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  1. Thanks John! I salute you for all the interesting historical stuff you bring to the forum. And my three cents on this is: 1) He did say it was a docudrama. 2) If you think it lacks certain items to make it a better film then consider this. It is a product of the Soviet film industry of 1972. 3) Ken Burns is not a party member.
  2. As a veteran of the "reskinning and weathering" campaigns I can say it still takes some skill to get it to come out looking right. Especially the weathering part as the graphic in the editor program always look different from the in-game model. Too little and no one notices. Too much and it looks like someone got pissed and threw a paint bucket at it. Salute! o7
  3. No! I don't want groups of unarmed Germans wandering across the map! I have seen enough movies to know Zombie Nazi Supermen are real! They don't Sieg Heil! They Seek from Hell!
  4. Okay, I thought that the Ensign rank was listed as part of the description of the situation. Such as "Ensign Heinz Doofenshmirtz leads the 13th Kriegsmarine Battalion against elements of the 55th Platypus Division" (in honor of Phineas, Ferb and Perry). Now I feel like Candace trying to convince mom the boys are up to something. Ensign Doofenschmirtz
  5. Excellent work on the texture models! As a self taught graphic artist currently working in the train simulator fan modification department I think you did a outstanding job!
  6. Me thinks that Battlefront did their due diligence in research before putting the Kriegsmarine into the game. As far as a Ensign being assigned as the commanding officer that is definitely a plausible reality. Many Ensigns were commanders of WW2 PT Boats and River Patrol Boats in Vietnam even though it was a position normally assigned to a Lieutenant. When you're short on people the highest rank gets the responsibility. Heck I was a Company First Sergeant for eight months as a Staff Sergeant (Promotable) in a new unit that was forming in Germany. Here is a interesting article on the German Navy and Marines (who knew they had a Marine force). It also has links to Feldgrau (a good WW2 German Forces site) on the subject. Now before anyone gets too excited about German Marines read the article. http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=290951 Also there is a new uniform mod that covers the Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery pressed into infantry service. It is: ezCMBN-Kriegsmarine-Coastal-Artillery. I picked that up at: https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8257 Yes, that link still works.
  7. It's just a premonition of future German tank design. A large mobile bunker with a gun.
  8. Just a old meme I had found. This guy is talented. His wife told him that if he wanted to play with tanks then he could go in the garage and take care of the Maus problem in there. I bet this snow sculpture was a hitler with the neighbors who could see it from the window of their lebensraum. And is it just me or could that one side of Anna's face be a easter egg for Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc? "I am watching you Mike Wazowski. Always watching..."
  9. That is one great looking map! All kinds of terrain variables and changing situations to deal with. No plan survives first contact in a urban environment. Got a kick out of the "Rambo Reinhart" coming out of the water with a Panzershreck. Also noticed the Herman's on the second floor were suppressed when the Ami's halftrack blew up below them. That was fun as hell to watch. Like viewing a 1970's war movie where real life military operations is out the window because the director just wants action, action and more blockbuster action. My fathers best friend was from Syria and I remember some of that same crazy music he played! Remember you can't please everyone. So don't let the negative comments get you down. If you had fun with it that's what really counts. Thanks for sharing!
  10. He definitely put the Fall into Fallschirmjager. Some people will do anything to get out of going to church. Right place to yell "Jesus" as he fell outta the building. I bet he added his own stain to the glass on the window when he realized he leaned out to far. Wow! They really are supermen!
  11. To Rockin Harry, Good point! Rudolph is doing the rear security thing that all the pixletruppen automatically do. So you are correct in pointing out that Rudy is in fact a participant in at least one of the Panzergrenadier games!
  12. As far as how many pixeltruppen can you get in a foxhole? Well we could leave that up to a team of frat house college kids or use this example. The Count says there is Four of them in this fighting position. One is laying down and firing from loop hole in the lower level while his comrades use him by his first name, Matt. Matt actually stayed there the whole time. I think there was a plug in for his Heil Phone 7.
  13. Yep, motorcycle troops would fulfill my desire to have a group of those just so I could call them the "Heil's Angels" Motorcycle Club.
  14. Wow! Great points and counter-points on this subject from everyone! Absolutely have to give Assault Command from a Vehicle a try! That is the closest thing to the Dismount Drill used by Bradley IFV Teams. Also I figure it reduces, by half, the amount of troops milling around. One half heads up and ready to engage the other half dancing around till the Pied Piper leads them to the designated area. Then the dance team covers the half moving from the vehicle. Really like the Assault Command idea on Breaking Contact movement. That is a great way to get around separating into teams to cover one another then rejoining them. Which was my "go to" as anything beats the Monty Python "Run Away" technique.
  15. Wow! Forgot I posted this. Thanks for the replies gentlemen! I will tell the flying editor monkeys to stand down.
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