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  1. This is so untrue in physically hurt me. Especially a budget brand like Vizio. Woof.
  2. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    Well, as much as I've argued that all Apple users be marked so we know their kind upfront in all social situations, it has yet to happen. Regardless, even the OS of low-quality electronics wholesaler Apple has easy ways to control which applications start on launch. It doesn't change anything.
  3. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    Well, Battlefront's issue with it is pretty straight forward. They don't think they'll make back the cost with added revenue. In the past I always thought that they were too pessimistic about Combat Mission's appeal, but whatever. Of course soon Battlefront.com will look less like an abandoned website from the 90s, while Steam has opened the Valve on a metric tonne of crap. Steam is definitely a worse choice now than it was just 2 years ago. As for the Cheerleading brigade, meh. I think you may be expecting too much from them.
  4. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    ... I keep trying to avoid the primary debate here because I think it is meaningless. Steve's made his decision and this has all been hashed out before, but you guys keep coming up with these crazy arguments. Valve (the company that runs Steam) is no more a parasite than the guy who collects my garbage, delivers my pizza, or any of the other products and services I buy. Valve provides services in exchange for money to the publishers of various games. Given its popularity with publishers who haven't spent the time to create their own distribution system, I imagine at least some think that it is worth it. Hell. The credit card company isn't a parasite either. They provide a service in exchange for money. I imagine the gas station in your example would eliminate the credit option if they felt it was losing them money, but then they'd lose out on all the people who need to use a credit card, or simply find it convenient.
  5. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    The obvious counterpoint is that publishers wouldn't keep putting games like CMANO, Close Combat and Gary Grigsby's Hexagonal Funhouse if it wasn't making them money. Honestly one of the best features Steam used to offer, exposure, is no longer one of its strengths as they've opened the floodgates in the last couple of years resulting in quite the deluge of garbage. I don't see how Steel Division is more "designed" for Steam than any other title, including Combat Mission, but I will say that I've converted 2 Steel Division players who had never even heard of Battlefront into Combat Mission owners. The game is more attractive I think than people here give it credit for.
  6. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    You realize that makes you sound comically incapable right? I mean, c'mon, you can't possibly be that computer illiterate.
  7. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    This is technically possible, but is it not against the license to do so? It's not unreasonable to ask you to buy 2 copies if 2 people are playing it on 2 separate machines.
  8. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    I've had a few people hesitate to trust Battlefront's burnt out gas station of a website, but that sounds like it is changing soon, which is good. Well, publishing a game on steam and using it as a client are different things. But anyway to resolve this for any piece of software in Windows you can open the Task Manager and find all the applications that start upon startup under the "Startup" tab. Click and disable. Easy.
  9. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    I don't think anyone is going to change Steve's mind nor do I particularly care any more, but like with Erwin's fantastical nonsense I feel the need to point out that most of this is wrong. A brain-dead gopher could handle Valve's patching and deployment system and 3rd party DRM exists on a lot of Steam titles. Hell, if I didn't know any better I would assume that your whole post was a backhanded way of insulting Battlefront's efficiency.
  10. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    It's the Deep State and the Russian "Government". I think they've both teamed up against you, but don't tell them I said that because the cheques will stop.
  11. SgtHatred

    A long delayed update

    This may actually be the least rational thing I've ever read on this board. Yeah, I just checked the Steam pages for Gary Grigsby's War in the East and CMANO and neither are FPS games yet.
  12. SgtHatred

    Apple deprecates OpenGL

    Apple merely inherited Steve Job's contempt for gaming and gamers. John Carmack wrote a post about it a few weeks ago which is interesting. Couple this with years of low quality electronics from Apple and I'd recommend everyone move on from Apple.
  13. SgtHatred

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    All 32 bit software runs on 64 bit Windows.
  14. SgtHatred

    Apple deprecates OpenGL

    Apple's contempt for gaming is strong as ever I see.
  15. SgtHatred

    The patch?

    You think maybe the Deep State is in on this?