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  1. SgtHatred

    New Website status update

    This is good. Keeping track of all these keys with the current method is a little annoying.
  2. SgtHatred

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    The hardship it seems to have induced on Battlefront makes me think of any number of boss battles in various games.
  3. That's an excuse, not a justification. Obviously it's the job of the producer to detect and correct defects in their products whether it's 1 guy in his garage or a team of 50000. Usually when software developers drop their QA responsibilities on their users it's coupled with greater community participation and frequent updates. Fortunately the last update suggests that at least we'll be seeing more frequent updates in the future.
  4. SgtHatred

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    The website is the new belligerent.
  5. I always figured that the 3D successor to Close Combat is Close Combat, since the 3d Close Combat launches this year.
  6. Obviously quality assurance is not the customer's job. I find the attitude here really quite strange.
  7. SgtHatred

    New Website status update

    Can I assume that if I want to buy a gift for a friend the procedure remains the same? Buy a second copy and email the key?
  8. If anyone from about 2002 onwards told you that OpenGL was better for a small team with limited resources they were either an open-source crusader or just wrong. Interoperability with non-Windows operating systems was its only advantage, unless you wanted to assemble a team of experienced engine developers and ride the cutting edge. OpenGL back then was a lot more work.
  9. CMx2 only "runs fine" for you if you have low standards. CMx2 works, but performance is an issue.
  10. Well, I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion, but I certainly don't agree with you. No performance gain in 9 years of hardware advances would be ok of CMx2 was lightning fast already, but it absolutely is not, and this indicates a design issue with the engine. I'm not sure how you could come to any other conclusion...
  11. I've been building a new gaming PC every 2 years from the old i7-860 up to my current 8086k@5.2 ghz, and I have not noticed a significant performance change in Combat Mission. Unless your current PC is a dinosaur you won't notice any difference. Apple is doing more than trying to force people off OpenGL, given they plan on removing support entirely in future versions. It's likely that the recently released Macbook Pro will be the last one people will be able to play CMx2 games on. Of course, new Apple machines mix high costs, fast cpus and fancy cases with low quality cost-saving garbage components and no one should buy them. OpenGL was definitely the choice for cross-platform development in the mid-2000s, but OpenGL was not a great choice for developers with limited experience or resources vs DirectX, given how much more difficult it was to implement OpenGL correctly. As a consequence, there are issues in CMx2 which will likely be with the game until its end. Whether the pain and increased problems for Windows users was worth it to onboard some Mac people is a question only Battlefront can answer.
  12. SgtHatred

    New Website status update

    Referring to the GTA as "Silicon Valley North" is good for a laugh but not much else. Expecting decent service from either Bell or Rogers is also pretty funny. Anyway, anyone who can't see the new site should use for their DNS. Everyone should. It's better than whatever garbage your isp has set up. New page looks pretty good. The link to the forums under Community goes directly to the tech support subforum.
  13. SgtHatred

    New Website status update

    It's important that when people see things like this they don't just shrug their shoulders and say to themselves "ah shucks, that's technology for you" because it's not true. Try not to be so defensive.
  14. SgtHatred

    New Website status update

    I like to giggle at train wrecks, and I think the truth is important enough to speak up about. This fit both those boxes nicely.
  15. SgtHatred

    New Website status update

    It doesn't matter how complex or how many bugs a new site has, downtime between new and old should be practically non-existent. Obviously the new site would have been tested and considered functional before being deployed, and if there were problems, the old site should remain functional. I mean, as a "former IT projects professional", you should know this.