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  1. "I knew I ‘shoulda’ made ‘dat’ left ‘toin’ at ‘Albakoikie’
  2. Ah I see what you are addressing! I missed the fact of "The game is only showing helmets numbered 1-2". Though the others are there only two are showing up! I offer no excuses for my error. Well except for the fact that it is difficult to type one handed while the other one is cradling a kitty who has fallen asleep in your arms. Feline Paralysis = The inability to move when a cat is upon a person for fear of waking or disturbing the cat.
  3. Hey there, not sure what is exactly troubling you as your description is a bit vague. No biggie. I do the same thing, trying to be descriptive and brief. This mod is "plug and play" like any mod. Just drop it into your Z folder. If the extended numbers on the helmets or anything else have you confused don't worry. The extended numbers (beyond the ones listed on the original "built-in" files) just gives the game more choices to randomly choose a helmet to go on the soldiers. Hope that clears things up
  4. Umlat posted: Fixed that for ya For those who do not recognize this image it is from a great little anime called "Girls und Panzer". My roommate who is a fan of the more serious orientated anime even liked it. The story takes place where WW2 tanks are maintained for sport-style warfare competitions and large carrier ships known as Academy Ships support mobile sea communities. Of the many activities high school students can participate in, one of the most popular is "sensha-dō", the art of operating tanks, which is considered a traditional martial art. As a (technical) martial art, Sensha-dou has a set of rules: All vehicles used shall be designs produced before the end of World War 2 (apparently more senior leagues like to push this) There are no restrictions on the weight class and armaments of tanks; in theory one team could field a team composed entirely of heavy tanks against a team composed entirely of scout vehicles. All vehicles used shall be closed-topped, and IFVs and support weapons are disallowed (no artillery platforms, though again, cheating is not unknown) All vehicles shall be equipped with reinforced carbon fibre armour, capable of protecting the crew from massive shocks and the impacts of enemy guns All guns shall be equipped with computerized shells that allow for hit detection and that somehow fail to injure crew- machine guns can be fitted with bullet versions of these All vehicles are equipped with a computerized scoring system which determines when the vehicle has recieved enough damage to be knocked out. "Enough Damage", of course, varies as plot and dramatic requirements demand. There are two match types: last tank standing, which is self-explanatory, and capture the flag, which involves destroying a selected 'flag' tank on each team. Teams are normally 10 tanks each, though matches later in tournaments allow for 15 to 20 tanks as well Teams aren't allowed to call on outside observers or intercept each others radio transmissions, though this rule is often circumvented.
  5. FM 7-5 Infantry Field Manual 1940 The usual limits for war strength units with flanks covered by other troops are indicated as follows: Unit Frontage in yards Squad.....................50-75 Platoon------------------100-200 Company------------------200-500 Battalion----------------500-1,000 Regiment---------------1,000-2,000 These figures are just a guide line for a full strength unit in good terrain conditions. There are some excellent responses in this post that point out the various aspects that affect the possibility of obtaining a frontage of these distances.
  6. Recently a after thought occurred to me about this question. I think that the average soldier was not really keen on the idea of manning that rear machine gun position as a means of auxiliary firepower in ground combat. It entails having your back to the enemy with the upper quarter of your body exposed and and no sort of armored protection for it. The risks far outweigh the benefits.
  7. BFC and Progress. "The plow oxen are slow but the earth is patient..." High Road to China
  8. Boy, the Crossing Guards and Hall Monitors is a very serious business over there...
  9. Kevin2k you had to sign up to view the photos? When that pop-up blocks the screen I just click on the little "X" in the upper right corner and it is gone. Then I continue just scrolling along the sunny pixelated side of the street. Hey by the way, whats the difference between Bird flu and Swine flu ? ..... one needs Tweetment and the other needs Oinkment...
  10. Here is the link to the site. Seems to concentrate on ground combat. Pictures of WW2 and modern damage to armored vehicles and a few other things. https://www.pinterest.com/rdunk/battle-damage/
  11. Ever wonder if those annoying hits to one of your tanks main gun tube reflect real life? Well here you go. This Tiger commander is having a real bad day.
  12. "Oh so you guys see it too. I just thought it was me tripping out again..." Joe Walsh on "The Drew Carrey Show" episode "In Ramada Da Vida" when he sees Mimi Bobeck
  13. Initially the halftracks were issued with two MG 34's attached to the forward and rear crane mounts. The front machine gun mount was changed to a more sturdy mount with a armor shield on the B model. I have not found any documentation as to whether or not a second machine gun was issued with the C model. If a second machine gun was not issued the most probable reason was the shortage of arms due to manufacturing being damaged by allied bombing. If I remember correctly I read some account that stated they would mount one of the lmg's from the squad in that mount if the air threat was that real.
  14. No, I cannot take credit for this brilliant pun. I nearly keeled over when I say this hull of a pun. I mast say I bow to the author. He is rudder well anchored in his knowledge of puns.
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