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  1. The whole thing is theory. In the alternate dimension where specs for units are stored in text files in the Data folder writing a check would be simple. I understand that some problems are deceptive but this is just not one of those. Battlefront doesn't want to and that's fine, it's their thing. People cheering that fact for bad reasons make my brain itch. You sayin' I can't be both? That's discrimination!
  2. Yes, it would likely be a huge effort based on what I know about Combat Mission and how they've likely done things. I'm not arguing that they make the change, just that it wouldn't be bad if it was possible. When you disagree by saying it would harm the community or the game it makes my brain itch. The only explanation I can think of for an opinion like that is that some people are bothered that others might enjoy the game differently. It's a basic hash of a few data files. If player A and player B get different results you pop up the big red dialog when versions
  3. Bad arguments make my brain itch. I wasn't mean about it. I really dislike this idea that somehow a player playing the game in their own way is somehow going to be "bad" for the game and the community. Very KGB. Playing against someone you don't know in a Combat Mission quickbattle seems like a bad idea given how easy it is to break the game at the selection screen. 5000 pts of rocket artillery coming up! Combat Mission is, obviously, not a competitive game in that regard, you can't treat it like Starcraft. Also, it would be child's play for the game to confirm that both p
  4. First, the amount of testing doesn't apply because again, modded games aren't supported by developers. Why do you think otherwise? Secondly, modifying game attributes doesn't really qualify as "code editing". If changing a unit's attributes requires changing game code you have made a serious error in design.
  5. You've gotta use your bundle key separately for each of the modules. Same key, different products.
  6. I was successfully able to register CMSF2 and its expansions with my CMSF1->2 Upgrade bundle. It's not clear if I need to also register my old CMSF1 keys. Are the CMSF1 keys required?
  7. So you make it clear that you can't support mods, like every other developer in history. Is that not what you meant by this? What did you mean by this? He reviews games after he does his own mods to them. Reviews impact the reputation of the game.
  8. This is some bizarre, authoritarian logic here. What if someone reviews a modded version of the game? Who cares. What if someone thinks they know more about recoilless rifles than Battlefront? Who cares. If someone wants their SPG-9s to have enough punch to knock the moon out of orbit that is their deal. Being thankful that someone can't enjoy something their own way is ****ed up, and worrying about how a modded version of the game might somehow impact the game's reputation is dumb. Worrying about how other people enjoy stuff is pointless. I don't think Battlefront should put the e
  9. Why would it be so terrible if people could mod stats?
  10. Yeah, it's unfortunate not having access to the Kingtiger (P) in quickbattle. I know it used to be there way back in version 3.
  11. It's the 21st century. AMD and Nvidia ship with tools to do this, AMD Relive and Nvidia Shadowplay. Don't use any garbage 3rd party tools. FRAPS and Bandicam are hilariously obsolete.
  12. Could be that your Windows 7 shell is obscuring it. Could also be the source of the problem. You really should consider eliminating the shell, Windows 10 isn't very different. For what it is worth, when I had this problem it was software from the motherboard manufacturer, so it would be expected even on a "virgin" system. You could go into Task Manager > Start up and disable anything extra, reboot and try again.
  13. Almost everything is non-essential. Open your system tray at the bottom right of Windows and right click all the icons you see and select Close or Exit for all of them. Some you won't be able to close and that's OK. If anything suddenly goes awry a reboot will fix any problems. Especially try closing anything relating to sound or RealTek in the name, as that has had trouble with CM2 titles in the past. You won't harm anything by shutting down running software on your system, worst case scenario is that you need to reboot because you disabled something important. Your IT gu
  14. Joachim's solution is only for Combat Mission : Barbarossa to Berlin.
  15. You shouldn't need to reinstall CM2 after making changes unless they are large scale hardware changes. Also, if you game needs to be activated, I believe it will tell you. Again, you should try to shutdown all non-essential software running on your PC to try and launch CM. Your Windows 7 shell could be the trouble, or any other combination of software.
  16. Lots of things can prevent CM from running correctly, I think you've focused too much on security features. If SmartScreen was preventing the game from running it would prompt you about it with a large popup. A couple years ago I discovered that the Asus Realtek control software prevented CM from running unless CM was launched through a 3rd party shell like Steam, which is weird as ****, but whatever. Try disabling every application in your system tray that isn't critical for your system's operation and launching CM. If it works, then use the process of elimination to track down w
  17. 2-player turn based already exists. The timer can't be adjusted and you can't rewind the action because it's just real-time mode with a 1 minute auto-pause. You can even give orders during the playback, although I am pretty sure you are not supposed to.
  18. I like how 1 person expressing disappointment leads to an entire page of discussion on how bad everyone is. Are you people stuck in a time loop by any chance?
  19. The clock is ticking on Apple staying x86_64. https://www.macrumors.com/2019/02/21/apple-custom-arm-based-chips-2020/ 64 bit or not, your next Mac may not be able to run any software you currently have.
  20. The standard remedy for a bunch of stuck pixels is warranty replacement.
  21. Are you somehow suggesting that the number of times you visit a webstore is somehow related to the number of times your compromised credit card can be accessed? That's comically ignorant. Epic is throwing its money around trying to jam its way into the market. BFC should see if they can get in on that Fortnite money. It's hard to argue as a small developer with a distributor covers 90% of your development cost and guarantees a minimum revenue.
  22. There is nothing wrong with giving out ETAs and nothing wrong with missing them if something comes up, but when it becomes obvious you are going to miss your ETA you should inform interested parties. To not do so is a Dick Movetm
  23. When a patch is 2 years in the making I start to question their ability to deliver, regardless of how long they take.
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