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