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  1. When a patch is 2 years in the making I start to question their ability to deliver, regardless of how long they take.
  2. Sure it is. It's exactly the same thing. Information being entered on your website might be intercepted by a 3rd party. A script surreptitiously installed on a website to steal data entered before it is encrypted or sent to a transaction provider is pretty common. True, I didn't even think it could be my BFC purchase until I saw this thread. I've purchased a bunch of computer parts from a Canadian retailer that recently went bankrupt, auctioning off hardware that had 17 years of complete transaction logs, unencrypted. I assumed that was the cause of my problem, and that the fraudulent purchases were made at places that didn't require the new CVV2 number. Security online sucks and you are always at the mercy of whatever provider you are dealing with. Nope. It's been used many places. There are only a couple of places that my recently refreshed CVV2 could have leaked from though, unless something hilarious happened like Amazon got compromised. BFC is one of those places. It's not uncommon. British Airways and OnePlus are recent examples of that. If your email got compromised or your provider was compromised, or your provider was slow with a critical update, or had a disgruntled support guy, or someone guessed your password or... Once they have access it's silly easy. No encryption, no fuss, just gotta hide some javascript in the Web 2.0 hell every website has become. Easy. That's good. I just wanted to point out that you were mistaken when you said... Good luck figuring this out. It's always a pain, especially if there is nothing to find.
  3. You say that, but I just took a look at the checkout page. All it would take is a bad guy with access to your hosting solution (say, your admin password) and basic javascript knowledge to grab credit card information directly off the input form you generate before it is sent anywhere. Easy and common enough. OnePlus got nailed by something similar last year. The credit card I used to buy CMSF2 was breached. A first for me. It's a tap card, so it would have to be a web transaction that got me. That doesn't guarantee that Battlefront.com was breached or anything, but your explanation here is faulty.
  4. You haven't installed the latest patch. That formation disappeared from QB.
  5. So, with this patch I've noticed a bunch of Syrian ATGMs have moved to Mech Infantry only on Specialized Teams, and the BMP3 seems to have disappeared entirely (along with the Mech Airborne formation) from the quickbattle setup. Am I missing something?
  6. It's critical that Battlefront abandon all current development and put all resources into adding the following feature to all CMx2 titles. This is the only road to victory.
  7. Matrix is released Armored Brigade in a few weeks, which looks like a pretty killer Fulda gap game. Next best thing to a CM game that will probably never happen.
  8. Go into the folder the game was installed in and use the "Activate new products" shortcut.
  9. Thanks. Will the Quickbattle content for the earlier release include all CMSF2 units, or just the Base game + Marines?
  10. If Ford sold me a car with a radio without a volume control I'd be pretty annoyed. You sold an upgrade to your game that added the ability to mute the music. It's hard to argue that basic audio controls shouldn't have been part of the base game. You can't seriously be complaining that other people are unreasonable when your stated position is that you don't know if your game is ready to launch until 10 minutes prior and that acknowledging a missed release window when it becomes obvious it will be missed is too time consuming, yet spend 10x as many words complaining publicly that your customer base isn't entirely rational. $150 for a new game with all the trimmings is fine. Games are expensive to make. It's the 21st century, money practically grows on trees now. Games across the board should go up in price.
  11. Well, it's possible that I have given BFC too much credit, and that rendering their simple models is actually a weakness Combat Mission has, but I doubt it. They'd have to be spectacularly inept to suffer performance issues with their low poly counts on modern hardware.
  12. Just use a service like Imgur. Also, Combat Mission's bizarre performance issues don't have anything to do with model rendering.
  13. I need T-80BV upgrades, IS-3s, and giant enemy crabs.
  14. Some paraphrasing. "I'm sorry you are such entitled whiners", "All of your concerns are dumb", "There is no middle ground between early-access with daily twitter posts and 1 update every 18-months", "I just point out people's entitlement". If this were a movie, I'd complain that the antagonists are too predictable.
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